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    So we're doing something a little bit different at epic24. We'll still have the schedueld big games, but we've not put as many on, plus we'll be inviting you to take part in score-and-survive challenges (both at your PC and in the console area) to see who can proclaim themselves LANchamps. Or a title that isn't quite as twee as that, at any rate. The timetable will be added on nearer the event's start, but for now, this is what you can look forward to: PUBG (We have access to a custom server with a variety of modes; squads, solos, zombies...) Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition) Blur Golf with Your Friends \ Golf It! TF2 ETS2 Early Morning Trucking Hour (using Truckers MP) Overwatch Quiplash \ Jackbox Games (in the Gallery, midnight following pub quiz) Darwin Project Remember - these aren't the only games you can play at LAN, and are by no means the only ones we're running; these are designed to get as many people as possible playing together; you can advertise for players for other games on community timetable, or ask the events team in Lakeside to gather people for other games. Be ready for reech to wander round and ask what you're playing, and why everyone else should be playing it too... In addition, we'll be hosting the following fun tournaments - information will be added at least 2 weeks before the event so you can sign up on the tournament site, to guarantee your place. (As always - if you're in a prize tournament and haven't been knocked out, you should not sign up to a fun tournament. Check with reech or Freddie W at the event if you have any queries.) Hearthstone PUBG Squad Mario Kart (Switch) Factorio Scenario Streetfighter 30th Anniversary (SFIII: 3rd Strike) Arms Keep checking back on this page and on the facebook\twitter feeds as we'll release more information as signups become available.
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    Peace out flower child! Or is it rock out with your... erm, or perhaps just sit back, and relax with the chill beats. It's Summer Music Festival time at epicLAN, and we're going to be letting it all hang loose on Saturday night from 8pm with a variety of festival music - from Woodstock era to Download, Isle of Wight to Ibiza, and we're going to be asking you to join in with some music festival themed games (although we're not doing the Glastonbury mud-wrestling thing, not even if you ask nicely, okay?) There'll be a Battle of Bands Rockband competition in the Gallery, as well as a dance-off with Just Dance - there'll also be a few other festival style party distractions (including the return of beer pong tournament), and as ever the bar staff are going to come up with some stunning summer-themed cocktails that will be available from the bar. We're also planning some suitabley summer themed food for the evening. You're encouraged to come in suitable attire - so whether it's your grandmother's tye dye shirt, your uncle's crusty old sandals, or far too much leather than should be worn in the height of summer we'd like to see you get your groove on, and join us. If any of you are aspiring face painters, we'd love to see what designs you can come up with to bring on the summery feelings - although you'll have competition in the form of our own Squirrel... Oh, and we're not holding it in a field, right? It's in the gallery. See you on Saturday night!
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    As always, the KCC team have come up with some food and drink based items to go along with our themed evening. For your epic24 cocktails on Saturday night we have the glorious sounding: Muddy water Vodka Baileys Kahlua Lagerita Tequila Lime Juice Orange Liqueur Lager Pharmaceutical Stimulant Vodka Espresso Sugar syrup Kahlua The Portaloo Vodka Orange Juice Galliano I'm sure drinking the contents of a portaloo will bring back many wonderful festival memories for some of you...
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    Can we have an epic.WallOfDeath please?
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    We know this is really important to some of you attending epic24, so here are the real ale choices for the next event, as always from the local Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery.  Penalty Snout Out (4.0%) - New brew with Centennial, Simcoe and a good dose of Citra giving a hoppy flavoursome pale IPA Beijing Black (4.4%) - A strong dark mild, mild but not meek! Hedonism (4.5%) - A light coloured bitter with a citrus hoppy flavour, brewed to give a lifting but not overpowering flavour. S.O.S (6.66%) - Winner of Strong Ale Northants CAMRA 2016. Superb fruity flavoured deep red.  Oh and of course the Rhubarb cider is back, it wouldn't be a summer LAN without it! 
