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  3. Hi All, Yes I know with the date being the Easter weekend. Not everyone can attend. Which of course I do understand. But hopefully most can attend with the notice being given for it now. The date being down to the venue sadly having very limited availability for a weekend with how busy and booked up the venue is with how popular it is. Please post on are site if your wanting to attend. Spaces are limited to only 20. So you will need to get in quick! As soon as you've done this and your payment has been received a seat will be marked off for you on the floorplan. On the floorplan you will see seat places are numbered. If you wish to request a number please do so. If your not fussed one will be picked for you. ...Below as you see is the full venue address and map links are provided as well. http://www.apachelans.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=2229&p=5796#p5796 Firstly when is it: Friday 30th March 2018 - Sunday 1st April 2018. Costs: £20 per person is the price which can be paid up till Friday 1 month before the lan itself. Special group prices if your in a group of 4 or more just £15 per person. If you have been before and bring someone new with you. We can do £10 per head. For those that drive there being plenty of parking. If your a non-driver there being a train station and bus route 2 minutes on foot from the venue. Times: Friday 30th March 2018 arrivals from 6pm and Sunday 1st April 2018 departing's from 2pm. Please set steam to offline mode at 9pm Thursday the day before the Lan itself. Yes we should have internet but this being just in case. If we do have internet you can simply set your Steam back to online mode while at the venue. Where is it: 1st Bramhall Scout Group The Bramley Centre Bramley Close Bramhall Stockport SK7 2DY http://streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?X=389254&Y=384805&A=Y&Z=110 https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Bramhall+Ln+S,+Bramhall,+Stockport+SK7+2DY/@53.3598115,-2.1628845,654m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x487a4ca5546a5ee1:0x9c5fd47f123f561!8m2!3d53.3600098!4d-2.1629291 Payments can be taken via paypal the link is at the bottom of the index forum page. Payments can also be done via cheque/cash and this being arranged by pm only please.
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  6. http://steamcommunity.com/id/mr_mccormick/ Probably gonna go to epic 23 wanna play in a team message me on steam if u wanna trail me
  7. Nice
  8. No, but it should allow us to upgrade to the later version of the forums which I believe can keep you authenticated longer.
  9. Does the more powerful hardware mean we can now log in from more than one device at a time now?
  10. Though I cannot make it to Feb Lan, I will 100% be there for June and October!
  11. We shared this in the Community Facebook Group a while back, but now here they are for you all to see: epic23 Thursday 22- Sunday 25 February 2018 epic24 Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018 epic25 Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018 Lite South dates to follow as well as hopefully a few community events throughout the year!
  12. I don't know if you've been reading the feedback, most people have stated they don't expect silence. Just don't expect screeching and shouted insults after every kill/round. It had nothing to do with our group but I really liked the Robot Butler although he didn't butle me, I barely heard him and we were pretty much in the middle of the room, i'd rather hear him every 3 minutes than screeching. It would have been interesting to see how staff dealt with any confrontations stemming from someone calling someone else's mum a slag.
  13. After every event we do feedback to KCC about food and drinks at the venue. This is why in Feb (i think) the food was really good. Since then there has been a change of hands and as such we have to start the process from the start. The Venue aren't use to mass catering for the day and would only normally do this for an hour to cover lunch breaks at confrences or for weddings which is bring food out pretty much at once and serve. We are hoping they will take all the feedback we provide after the event from your serveys and the forums posts and try to learn for next time. I have to say sometimes they get food spot on (chicken skewers) others not so much (Chips) but i do think they will work on it for next event.
  14. We did actually pick up on this ourselves as staff. Last LAN the aircon wasn't really keeping up in the summer so it was less of an issue, but this time round it was just about coping during the day. We forgot to turn it off when we went to bed so as you can imagine it cools down dramatically overnight when people go to sleep and PCs idle, so it ends up cold in the morning. Something us Lakeside staff will be looking out for in February's LAN!
