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  4. booking sleeping a question i got small camper van I think I have no problem bringing it but I was going to make sure because of the booking fee for tents?
  5. epic27: BIG GAMES!

    The time is now... Advance notice to get those games bought and downloaded, skills upgraded, things planned, and plot which games you're going to take part in to rack up as many Championship Points to see if you can wrest the Community Championship belt from Inferno! FPS BIG GAMES Fistful of Frags Half Life 2: Deathmatch (Gravity Gun Games) Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Quake 3 Battlefield 4 Warsow Team Fortress 2 CS:GO Arms Race CS:GO Prop Hunt Driving Big Games GRIP Wreckfest Euro Truck Simulator 2 : The Revenge of DutyHero Armagetron Misc Big Games Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition) Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Golf with your Friends Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Solos (Big Game) Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Squads (Big Game) Whiteboard & Quick Games in Lakeside Board Games Sessions: Accentuate, Resistance, Town of Salem, Werewolves ROW OFF! - Row vs. Row challenges Quick Quiz Card Challenge Axiom Soccer Slapshot Rainbow 6 Siege Overcooked And absolutely positively no karaoke. Just no. The timetable will go up nearer the event date.
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  7. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    As long as I'm not in a group, people can win...
  8. Camping

  9. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    Everybody @ LAN click ‘ready’ at the same time .... simples *cough*
  10. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    Bugger, I didn't realise Apex didn't have those features yet. However, I do appreciate the consideration for implementation at some point in the future. I look forward to potenially seeing one LAN. Thanks fellers.
  11. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    Yeah, it needs to actually have a decent way of playing together and running a tournament before we consider it properly!
  12. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    I'd like to see it become something currently, however, there are a few issues that may hinder our progress. There is currently no feature in the game to give us private servers. I know @reech and the boys will be discussing fun tournaments over the coming weeks, and we will give serious consideration to Apex, however remember it very much depends on if we can source out a private server. (Nothing stopping anyone making it a "big game" though )
  13. Apex: Legends Tourney?

    No escaping the fact Apex is huge right now. Any chance of a fun tourney for Summer lan?
  14. Friday Arrival?

    Welcome - you'll have fun regardless.
  15. Friday Arrival?

    As casual as they come! Less LAN is worse than more LAN for sure... But still having a job to pay for LANs... Evens it all out! Thanks for the help!
  16. Friday Arrival?

    If you're competing in a prize tournament, you need to arrive by 10am on Friday, when the team meetings kick off. If you're a casual BYOCer you can arrive anytime from Thursday at 2pm onwards (with early checkin going from 2pm-4pm, and doors opening at 4pm). Turning up on Friday is no trouble at all - you just get a little less LAN! Just head in to the centre, and go over to our check-in desk, and we'll sort it out.
  17. Friday Arrival?

    First timer here. Got my tickets booked and in the process of figuring out the logistics/time off etc. Is there likely to be any issue with arriving on the Friday (afternoon probably) rather than Thursday? I know it's probably a silly question, but just want to make sure the check-in/set up isn't a total faff.
  18. Camping

    Here's where to add it on now it's been made available ^^^
  19. Me and a mate are attending the Cardiff CS:GO qualifiers. Looking to join a team that needs 2 x mercs.


    We've been playing since 1.6 on and off, are part of an online team, and are usually rank LE+


    Get in touch if you have availability. Steam name: myalternativeaccount or just message on here.

  20. Camping

    It will be available, so you should soon be able to add to the Additional Services - only just had it confirmed earlier today.
  21. Camping

    Hi, I would like to camp at Epic27 although the option wasn't available upon booking my x3 tickets due to unconfirmed ground works at the time. Can you kindly advise how to confirm/pay for camping? I don't mind paying on arrival. Ta.
  22. Achievements

    just wondering if these will get updated?
  23. Lanmaster

    People seem to have this ridiculous impression that 404 are this rowdy bunch of uncouth, brash, foul mouthed degenerates. Frankly I have no idea where you come up with "foul mouthed", it's obviously not true!
  24. Lanmaster

    I thought all of 404 would have beaten you(no mister reech i expect you to swear)
  25. Lanmaster

    I still can't believe, watching this again, that I'm the one that swore the most in a small period of time... I'd have been sure that @DrPen0r would have beaten me to that...
  26. Flashy Light Tube in Lakeside

    I got my LED strip yesterday and managed to whip up an Arduino circuit to mimic the Lumazoid and it seems to work
  27. Lanmaster

    Rewatch the first ever Lanmaster here now, just tweaked the audio a little we enjoyed it so much, big thanks to everyone who came and shared the moment with us, you guys honestly made 3 months of editing and whipping the contestants worth while. we hope you enjoyed it as we did. big thankyou to Epic.Lan for blindly trusting us with 2 hrs of stage time, to the production Team (The trolls and goblins ;D) who were spot on with their cues and did excellent work with the videos. Watch this space for more announcements on the Next Lanmaster.
  28. Le Mans 24

    We'd love to do this - but there are issues with us putting something on a public screen for sporting events.
  29. Le Mans 24

    Given a 50/50 choice of Le Mans or epic, i'll be in France that weekend
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