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    We've been working closely with KCC who have been listening to your feedback from the last event survey and we can now announce the epic24 menu. Breakfast Served 8am-12noon Big Breakfast - £6 (or £16 if you pre-book all 3 days) - 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushroom, 2 slices of toast & cup of tea or coffee Small Breakfast - £5.00 - 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans & a cup of tea or coffee Vegetarian breakfast available (as above with vegetarian sausage & extra egg) Bacon roll - £2.80 Sausage roll - £2.80 Egg roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll - £3.50 (all of the above) Sweet Belgian Waffle with/without Bacon & Maple syrup - £3.00 - £2.50 Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1.00 Tea/coffee - £1.00 Lunch Menu Served 12.30pm - 4.00pm Bacon & cheese panini - £3.50 Tuna melt panini - £3.50 Cheese & sweet chilli panini - £3.00 Burgers, Wings & Sides Served 12.30pm - 9pm Beef burgers - £3.20 Pulled Pork Burgers - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Spicy Refried bean burger (V) - £3.20 Epic Burger - £5.50 - Double burger, double bacon & double cheese, until Jamie Oliver bans it... Chicken Wings (x7) - £5.00 - With Very Hot Sauce - Onion Rings (x7) - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 Side Salad - £1.00 Evening Meals Served 4pm - 9pm You can also purchase an evening meal voucher covering all 3 evenings for £13.50 (main meal option or up to £5 from burgers and sides) Thursday Evening - Noodle Night Sweet & Sour Pork - £5.00 Salt & Chilli Chicken - £5.00 Quorn & mixed Vegetables - £4.00 Served with egg noodles, mixed vegetables & prawn crackers Friday Evening - Curry Night Beef Rogan Josh - £5.00 Chicken korma - £5.00 Quorn Tikka - £5.00 Served with rice & naan bread Saturday Evening - As part of epic.LAN's Festival Night Jerk Chicken Refried Bean Pitta bread, chilli sour cream & cheese - £3.50 Braised Brisket Burrito, Rice, Tomato Salsa, Guacamole -£3.50 Falafel, Braised Red Cabbage Slaw, mixed Bean Wrap -£3.00 Rice salad, Potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, mixed leaf salad - Choice of 2 - £1.50 Bar Snacks Available from 9pm-close at the bar Chilli & Rice, Sour Cream, Guacamole & Melted Cheese - £4.50 Chilli & Nachos, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Guacamole & Melted Cheese - £4.50 Nachos, Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Guacamole & Melted Cheese - £3.50 Onion rings (x7) - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 Chicken wings (x7) - 5.00 6” Sausage Roll - £1.00 Special Dietary Requirements We had a few people asking last event about vegan options and other dietary requirements. The team at KCC is always happy to accommodate such requests, but it would be near impossible to print every possible option for every requirement, but don't assume that just because something isn't on the menu that there isn't anything for you. If you do have any particular dietary requirements, simply ask to speak to the chef at the catering area (usually Giles) and they will happily discuss your needs and try to work something out for you. It may take a little longer to prepare, but do just ask!
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    Hmmm, want some non-standard game modes to play? I have a bunch of game modes that I do with a few others over at the PUBG Subreddit Discord channel. Happy to share/do some with ya'll! (e.g. Normal game but circle isn't known. Mad Max Furygrounds, King Of The Hill...)
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    Here's the almost obligatory tabletop RPG thread. Given that Epic.24 is a week after UK Games Expo I'll have a ton of games I can run. Fantasy, Weird West, World War 2 Commandos and I've also got the itch to run some post apocalyptic sci fi. There will be other folk running games as well I'm sure. All welcome including folk completely new to D&D and tabletop roleplaying, we're usually playing in the board game area.
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    the secret is to collect all the 9mm ammo in the map, I mean properly fill your bag up with it, then the guy who kills you will have loads of ammo he doesn't need (I have a not so secret problem of collecting ALL the ammo I see)
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    Please can you ask the catering team to leave some cutlery with the bar for the after hours bar snacks? Those nachos when hammered are great...but you need cutlery!
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    Not at the moment I'm afraid. Being completely honest, the venue can't get a price from their suppliers that either us or them are comfortable charging.
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    They made a change to who was allowed to run the servers. (You had to pay if I remember correctly) I’ll check again and see if we can still run them or not
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    Puh-leaze can we have a Trackmania server running some of the stadium tracks with a 5 min time limit?
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    It's not just the epic.LAN dates doing it I'm afraid. If you take a look on the Kettering Borough Council website, because I have too much free time on my hands these days, you can see the planning applications for the hotel at KCC and as part of that, there's a demand study completed for hotels in Kettering as a whole. Basically the town doesn't have enough hotel rooms available for the demand during the week for business travel. So when we stay at the Holiday Inn Express for example, we may only take up say up to 5 rooms during build, but the whole hotel is fully booked for the night we're there. It's one of the reasons why we're still hopefully that the planning application will still go through after appeal, because the business case for it is so clear!
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    I'm really hoping to run a game of city of mist this time. Noir roleplaying where myths and fables inhabit normal people. All the players have a secret power living inside them that they discover through out the game. I'll post more details closer to the date if there's interest and I get time to prep. At very least I'll run one game of something regardless and play in as many other games as I have time for!