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  2. Company’s attending EpicLAN

    an amount of companies
  3. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good 1. Fun tournament choices were on point. Tekken and pubg happened right on time with no awkward 30 minute waiting, great communication from Reech. Mario kart was a but of a drag last time so we didn't enter our boy Ash this time. He's 404's Michael Schumacher...Post-head injury. I personally don't think MK can be scaled up to tourney level efficiently after many years of trying. 2. Beer choice has improved at the bar over the years I liked the IPA options 3. Seating was spot on and I can't think of anyone who wasn't where they needed to be 4. AC went off smoothly 5. Security weren't trying to palpate my spleen when I carried in multiple heavy items this time. 6. Network stayed up. 7. Dem Deutschen volke 8. Morning games with breakfast was fun and inspired us as a community (me) to club together and buy some of them (solo finance, No reimbursement at all) and try them out (play to the end in a single sitting) Bad Wifi wasn't up to it again, random disconnects and devices wouldn't stay up. Pub quiz was a fix, 404 are supposed to be given free wins to sate our fury Not a lot of cached games on the server made it hard to update everything on the 2MB download speed I was allotted, there was a lot of input lag at peak times. Winbar and JoeShow never came to say hello... It just kinda hurts, you know? Boardgames - We could do with a few more tables out on Saturday if things are expanding because there's already a lack of space Ugly Meme stealing. It's unforgivable theft of 404 intellectual property. We've instructed our meme solicitor to file proceedings in due course. The toilets. Look, all who know me have heard my Iraq story about the camp toilets, dysentery and the dead horse but this was just not on. I walked into a pile of sick on Thursday afternoon that remained there til I left on Sunday and had stepped in it again. It was a swamp that not even Shrek (pbuh) would stay in. Just pure concentrated miasmatic stank. I'm used to the rivers of pubes and ritual Chewbacca sacrifices of the showers but we had moved passed that last Lan. Why did the cleaning suck so much? Is this to be expected x 2 with such an increased capacity next time? Foodwise I got a salad. It was somehow still both over and under cooked. Moronic "theatre" attendees. We had people just gawking at us all damn night. Like taking photos and everything when i wasn't running them off. If you go back to portland, cover the damn windows. I can't one handed browse with Joe Public standing behind me fascinated by the flashing lights of my impressive 144hz display. Robot butler may need to return to keep the riff raff out.
  4. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I'm also going to do a good bad and ugly post. Good Epic.staff - all the staff worked their backsides for this event and it showed in the event we put on. I personally feel this was our best event ever. Yes we didn't get everything right but we will always continue to learn and grow from the feedback we get. This is the epic way Epic.punters you were all amazing and helpful and friendly. You understood issues and was always willing to wait while we resolve them. You continue to support us event after event. I hope as we grow we never loose you as you are one of the biggest reasons I staff. Sausages - omg the breakfast sausages were so good. Content - the content which came out from the event (photos, videos and stream) were all amazing The continued support from sponsors like Noctua, bequiet and Xgamer etc The support from general kcc staff in terms of build and dealing with issues Bad Food - to me the food after breakfast really dropped in standards compared to normal. I was really happy for the menu and getting to try all of it however it just wasn't as good. Additionally those wooden cutlery I'm so glad the shop had plastic cos they were horrible Toilets - why can people pull of a 360 no scope in game and then miss the god dam toilet.. If you sprinkle when you tinkle then sit down or clean up after yourselves Sleeping rooms - please remember the rule in the sleeping rooms off don't be a dick. Double airbed for 1 person is not needed... Also fire doors are used in case of fires please don't block them or get angry at me when I say you need to move. And the biggest one don't block the walk ways with suitcases or beds. I would like to be able to get to my bed after having a drink Ugly The smell in the toilets downstairs. This was reported to kcc staff who tried what they could but the smell just wouldn't go. Showers - do people shave their legs or something in the shower. The amount of hair I picked out was ridiculous. Kcc catering and bar staff. You could tell they werent out normal staff. We know our Amy wasn't well and was gutted to be missing out but it really did show this event that the staff need more training and support reasy for the event.
  5. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    i didnt even know there was tron happening otherwise i would have been on the server right away.
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  7. Company’s attending EpicLAN

    100% agree.
