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    Hi, I will be attending my second EpicLan at the upcoming EpicLan 24 (first was 22), although this time I'm brining daughter and nephew. Not a problem, although becomes a problem when they wish to bring their own gaming chairs. With the inclusion of chairs in particular, it now becomes a nightmare to fit everything in my car. First question would be; is it possible to hire gaming chairs at EpicLan - NOT small little hard wooden chairs that I spotted at EpicLan 22, and if not, would anyone have the capacity to bring a spare gaming chair(s) that they would be willing for me to hire for the event out of interest? Thank you in advance for any help.
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  5. fun tournament sugestions?

    Poyu Poyu Tetris may be a good one to test out - very easy for everyone to get to grips with - will do some further research by playing it on the train to Reigate next week!
  6. fun tournament sugestions?

    Virtual Fighter Tekken Poyu poyu Tetris these ok reech
  7. fun tournament sugestions?

    Yes - this WILL happen; however there's no full release date yet other than 'this year' so watch this space... On that front, Mario Kart Switch WILL make a return at epic24; the huge numbers of people playing makes it inevitable! Still looking for other suggestions - Streetfighter did well, but I don't think we can better that, so perhaps a different fighting game?
  8. fun tournament sugestions?

    Reech check out Nintendo Direct 8.3.18
  9. fun tournament sugestions?

    I have an inkling that smash bros for the switch would be a good one.
  10. Lite South 10

    @gunmens, ahh cool. Thanks man. Looking forward to it ☺️
  11. Lite South 10

    It is a little event. GTA, Blur, TF2, Fist full of frags and lots of boardgames are normally on the list. Its very laid back with games that are run so if you want a game up you can litrally shout it to the room and people who are interested will join in.
  12. Lite South 10

    @Dunceantix, all good! Id assume CSGO and PUBG would be on the list haha
  13. Lite South 10

    @Mintopia should hopefully be able to help on this one
  14. Lite South 10

    Hey all, What games are likely to be played at lite south 10?? Im an import from Australia so it would be good to be able to come prepared. Cheers
  15. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    WWE v Saturday Night Takeaway that would be Entertainment
  16. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    made me happy with enjoying yourself
  17. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    In the entertainment round with Ant & Dec
  18. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    What did I do Leftone ! good proving EpicBunny can be put on top of the new gallery speaker KCC catering - better choice this time cinedouken Pub quiz ugly street fighter : the movie on any other day not able to make the next lan
  19. At the moment our confirmed esports tournaments are CSGO Dota2 Starcraft2 Rocket League There may be 1 other added in to the lineup, TBC in the next few weeks. Prize pools vary according to numbers and any sponsorship interest, you can see what they were for our last event at - https://epic23.tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ There will be a range of fun tournaments as well during the weekend, these don't necessarily have any prizes (hence the fun part), but if they do, would usually be hardware prizes.
  20. What kind of tournaments will be running at this LAN? League of legends? PUBG? CS-GO? Fortnite? DOTA2? TEKKEN 7? DBZ XfighterZ? And what are the prizes for positions? Cheers
  21. Day 4

  22. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    GOOD the food had a BIG step up from last event all the staff (EPIC & KCC)in general CINEDOUKEN the fun tounaments(lots of people taking apart) wrestling being in the right catagory in the pub quiz BAD not getting a pub quiz team UGLY KAMEO GUMPSTER
  23. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    The Good - Great atmosphere as always from fellow LANers. - Some good banter again with staff as we were next to the staff tables. - Reech finding some last minute prizes for winner and runner up of the Minecraft Hunger Games. I now have an awesome dragon hat from MSI - Sleeping... I have never slept well at epic in the past but this time I had no trouble at all. I must be getting old. The Bad - Still not impressed with KCC catering when it comes to food temperature but I've been told more improvements are likely on the way again so thumbs up to that. - Being really cold in the mornings when the a/c had been on all night. Luckily I had a coat with me! Soon warmed up as people got up. - Internet speeds were dire at peak times topping out at 60KB/s which isn't ideal when you need a quick patch or something that isn't cached. The Ugly - The PUBG chat turned very salty when someone couldn't join the game and wouldn't let it go. No need to carry on after the point was made. - The pain in my stomach after eating far too much pizza...
  24. Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    This... I have no memory of this. Explains more than a few things.
  25. EGX 2017

    The epic.LAN team supported the Road to EGX tournament concluding at EGX 2017.
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