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  2. Hello MRated, all of those TeamYanic ones are for the 4 tickets I purchased for myself and my 3 friends. I would be very grateful if you could place us next to one another. We did follow the instructions, all of my friends have updated their account and set their clan to "TeamYanic" (or so they have told me) "Killersheep" you are welcome to join us if you're on your own! Regards Iain
  3. I'll see you there, will be staffing 23 but can't be there on Friday as it's Mrs M0RT's brithday. What time are you doing to/from?
  4. Updated to here, only a few more anomalies. Will have a first draft up in the next day or so. Fair Isle and Portland will be looked at once the halls start to fill.
  5. My clan has abandoned me (non of them can make it) so I am a clan of 1 this LAN
  6. @MRated Secs is tehladz (its Jamie and his fiance Stacey). He is also incapable of following instructions such as 'update your clan tag to tehladz' Stayfreshshoe should have updated his and is also tehladz You are correct in thinking Saboo is tehladz also.
  7. Bumppppp
  8. Yesterday
  9. Hi MRated, @stephenFry is one of ours, he should have a Pina Colada clan tag!
  10. Lakeside Quote Current Can we all ensure our clan tags are up to date. So far in Lakeside I have a few people that either don't have a clan tag, or it is unique to you; Killersheep clan of one secs needs tagging as tehladz stayfreshshoe tagged as tehladz @Davemarr @jthwaites @MagicTurtle kindredphantom clan of one stephenfry pinacolada tag leftone, kameo (I am assuming you two will want to be seated together) saboo (I am also assuming you are with tehladz)
  11. Hello Guys & Gals, As we creep closer and closer to epic23, we need to start looking at the seating situation and getting the defrag planned ASAP so that everyone is in the know! This is a major responsibility to shoulder with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. Last event we managed to make everyone fairly happy, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish, we have larger groups which are odd numbers, and 1v1 type games in Fair Isle with the usual 5 man teams. If you are a casual player and wanting atmosphere, we strongly urge you to go into Lakeside. Fair Isle is the competitive hall, and is treated as such for that reason, We won't force you to move of course, but it would be much appreciated if you were casual and wanted a smaller LAN feeling to sit in Lakeside. Last couple of events what we did, was group all respective gaming communities and placed them in the appropriate parts of the hall, if you were a Dota team, you were down the Dota row, if you were CS:GO you were in the CS:GO rows, that same logic will continue for this event too as it makes it better for all players and admins involved. Similarly, in Lakeside, we would group communities together as much as possible, whether that be back to back or full row. keeping spaces for other people to book up last min (as usual) Here is the process for people in Lakeside Here is the process that everyone will need to follow in Fair Isle. Looking to have some drafts in the next coming days and have a final plan ASAP.
  12. The epicStreamTeam are a bit quiet at the moment, but following epic23 at the start of March we'll be breathing new life into the team and be trying out some new ways to interact with the epic.LAN community. We'll be inviting attendees, staff and friends to join our team page, so that people can see, at a glance, whenevever an epic.LAN attendee is online and streaming, and we'll also encourage people to watch, follow and subscribe via our social media. All we ask is that when you're featured on our team pages that you give the occasional shoutout to epiclan, and let people know where they can find more about the UK's best LAN party! We'll still be featuring the occasional stream on our main channel, such as Gunmens' epic Final Fantasy journey, and reech will be moving over to Weird Wednesdays. If you want to broadcast direct from the epiclan channel during the week? Of course you can - just let us know and we'll arrange it. Once a month, we'll also be featuring an 'all in' game, whether it's a good few hours of Overwatch, an attempt at a Tabletop Simulator game or a (dis)organised heist in GTA - we'll give you notice of these and pop them on our event calendar so you can come along and join in, like a LAN away from LAN. Want to know more? Catch Reech#9632 on discord, throw him a message here or corner him (he doesn't bite!) at epic23 and be part of the team!