  8. First up - Sorry for laugh during the Q & A in the gallery Why did I laugh ? To put it simply to fully understand the problems of a company being able to attend you need to have made the journey yourself Does the size of the LAN matter? YES it does , the smaller the LAN the less likely their will be returns - in some cases they will make lossses With Epic going from 450 to 650 it makes it more persuasive an option Does this mean these companies will return ? Yes and No , the increased capacity doesn’t change the costs involved it just changes the POSSIBLE returns Why are we talking about costs ? A small company bringing their own equipment and merchandise would incur costs per day not one shots for travel , attending and going home To bring it under simple terms the further away a company has to come from , the more logistically and costly a nightmare they have to face But... but... but... No buts they have to justify it before hand It is that simple ask the Epic members being sacrificed in the name of good gaming how the road trip went when they get back
  9. Some songs for Winbar to listen to on the way to Glasgow when sharing a car/van with reech/gunmens


    proclaimers - I’m gonna be (500 miles)

    Redhot Chilli Peppers - Love rollercoaster

    Gloria Gaynor - I feel love 

    Gary Glitter - do you wanna touch me

  10. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Well can you inform KCC there seemed to be more effort put into making the Menu unreadable than was put into the catering itself I have heard rumour their is a hotel being built at KCC but if this is the quality they plan on serving up in it they are just building a massive white elephant which will stay empty With capacity increasing to 650 at the next event they will have to really improve in between now and then
  11. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Quick responses from me about Fun Tournaments and big Games... Sorry on this; my selection of tracks using GP was off; I'd used the one I intended to use last in the first place - and that took a long, long time to run. In addition, the time pressure for other events was a drag - I think it would be better doing MK on Friday rather than Saturday PLUS getting to grips with quick VS. races rather than GP should help things go smoother. Communication on the structure of the MK Tournament was also poor, resulting in people left to one side for too long, thinking they were coming back - I'll put that down to me faffing with the format to make it fit into the timeslot we had - apologies to those affected. Also - Unicorn did sign up properly, and somehow vanished from the list, resulting in her not competing which is something that really narked me off - it also upset FreddieW who is an excellent support for our admin side on FTs, and this is the first time that's ever happened. Unicorn was incredibly gracious when speaking to me the following day, but will be absolutely THRASHING the rest of you next time... Big Games are always a balancing act; we always ask what to put on, we get some suggestions - and then it's hot or cold as to how many people we get. We need to have a really good think about how we entice people to play in these, and there are some useful suggestions here that I can work on for next time. If something isn't working out, we should always try to drop something in (and it's really, really quick for us to do so, we've got images and layouts available) - for example, Blossy's Nippon Extravaganza thing was a drop-in that he sorted, and that worked very well. Cheers for the honest feedback - keep throwing it here AND in your surveys, it's the only way we can fix things...
  12. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good Epic.Staff - Amazing as ever, friendly, helpful and always around Network/Internet - Not a single hiccup with accessing anything, great job there. Epic.Shop - Great assortment of things, well stocked, no issues there! Security Guards - These guys were great, did there job well without being annoying or intrusive, a great laugh and friendly. Seeing everyone again is always a highlight of LAN, the atmosphere and feel was as great as ever. The few new people we had join enjoyed it immensely. Gallery and events - Stopped by a few of the things happening in Gallery, well planned and enjoyable. The Bad hmmm... KCC Staff - Not the cheery bunch from previous LANs, always nice to get a smile when you ask for some soggy chips... Bar was seriously under staffed, I felt really bad for the single staff member who was on there when it was busy. KCC should really look into this. I brought it up with LZ during the event. Catering - A few events ago i remember the feed back was <90% positive for the food, i'm not sure why it was changed but it was REALLY poor this event. Chips were barely cooked and just warm, burgers, even when i waited 15 mins for a fresh one, the same. A few of my mates had the paninis and just left them they were underdone and not nice. Everything was just sub par compared to other events. The breakfast was fine in my opinion, could have been a bit warmer but it did the job and did it well. Campsite - People need some direction on where to set tents, went from organised to massive things being places in odd locations very quickly. Thought there was supposed to be staff overseeing this? It got super muddy on the pack up due to the rain, RIP shoes... Boathouse (note from others) - Temperature control needs sorting, this seems to be a recurring issues, that room is either the Arctic or the Sahara. The Ugly Oh boy.... Toilets - Lakeside toilets were pretty grim, but were seen to quickly Showers - Fine at around 9-10 am, anything past that turns into a flooded slimey hot mess... Im concerned with the extra X amount of people coming in Feb with Arena that the showers and toilets can handle everything... are there any others accessible? Peoples Hygiene - Are you able to force people to shower.... just a thought.... LAN death 4 hours in - Flu kicked me harder than a bull, Day Nurse and booze seemed to keep it at bay during the day Overall it was a great event as ever, apart from the little bits here and there I'm super excited for February and Arena. Great job Jon and the team
  13. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    I had a burger this weekend it wasn't the best and was fairly dry, but I was hungover, the chips were also cold, both were not particularly enjoyable. But I had some nicer chips which I stole from Domuk. They were good. But the burger felt fairly cheap meat. I don't mind the burger options as long as they're cooked nicely. I was do hungry that I was gonna eat it regardless. But it made sure I didn't come back for the rest of the weekend. Like the_joy says we have on every single occasion cooked food more successfully than the KCC and if wanted to sell food out the back of the dreadfort we would. We also do a very successful BBQ every Lan And I do top quality Lanwiches when I can be bothered to bring the ingredients which is all but 2 events these days. Yeah the KCC food still needs a little work.
