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Due to the shift to social media and the use of the forums dropping dramatically, we have made the decision to close the forums.

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  4. Last Post Wins!?

    La fin
  5. goobye forums

    f in chatto!
  6. The Good, The Bad, and The Wiggly

    getting in before forums close the awesome:- the lakeside staff the good:- LAKESIDE EPIC TEAM MARBLES ON STREAM the bad:- the down right crap:- the state of most of the tables in lakeside(i had a look before leaving lan,there was a table witha broken leg against the bar,most of the tables were taped up along the edges and some had broken slats trying to break off the kameo:- M.I.A.
  7. goobye forums

    always intresting banter. hope discord/facebook/twitter and others are ready for an EPIC attack.
  8. Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

    I'll take Beej & Smithy's responses as indicative of the community... and will get away with the fact that I forgot to lock one of the last admin posts I'll ever post on here...
  9. Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

  10. Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

    Farewell old friend its been fun
  11. Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

    It’s time to bid farewell to the epic.FORUMS, as we will be putting them into read only mode on Friday 14th July. They’ve served epic.LAN well for many years, being a place where we could communicate, share content and keep up to date on everything epic related, and have a chat about our favourite TV shows, and play a few games as well. We’re all using other methods to communicate now, so we’re going to put the interaction part that was on the forums into Discord. This will go into our current layout, although we’ll occasionally create specific (and sometimes temporary) channels when we’re looking for feedback on certain things, such as event-specific defrag plans, through to time-limited events info. We’d like to make sure you’re all following us on twitter at twitter.com/epiclan and also remind you to sign up to discord at discord.gg/epiclan – these will be the primary ways of getting in touch with us before, during and after events. I’m going to be sharing some stats and stuff from the forums on twitter and discord over the next few days …oh, and for those of you who were looking to get the last word on ‘last post wins’ – we’re announcing this as Kameo, for his June 29th post. Anything after this announcement doesn’t count, sadly, since that would be cheating. Although Dunceantix would like you to know that, as the server demigod, he could always have had the last word. Just saying. The forums will remain in archive mode for the next few months, and we’re also making sure that all galleries and photos move across to flickr. Look for new and interesting developments that will reward and encourage communication on Discord in future (we’re playing with some interesting stuff) and make sure you all keep in touch! Cheers, love! Jamie ‘reech’ Walker Community Manager
  12. Lanmaster

    video from the Lanmaster special @ epic 27 for those who missed it
  13. Camping

    Not yet I'm afraid, we're still waiting to hear if the building works will have started at the site, as soon as we know we'll confirm and announce.
  14. Camping

    Any news on camping situation for Epic 28 outdoors?
  15. Last Post Wins!?

    Kameo the stealths a new post in
  16. Rocket League Tournament

    Gutted to have missed Epic 27. Seemed like a strong lineup for the RL tournament again. Super excited as we currently have 8 players coming to October but we need one more player. If anyone fancies joining one of our teams, please let me know. iCoN
  17. The Good, The Bad, and The Wiggly

    Good 1. I got to play games this one. 2. Network and download issues non existent. 3. Good range of drinks. 4. security and staff are so chill it really makes the events like a break for me. 5. The young lad on security during the day was such a sweet young man. 6. KCC staff keeping the palace really tidy. Bad and wiggly 1. The conference centre. it's falling to bits from the inside out. Toilets stink all the time. Regardless of the how much air fragrance gets pushed out. 2. The conference centre. The heat in Fairisle must have been unbearable, as much of it was in staging room as well. I heard they weren't working properly in there and during the pub quiz I had to take my costume off. 3. The conference centre. The storm drains not working and much of the roof run off ended up flooding out the campsite. This this pissed me off the most. Because the storm drains have been doing this every event for years now and it's never been rectified. 4. Campsite. As my previous post the storm drains flooded the campsite. The campers have had 3 rough events in a row and the thin campsite was probably a good representation of the fact. We were fortunate for a decent ground sheet but I know others were not. 5. Pub quiz was difficult to hear. I know haden was pushing the new system to the max. 6.that God damn lighting rig with those f*cking led lights shining into the crowd. They were blinding. It's making me angry just thinking about them. 7. I didn't really know when anything was going off tbh, this maybe down to my lack of engagement though.
  18. The Good, The Bad, and The Wiggly