  13. He's Back!
  14. Good news folks, SpecialEffect will be at epic23! However this time we are doing things a little different. As most of you probably know, Gameblast18 is taking part over the same weekend as epic23. So, Bazza from SpecialEffect and myself will be holding a 24hr charity stream from a corner of Lakeside, we'll have SpecialEffect banners set up, so you won't be able to miss us! I plan to drag in others to help and make the stream a bit more interesting, so if you would like to take part in some way please feel free to comment below. Even if you don't want to take part please come along and say hello, god knows we're going to need some support after the first few hours. Of course try and watch some of the stream (while your busy gaming) and also tell others about the stream, we need someone to actually watch! The idea behind all of this is to raise some cash for SpecialEffect, we all know and love the amazing work they do and the epic community have always been great in supporting it. With this in mind I have set up a JustGiving page to make donations easy. You'll seen my name and OMGN (my attempt at a gaming community) all over it but be rest assured it's all for SpecialEffect. Every penny raised goes to them. Here's the link: Gameblast 18 @ epic23. I'd like to take a moment to thank the marvelous epicLAN team who have been very supportive in making this happen. I thank all involved for your time and assistance. So please join us at epic23 for laughs, gaming and a spot of charity work! Cheers, Bazza and Nokesy @ SpecialEffect
  15. Last week
  16. Should the food not be suitable you can also order food to the venue so there is plent of choice for you.
  17. I would doubt any of the meat options will be Halal but they do provide vegetarian options - and at Breakfast you can choose the items you'd like. As for soft drinks, I'd recommend buying them from the Epic shop at the event as they're cheaper than from the bar.
  18. oh, thank you for replying. its seems great since i can choose anything i want. i thought its gonna be same meal for everyone. Cheers
  19. Hello! The menu will be confirmed in February, but this is the similar food you'll see available at the catering desk: Soft drinks are available at the bar and 24 hours at the shop.
  20. Hello there. My name is Danial. I'm from Malaysia and having a long holiday in here. I also Manager for WDP, streamers team for Malaysia. I want to ask about this event before I'm joining. 1: can i ask for the menu for meals? I mean from breakfast until dinner. Since I'm Muslim. So i need to know about it. 2: is it the bar sold any soft drink? Thats all. Thanks Epic Lan community.
  21. Good show Sir! I shall have to buy you a Port at LAN!
  22. Option 3 - Lake Disclaimer - I'm not attending so any vote I cast should not be counted.
  23. 2000hrs, ESEA rank c any role best entry looking to do first lan http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198339972156/ just want some experience in csgo lans , im 15 dont really mind what team
  24. Hey guys, As per previous events we've done DJ sets some and others we've simply not bothered! Historically we seem to get a mixed bag of response in regards to the DJ sets which are for all to enjoy, but mainly focused on the atmosphere Lakeside already offers! However sometimes we don't always get stuff right so i wanted to ask you guys what you would prefer and help us decide how we handle the DJ sets going forward. Option 1) We do the DJ sets in the Gallery and live stream the video / audio feed straight down into Lakeside - Would also go out on the central stream for your viewing pleasure. This seems like the sensible option, but we get to a point where there feels like a lack of atmosphere for the DJ at the time! Option 2) We do the DJ sets in Lakeside for atmosphere reasons, keep the hype going. Pipe it straight into the speakers and probably wouldn't live stream it (Due to positioning and technical restrictions). We will probably be looking to do the DJ sets either Friday after the pub quiz or Saturday after Cinedouken! Please do vote for an option and i highly encourage any further feedback on any elements of this which i've not gone over in the post! Cheers guys and looking forward to seeing y'all in 5(ish) weeks!
  25. Very, Very soon
  26. Earlier
  27. Love this track! @LZStealth this is the one I was telling you about! When is full version hitting my ears?
  28. ....just putting this here: @elsie
  29. Perfect, I will let them all know. Thanks!
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