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  15. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    We think we probably found the problem with that one after the big game was over - I know there's a few staff that want to try running it again, especially since it seems like there were a fair few people trying to get in
  16. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Just to say I had a great time, first LAN in this hemisphere. Good: Good number of events and non-PC activities to keep people entertained Onsite store 24/7 was a godsend for cold drinks and munchies 24/7 and was a godsend as I didn't have a car Staff were responsive to AC needs in Portland, that said I felt sorry for people right underneath the vents as they had to suffer for our sins Staff in general - helpful and approachable Quake <3 Free apples I thought the catering was alright and was par for the course. Grateful being onsite for the car-less The Bad The turnout in the biggames, some of these of which only had 3 people (tron). What I've seen work at other events is making a tournament out of all these - giving points for participation and the top 3 or something per game. This way you can try and motivate people to turn up to each and everygame. Doesn't have to be a big prize but gives people bragging rights for being the best overall filthy casual gamer Potentially some isolation/broadcast issues not advertising games across rooms/subnets? (Seige) Ugly Not enough people playing Quake
  17. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Catering feedback? Ho ho hoooo! Fiction CAN be fun! But i find the reference section, much more enlightening. I've complained about the catering by KCC for so long i assumed people just stopped listening. The slop turfed out has been so inedible for so long that we, as a community, club together to cook our own food. Un/fortunately i was so gopping for something to eat before our takeaway on Saturday evening (the PUBG tourney pushed back when we usually ordered but nae bother about that) that i cracked and tried it again by ordering a panini. The bad news is that it was predictably terrible. How a kitchen that isn't busy can over-cook two bits of bacon but under-cook the cheese and bread in the same panino (i refuse to use the incorrect, though commonly (wrongly) accepted, plurality from now) is a feat of physical impossibility that should not be overshadowed. The good news is that it has given me a leg to stand on to be able to jump up on my over used soap-box and chime in on how poor the catering truly is. KCC is irredeemable as a catering establishment. I considered taking the remainder of my panino home to feed to my dogs but i don't think i could bear cleaning up the resultant (and inevitably more appetising) uber turd, nor did i want to risk the lawsuit from the RSPCA, ironically as half-baked as the offending food item. With little more than two small camping stove's and a head torch, one (sometimes two) people have been able to cook the following, amongst others, in everything from -5°C to force gale winds for easily in excess of 10 people at a time; Fajitas & Chilli/Cheesey Nachos Rabbit Stew & Dumplings Partridge Stew & Dumplings Tikka Masalla Chicken Biryani Kaesespaetzle All; Fully hand made With fresh ingredients In the KCC camp site On the day of LAN For a fraction of the indoor catering cost. How the KCC staff can use a fully equipped catering kitchen to such woeful result is mind boggling. Safe to say, KCC catering is terrible and those who disagree were probably dropped at birth. For those with the lack of self respect and still consider this an adequate eating establishment please let me know and i will bring some cattle feedbags to Epic 26 that will probably suit you better. Shut this place down. Fin.