  15. I'll end you at Alpha 2!
  16. Unfortunately I won't be able to make next lan due to family commitments
  17. Yes but this wasn't about people going yeah, great play well done, this was about people in a hall going screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy, cos they won a pick on a deagle round. Then following it up by I fucked your mom, she hated it but guess what your gonna have brothers and sisters in 9 months. I mean I think we're a level above that surely. People don't have to play nice at lan, and sledging is something we do but does it have to involve the whole of fairisle? Type that shit in chat and let the fans watching the live stream too have a laugh
  18. If you choose a seat in Fairisle, the home of the CS:Go tournaments, you should know they're not going to be sitting there like choirboys ...
  19. It's all been sorted on discord. The jist of the agreement was that everyone hates CS:GO screamers.
  20. Jesus christ... maybe if you can all speak to each other (on both sides) like adults rather than little spoilt kids, a solution could be found... This whole argument is just pathetic. If you have a problem with something during LAN, you can go and ask them nicely to quiet down a bit, or speak to staff. But this is a LAN and you're to expect noise from everyone! Making increased noise after a complaint on purpose is just rude and insulting to staff. So whether that's CSGO players screaming louder or a bloody robot - if you're asked nicely to tone it down you should do so. And the fact it's been admitted that the robot was bought just to piss people off is just as stupid. This doesn't highlight a "noise problem" it highlights a you problem as you seem to think that's a good thing to do? I don't get it! If you have an issue, speak nicely to them or staff to get it resolved and if it doesn't go your way then just crack on and enjoy yourself regardless - there's no need to become argumentative over something as stupid as this. And if you don't like it, then you know what you can do for the next event. *group hug* Now... lets go on topic. The Good - The weather! It went quite in our favour! - Catering staff were lovely! - Reech's continued awesomeness (get yourself some vocalzones next time!) - Overwatch 1v1 Fun Tournament! Forced friend in to join us and he bloody wins it. Jammy git. - I didn't have to babysit anyone - Winbar letting me borrow his Apple Watch charger. <3 - Beer Pong was an hilarious watch! The Bad - Lakeside temperature was freezing first thing and too hot at the end of the day. Got a fan though so that helped. But had to keep the coat on in the morning to warm up! Last LAN seemed more consistent. - Catering food was pretty meh... We got lucky with fresh chips one night. But the rest of the time it was all quite cold. But yay for JustEat! - Internet speed was awful! Much worse than last LAN and kept timing out when trying to download a small 50MB file. PUBG wasnt cached on Steam and in game seemed a bit laggy. But other gaming wise it worked fine. - Lakeside desks. These picnic benches are so uncomfortable and itchy! And the lumps between planks makes using the mouse an entertaining task. - Bar staff bought from downstairs on Saturday night with no clue on what they're meant to be serving and being told by attendees on what to serve (including telling them we should use plastic cups not glasses). Managed to use a glass for one pint which was lovely (it's always better!) but took it back to the bar afterwards! - Pub quiz. The screamy screamy people! Oh my god my ears! It stopped being funny after the first time. The Ugly - This thread.
  21. This couldn't be more relevant to the topic When sitting in Fair Isle (or iseries, or dreamhack, or any competitive lan environment) you expect a degree of noise, cheering, even screaming. The csgo players may be toeing the line (and as mentioned in my previous post seem to be pushing it further and further each event) but they are tolerated as we'd rather have the atmosphere with a few inappropriate outbursts at the occasional round end. This is the environment we are used to and for the most part encourage. What isn't encouraged, expected and should definitely not be tolerated when you turn up to play in a competitive lan is a giant robot butler making unintelligible noises from half way across the lan hall which then echo across teamspeak. Now this could easily be resolved if you'd just turned it off (permanently) when asked but as we can see: You're all completely insufferable
  22. As always. The decision to be obnoxious was a result of the environment. To attempt to seperate these issues would be to miss the point. They're currently undergoing a 'lifestyle reassignment' that they don't like to talk about in public thank you very much. You may be able to recognise them (they prefer to use gender neutral terms) at future events. But he literally has NO ONE ELSE.
  24. Story of my life
  25. I mean I literally said why in my post. DeadJizzy had a negative effect on people's enjoyment at LAN. Regardless of CSGO kiddies screaming, you made a decision to be deliberately obnoxious. After watching Bladerunner 2049 I'm all for people exploring the idea of relationships with artificial creations, but not at EpicLAN.
  26. Topic gentlemen, or I'll have the thread closed
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