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  2. LFT for R6 Tournament

    Hi all, Looking to Join or Start a team to play in the tournament at Epic 26. I'm a Support Main, however comfortable at roaming/anti-roaming.I have work to juggle with so Availability is usually only 3 hours in the evenings Mon-Thur and 4+ hours Fri night. Any hours Saturday and Sunday.If you plan on going to Epic LAN, hit me up and we can get some games.Tickets will need to be bought by Mid January (If not already bought) so I know we're not gonna get dodged.Please note, You must be 18+ to Participate.My Uplay is Aluzionz.LFTCheersAluzionz
  3. Rainbow Six Siege comes to epic26

    With the massively growing popularity of Rainbow Six Siege, we're really excited to confirm that it will be part of our 2019 esports lineup, kicking off at epic26 in February!  We've been working closely with Ubisoft UK to launch the 5 on 5 PC tournament which will kick off on Friday 8th February, running through to the finals on Sunday 10th February. The minimum age for participants will be 18+.  The prize pool currently sits at up to £3500 (with the opportunity to increase with further sponsorship) thanks to support from The Koyo Store who will also be furnishing the winning teams with some of their really cool official pins!  Signups are now open for our first Rainbow Six Siege tournament!  
  4. EPIC 26 Camping

    No - we definitely won't have INDOOR camping (two indoor sleeping rooms will be available as always, no tents!) - but we'll soon clarify what's happening outside.
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  6. EPIC 26 Camping

    If we don't get grounds for camping can we bring our tents in-doors? ;D
  7. Fighty games?

    Duels in Jedi Knight: JKA for tournaments? Similar theme: 1v1's in Chivalry Medieval Warfare Wonder if there's a 1v1 custom mode in one of the Thief games. Oo I wonder if you can do custom modes in one of the Dark Souls.
  8. Last week
  9. Last Post Wins!?

    Kameo sends out his Epic Vorpal Bunny to defend off more posts
  10. Last Post Wins!?

    I am?
  11. Werewolves

    It’s been sometime since we have had an online play of werewolves Is anyone interested in starting up another game i will be looking for at least 5-7 pieces of meat to start the game i will put up the rules if we get enough people to play
  12. Hi guys, We will be entering two teams again into the Rocket League tournament at Epic 26 but unfortunately only have 5 players. We require one more player. Looking for Champ 1/2 player if possible, but happy to hear from anyone! iCoN
  13. Last Post Wins!?

    not anymore Beej the titan is here
  14. Last Post Wins!?

    Pretty sure I still have this
  15. Last Post Wins!?

    go Duty for the win
  16. Last Post Wins!?

    I'll be fucked if im letting Kameo win this
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  18. 3rd player for RL tournament

    Hey! Me and my friend are looking for a 3rd player for the Rocket league tournament at epic26! We are both platinum 1 players and if we are being honest just participating for the fun of being included! Feel free to reply or drop me a message here or on steam! Steam ID is dazzo2008.
  19. EPIC 26 Camping

    We are currently waiting to hear from the venue the plans for camping at epic26 due to works they are carrying out at the usual campsite. As soon as we know the final details we will post on social media
  20. EPIC 26 Camping

    Does anyone know if the camp ground has been confirmed for Epic 26?
  21. Fighty games?

  22. How about a WC3 tournament at the next epic?

    I just hope it gets the same modding community behind it, half the fun with WC3 was the mods out there (including Dota itself of course!), used to have great fun at LAN parties with things like line tower wars and dodge the aroused priest!
  23. How about a WC3 tournament at the next epic?

    Neither! I started watching a few WC3 streamers a couple months ago and can't believe I missed out on this game until now. I played BFME2 but didn't realise WC3 is basically a better version and runs a lot smoother too.
  24. How about a WC3 tournament at the next epic?

    I can't see people playing it yet, but maybe when Reforged is out it could be a different story, sadly Reforged isn't until late 2019, as I can't wait to play it!
  25. Fighty games?

    There's usually a fighting fun tournament each event, but we are considering fighting titles as a main tournament too for some variety.
  26. With the announcment of WC Reforged and the departure of Dota 2 as a confirmed tournament could we perhaps see a tournament for WarCraft 3 TFT at the next epic lan? I know we have SC2 already but WC3 is a drastically different game.
  27. Fighty games?

    Any plans for fight game tournaments / fun tourneys? My urge to punch and throw fireballs is becoming critical and i need to know where to channel my practise over the holidays ready for 26. Street Fighter? Mortal Kombat 9 or X? - this would be cool to see on the big screen Tekken? Smash Bros? All of the above? Feed me Seymour. Feeeeed meeee.
  28. epic.LAN PC Hire Available

  29. epic.LAN PC Hire Available

    As some of you have spotted, we're now offering PC rental as an additional service to our main epic.LAN events, especially useful for those of you with long journeys on public transport, so all you have to worry about is bringing your keyboard, mouse and headset.  The PC specs provided are: CPU: Intel i7 8700k Motherboard: ASUS ROG Z370-F STRIX RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix Advanced GTX1080 SSD: WD Black 250GB Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q 180Hz G-Sync   We've been using these for a number of external events now and they've been getting some great feedback! Here's how the hire works, with some terms & conditions: The PCs will be set up at your desk on arrival and are available for you to use for the event duration, they will be collected at the close of the event, or when you leave (whichever is earliest).  The use of the PCs is the same as any of the other event terms and conditions, and must only be used for normal LAN activities, if they are misused in any way, it will be treated as any other breach of the event terms.  The PCs will be provided "clean" on arrival with basic Steam, Discord etc. installed and should be returned with all software uninstalled and your personal accounts logged out.  You are required to use your own peripherals on the machines (keyboard, mouse, headset, mouse surface), the relevant drivers may be installed.  You can use USB devices on the machines to transfer configs, game files etc to speed up the installation process.  You are responsible for the PCs while they are hired out to you, if they are damaged while in your care we will not be able to offer a replacement and you may be liable for any damage. In particular, please ensure that you are careful with liquids near to the PCs to avoid any spillages.  Should the PCs have any faults, please report to a member of the help desk as normal.  The PC rental is £95 (inc VAT) in addition to your chosen event ticket which we feel is great value for the PC spec and very competitive compared to other events for a similar spec machine. 
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