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  3. Grosvenor Newcastle

    14th July 2018 - Grosvenor Casino Newcastle
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  5. Lakeside Seat Picker

    its a group booking, but there is a planned defrag, so if you all get a seat in there, and have the same clan tag, hopefully the defrag gets you closer together
  6. Lakeside Seat Picker

    Yes, they’re all tickets that have been paid for
  7. Lakeside Seat Picker

    I notice alot of vouchered tickets for the seat picker in lakeside booking out almost a whole two rows and dotted out all over the place by 3 people. my mates and I would like to be in lakeside but doesn't look like we'll be able to with all these voucher seats. Are they all legit tickets?
  8. Hello, I am seeking a potential team to compete at the Grosvenor Manchester qualifiers. I currently have no team and would love to take part in this event. I am a dedicated competitive person who wants to go and win. I have previous experience in little community made teams and know how the scene works very well. If you're a team looking for another player, or another player wanting to start a team, please contact me on steam or twitter. Links are below. https://steamcommunity.com/id/curdz/ https://twitter.com/CurdzYT *I am also 18 years of age and can compete at the event Cheers.
  9. Grosvenor Coventry CSGO

    Sorry for the slow reply - yes PCs & Monitors provided, will release exact spec ASAP, but expecting monitors to be minimum 144Hz.
  10. Can i just check the PCs and monitors are provided for this? also if yes will the monitors be 144hz?
  11. Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on SONYs position over crossplay between PS4 and Switch/XBoxONE What is crossplay - it is when multiple machines/formats/companies share online servers what is the issue - SONY isn’t allowing crossplay involving Nintendo and Microsoft consoles while Nintendo and Microsoft find no issue with crossplay between their respective formats it would be understandable involving rocket league and minecraft however PlayStation owners are up in arms that there epic accounts that are linked to PSN for the game Fortnite can’t be linked to Nintendo or Microsoft accounts and they have to create new ones they are even more displeased with SONYs response over it
  12. Ease of parking?

    Yeah you'll be fine, the car park is huge and surrounds 3 sides of the building, so even if you're on the furthest space from the door, it's not that far. The only time it struggles is if there is something on in the sports hall, theatre, busy gym and our event taking place all at the same time, and even then there's loads of overflow parking and I don't think anyone has ever not been able to find a space somewhere on there.
  13. Ease of parking?

    Ah cool - sounds great for getting set up if you can park close. My bigger worry was returning to the car park throughout the day (e.g. to drive to Nandos down the road!); but sounds like spaces aren't going to be that hard to find.
  14. Chairs

    Yeah no problem bringing your own. The ones provided are fairly typical conference padded banquet chairs.
  15. Ease of parking?

    Theres parking at the entrance/near the entrance and more further on to the right. So you may park close but if you leave an come back you'd probs have to park in the other section of car park. (in the image the second car park bit is to the left.
  16. Hi! Quick question - what's parking like at the conference center? I noticed the LAN has "free" parking but is it a first come first serve (hold your spot or lose it!) or is it easy to drive to hotel, park up next morning, drive for food, park after etc?
  17. Chairs

    Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere. Its my first event and I wondered if its possible to bring my own chair as well as my rig? I'm basically an old man now and 4 days on a plastic school chair wont be doing my back any favours xD Cheers
  18. Epic 24 - Good, bad UGLY

    that would be crabbie GOOD event and venue staff chicken wings (nice sauce ) breakfast minceraft pubg (i didnt kill anyone ) BAD missing all the werewolves GUMPSTER 11:01 london train from kettering on monday
  19. Epic 24 - Good, bad UGLY

    The Good 1. Getting involved in more of the fun tournaments. 2. Winning the arms tournament 3. Being able to play Mafia de Cuba, I don't often get to pull out the big games 4. WAH! 5. Getting to see my clan-mates again, It's always a blast. 6. Actually playing a street fighter tournament even if I did get bodied, time to get my Twelve practice in 7. Temps were great most of the time 8. Let it go on request, come at me. 9. My flashy new keyboard and mouse! The Bad 1. Me at Streetfighter 3s, but I'll make a come back 2. Gary come at me you blanka scrub! 3. Wah! 4. Me after many pints... Oh dear The Ugly Really the only thing I could think of and it's barely even an ugly so take it with a pinch of salt. The chairs being left out in hard to see areas, this could have been handled by me taking a bit more care so again, pinch of salt. And lastly again, it's lan so pinch of salt. Constant over the top shouting with slamming of desks, again don't come to lan and NOT expect it. so this isn't really a complaint but had to put something.
  20. Epic 24 - Good, bad UGLY

    The Good very fun the summer festival thing was ace first nights food was top tier the girl who hosted werewolves, that game was toptier The bad the cheese and bacon panini, ogod that thing was awful FI was toasty, and i forgot my fan and didnt want to spend £12 to just opted to slowly die in my seat csgo scream bouys were loud af, espically when they are infront and behind you :(((((( The Ugly me after a couple of drinks, i am sorry, i am world number 1 light weight
  21. Epic 24 - Good, bad UGLY

    now the dust has settled and sound thinking has returned it time for old faithful to breath its casting breath on summer Lan. The Good. staff were awesome and friendly as per usual, i can't remember even casting a negative thought about any of them, old or new this event. 404 behaviour being overall very good. clean and tidy event hall. GT racing turning up and doing a good job as exhibitors, looking like they were having fun too. i want to see more of this please. more exhibitors pub quiz had a good mix of questions, though i actually didn't answer 1 on my own. quieter event in terms of the cs:go scream boy, only one screeee made me jump this time. toilets all had loo roll. security had a largely hands off approach which i prefer the figure skating championship had me captivated at one point. the venue didn't have too many other things going off that weekend the food again looked good but i never tried it. The Bad i didn't get much time to enjoy it, with work and what not i should have done more of the community events. my bad there i should have suggested wreckfest as a big game before hand, maybe next time the Bar running out of Ales pretty quickly little tub of ice cream for £2 should have been a little cheaper maybe a mr whippy would be nicer in future the heat in fairisle was unbearable at some points on the friday/saturday i was sat there simply sweating showers need a look at because they turn off as soon as you hit the button, also they need the hair cleaning out of the drains regularly The Ugly Suitcases being left in the middle of the isles. i don't blame you for bringing them, but don't leave them in the hall way for people to fall over all the time. i will admit i tripped numerous times and as a result a number of bags went flying as a result of my anger.
  22. epic24 Ales

    Thanks very much ... kids want to know what to get me for Fathers Day
  23. epic24 Ales

    Can confirm thats the right one.
  24. epic24 Ales

    Don't know where KCC get theirs from or the price, but I think it's this one - http://fetchthedrinks.com/product/farmer-jims-rhubarb-bob-4-20-litre-bag-in-box/
  25. epic24 Ales

    Would it be possible to ask: A. Where they source the rhubarb cider B. How much a box costs? The gap between LAN is too long! Thanks!
  26. Security Feedback

    Just to add to this as well... Of course, add stuff like this to the survey as feedback, but I’d have quite happily explained and discussed concerns during the event if asked rather than leaving it until after when we cant do anything about it. I’m pretty visible during the event and the door to the event office is literally open all day, we only shut it when we are sleeping, come and talk to us about any issues at the time.
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