  18. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Thanks for weighing in Winbar. That's good to hear. Unfortunately, I'm not confident that it was the result of a busy queue. There was a really good rapport between the epic staff and the barman and each time it happened they went to the very far left of the bar. I wouldn't normally give a shit because as you say these things can happen, but both times I was waiting an extra 10 or so mins because of really large orders and chatting, with the bar staff being visibly conscious/feeling awkward about how long they were taking.
  19. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Breakfasts: Were ok. Lunch/Dinners: Were lackluster or going cold. Suspect I will be getting more external catering next event. Bar: WTF was with £5 a pint for Ales on Thursday night, thankfully that was fixed by Friday, but the staff need to know what they are pouring and what they should be charging. If that means sticking a label and the price on the back of the pump/front of the box, then do it. Menu: I appreciate "that charming shade of orange" is company colours but the font size and colour of the text makes it really difficult to read on a white sheet of paper with nothing behind it (stuck in a verical stand with no backing). Please just use black text and maybe increase the font size so I dont have to hold the thing up to read it.
  20. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    First of all - thanks to all the staff and the venue. Was overall a fantastic weekend. The Good The internet and network - It was absolutely was tip top. Mind you didnt expect anything less :). Any issues were extremely quickly dealt with. The Staff - Friendly, happy to help and enthusiastic. Cant ask for more. The Games - Quake was played. I'm happy. The Venue - First time at this venue and it was very nice. The facilities are great and the rooms are very clean and well maintained. The Atmosphere - Holy shit - Last epic I came to was epic 5 but I was ecstatic to see how much its grown and how the bar has been raised. The Video Coverage - nuff said. The Bad The Temperature - I know there isnt too much you can do about it but the temperature in portland was all over. I was going from 2 jumpers to a t shirt every other hour. The Bar - A little expensive, but to be expected. The Ugly The Food - Honestly it was absolutely abysmal. For the price I expected bigger portions or better quality. The pasta was a inedible burnt rubbery mess and the fish and chips were soggy cold and under cooked. Not to mention I found a whacking great bone in it. The burger was ok but it was very dry. The staff also didn't really seem to know exactly what was available. I asked for curry on the fish to be told there was no curry, so I asked for peas and I got curry. The Toilets - More a issue with some attendees rather than anything else but the state of the toilets adjacent to the loud gaming room on Sunday was awful. It was quickly dealt with though Extra shout outs to the security guards - proper nice guys! Hopefully see you at 26!
  21. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Don’t normally weigh in on feedback until it’s all in and reviewed, but to clarify, there is no arrangement for staff to skip the queues at either the bar or catering. If its busy, it can be difficult at times to see who is waiting having been in that position myself before. The bar for the new layout is still being discussed but there may be multiple bars as one of the options to ease the queues at times. It is really hard to judge the staffing and if it’s over staffed then more cost = more expensive drinks ultimately. The peak times this event were strange compared to others so that may have been part of the problem if staffing levels had been set based on previous trends.
  22. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Let’s go brutal Good morning sausage roll friday fish (opinion on chips further down) tuna melt panini Mario Kart and Beat Saber tournaments (more on these further down) pub quiz was as good as ever - no more rounds by haden though sleeping is as good as you could expect when you arrive late Bad Morning mushrooms - they weren’t good but they were edible Thursday pasta was passable at best (more on chicken further down) organisation over setup of fun tournaments - or the lack of Q&A over run (I blame Winbar for this) Ugly Oh the food returns for a third award Chips this time - complete hit or miss more often miss horror is there something worse than ugly - YES Guess what gets a forth level award - the food chicken to go with pasta inedible and frankly wouldnt put the chilli wrap in a reduced to clear section - I was considering ordering in or heading to the local superstore at one point
  23. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    This was my first epicLAN, but I've been lanning for decades. The Good: Staff and volunteers where very friendly on the whole (I was in earshot of a couple of awkward arguments that should have probably been dealt with in a more private location) and were always available to help when I had questions. It wasn't too crowded! It never felt like we were packed in like sardines in a tin, there was ample space to shuffle a chair without being a nuisance to anyone else. The network "worked", this doesn't sound like much, but I've been to LANs where they've over-complicated it so much that trying to see a server becomes a lesson in frustration. The atmosphere was great, I never once felt unsafe or that my kit would get nicked. There where options other than PC gaming (like space for boardgames). EDIT: The Tuck Shop was amazing, 10/10 EDIT: The Security guys where great, I'd definitely use them again. The Bad: The food was "meh" at best, and an expensive meh at that. I think next time I'll just take time out and drive over to a carvery or a pub for dinner. The organisation around Big Games and Fun Tournaments felt like it didn't exist, some of the Big games had so few people in that they where basically unplayable. It would have been nice to see Big Games and Fun Tournaments rolled in together and get a much better framework and ruleset added to them along with Cheap/Comedy prizes (<£10) for top players along with some stream time for the matches. Tl;dr more organisation around non-pro stuff would be nice, simple signup, game rules and win conditions. Bad players make for funny streams. The Ugly: The Bar was pretty awful, but I'm pretty sure that's due to the venue rather than the event organisers though. It's you standard array of megabrewery re-branded garbage. The AC blasted directly down on to our row and wasn't particularly controllable, this lead to some of us being so cold that we ended up wrapping sleeping bags over our backs and wearing woolly hats to try and keep warm. Again, more a venue issue than an organisation one, but it could have been avoided with a bit of forethought during table arrangement. Overall I really enjoyed myself and will probably attend again, I'd just love to see more done with the non-pro Big Games/Fun Tournaments.