    The Good: Portland was the best room to be in as always. Casual enough to not be hearing NICE or what I can only assume is some 13 year olds balls being caught in a vice judging by the screaming in Fair Isle. Not so casual that you can't hear your own thoughts due to some shitty music being played out of speakers right next to your head. Temperature was cold, which is way better than being roasted alive in the other rooms. Smash tournament. I hadn't played it in about 3 months but it was a pleasure to get my rusty self bodied in the semi finals. Hope you enjoyed your prizes (not you 2nd place). Those buckets better have been empty by the end of the day. Back to back beer pong champ. Crushing Penors confidence and watching him go into shutdown. DIGNITY, DIGNITYYYYYYYYYY. Somehow winning the first round of the PUBG tournament despite being incredibly hungover and again not having played the game in months. Staff was incredibly helpful. I had network issues throughout the event and the help to sort it out was great. @Beej was best boi and wins MVP this lan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUkgixdMLbU Winding up @gunmens on the Thursday evening. Can I see your wristbands please? Lots of Mordhau Thursday night dinner. Enjoying the classic Greek dish 'Spaghetti and Meatballs'. Pizza time Archery and the Native Americlan. HOW. @Ashman KOing himself within 5 minutes of showing up to LAN. The Bad: Pub quiz. Could barely hear it at the back of the hall. Need some more speakers at the back or in the middle. Didn't help that the table next to us were broadcasting their conversation for all to hear. Phone watch was pretty lacking as well, saw a few teams on their phones throughout the quiz. Bar staff. Actually got asked by one of them what barrel the citra was in. The Wiggly: @Ashmans eye. My network issues I had throughout. Someone in Lakeside had the same IP address as me. The weather. The giant smoke signal that was sent out because of the weather. Nothing caught fire, and that was the issue. Penors disgust of anything Tunnocks.
  19. Will there be Wreckfest?

    Its our first time running it. We wanted to keep it vanila. We had a lot of fun. Deffo thinking next event. Will look into what more we can do with it.
  20. Will there be Wreckfest?

    just been playing this and it was a bit temperamental.
  21. First!

  22. Will there be Wreckfest?

    Just a quick one, if there is going to be wreckfest, I would suggest for those that want/have it, look at using some mods before hand - to level the playing field The one I would recommend is "Free Market" - bit of a bugger to get working, but once working, you can buy every car in the game for free, then also ALL upgrades (its a long process of one item at a time) - but you can set up the cars you want to use - everything is FREE until the mod is deactivated. or, there is always the option to use the stock vehicles on "hire" at the start of each event - so you can use Class A vehicles in a Class A race etc without needing to unlock them... when on server, select vehicle, and scroll to the right there are more tracks available, but these mean everyone on the server would need the same mod, so easier to just use the stock maps... it is cheating, and negates natural progress once completed, just deactivate the mod, everything remains, and shouldn't interfere with online races (tried and tested)
  23. First!

    Here comes Lasty! late to the party!
  24. First!

    Numero Uno!
  25. Planning on getting a game going tomorrow with @JoeShow, who'd be interested in joining? @BillieTrixx, reckon "The Defusers" would be ready to assemble again?

  27. Loner on his own!

    Bunch of us from Sinister Cows are in Lakeside although we play the more FPS focused games such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Seige, CS:GO, Apex Legends, Rust, Division 2 etc. We play to enjoy / have a laugh so nothing serious. We're situated at LK-K1 up to LK-K6 and my names Mike. Welcome to join us on coms even if you don't play any of these.
  28. Last Post Wins!?

    shh kids
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