  24. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Yup, compared to the last lan I went to in February the food was well below that standard. Breakfast wasn't too bad, the sausages and eggs were generally nice enough. Couldn't get along with the bacon though, tasted rubbery and overcooked, could barely chew through it. The chips were definitely hit and miss, first lot I had were completely inedible, and the same with the burgers. They were either okayish or so dry you'd have to drink a litre of water to get it all down your neck. I think the problem here is holding food longer than should have been, whilst I wouldn't say the food was expensive, you should at least get fresh food for what you pay for. So my advice to the catering would be to know when to throw food out when it's not fit for eating anymore.. Didn't try any of the dinner menu as we went out, so can't comment on that.
  25. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    That sausage was the most depressing thing I saw all weekend. Between the size and the state of the batter, when I only got 1, I had a moan and swapped it for the fish. At least it looked edible. Although alongside the cold and undercooked chips and the whole meal was a bit of a disappointment. Next time I know to just go to the chippy.
  26. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    What was up with the bar staffs drunk pricing approach this lan? More than once had to correct pricing and im the one drinking. Also the bar staff this lan where slower than the old lady they found at the bustop from last lan which, didnt seem possible. Please put on some bar staff with experiance for next lan. 2/10 As for food, it was all good except for the paninis which was down to who cooked them and for how long. 1 out of 3 was raw dough and unmelted cheese, they are half baked baggetts being used so either cook them of give them a good 3-5 minutes on the grill. Please could you use timers next time rather than oh shit theres a queue rush rush rush method. 8/10
  27. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Good The Epic.LAN staff and volunteers are always happy, cheerful people. Lovely to see them at each event and to be made to feel welcome. VR was very enjoyable and I got to try Beat Saber for the first time. The new breakfast sausages. Whoever got this sorted a big well done as they are 100x better than the previous sausages. Blossy's tournament was great and well received by all who competed. Great job dude! Bad Some evenings after midnight there were no volunteers/staff present on the Lakeside helpdesk. The hash browns were gradually degrading in quality each day. The toilet in the left cubicle in the downstairs toilet wasn't flushing properly. The size of the battered sausage on Friday night was very small when compared to one you'd buy in a chippy. The mario kart tournament went on for way too long to the point of the tournament hosts even expressing loss of interest. Next time don't do GP in the first round and get people to instead compete in one or two races. Keep GP for the finals maybe? There was a DJ set being played on Thursday and Friday evening which some of us didn't want because it also increased the music volume. The DJ cable running across the floor was a big hazard and didn't get fully taped over. There was a TV in Lakeside next to the helpdesk that was never used and at previous events it was position where the VR was over the weekend otherwise against the wall next to Row A. If possible can we get those 2 TVs to be usable again at the next event. Ugly The Mario Kart tournament hosts did not state the rules including winning conditions of the tournament, nor did the presenter announce the winners at the end of each match or round. My friend competed in the tournament and since he came 2nd in the GP assumed he was through to the next round, but the winning condition was different for some reason and as a result he didn't advance to the next round. I signed up for the Tekken tournament and my name wasn't on the list. When I first tried signing up it signed up a random person (this got resolved by Jess). Not sure if this affected others who were trying to sign up for a tournament.
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