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    Hi! We have managed to negotiate a deal with the Rekorderlig from our suppliers, so although they will still be £5 a bottle if bought individually you can now buy 3 bottles for £13 as a promotion. Making them a lot cheaper than at epic19. See you all soon! Louise @KCC
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    Hey guys, I use the forums alot these days to promote, advertise and do what I need to do alongside my job here at epic.LAN - Though It's very rare these days that I go ahead and open up about a part of my life, to be quite honest the thought of laying things out to bare is actually quite a terrifying thought. (You wouldn't think it for a guy that stands in front of all of you every event and makes a total ass of myself) I've always been a 'big' guy and I most likely always will. However as of Wednesday the 15th of August (A day after my 26th birthday) that I wanted to make a change. I'm quite content with who I am and have an amazing group of people around me in the real world, at our events and offline in the real world which I'm always greatful for. However now I need to step it up and be a better, healthier me. Since the 15th of Aug i've tried my best to cutout anything that would be considered bad for you. Though Lite South was a train wreck! (I need to learn how to diet at LAN!) I'm happy with the progress I've made, I'm also making a point of walking the dog every day when I get home from work and am also going to the gym once (If i'm really lucky) twice a week. There's definitely more that I could be doing, but something is better than nothing I think! I've just weighed myself for the first time properly since starting and I have lost 8lbs which I was so happy with! I'm not 100% sure what i'm trying to achieve with this post, but hopefully you guys get it! Peace out. JoeShow.
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    ... but in January, I will be a Grandad. I'm happy and looking forward to it but I've only just turned 50; I don't feel old enough to be a grand parent!
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    Hi all, Happy New Year and all that fine stuff; I hope you all have rested your bones and minds in preparation for the fun filled weekend due upon us known as epic 20! New years mean new things so here is my first forum post and I really would appreciate your help. I am hoping to make a very short and sweet video to promote epic.LAN so we can captivate and encourage more people to join us! All I need from you is to grab whatever device you own that can record video and sound and shout happily ONE word that describes epic.LAN or your reason for coming to epic in general. This needs to be submitted by to me by Sunday 15th 20:00 via email ideally - officialnaysayerz@gmail.com If you read this and feel like you know someone who would love to get involved please do share this with them, the more the merrier Any questions please fire them to me and I will happily try to answer them all Ta Nay x
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    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the feedback, especially the #paninilove and for a great first Epic for me! I am currently working on the menu for Epic20, so if there is anything that you would love to see, or something you think should be taken off the menu please let me know and I'll have a look into the options! See you all in Feb! Louise.
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    Hi, I thought I'd respond quickly to this one with regards to the tech issues: You're correct that we do apply a per-user bandwidth limit of 3mbps down and 1mbps up. On top of this, there is then traffic shaping to try and ensure that gaming traffic works. It's possible that some of the games you were trying were not being classified as gaming correctly and not getting the correct priority. Because of this limit; yes, it does mean that if you try to do multiple things, there will be some impact, likewise, we just don't have the bandwidth available for streaming. We are working with the venue to improve the connectivity for next event; and with adding Overwatch we will be making changes to improve things further. When I have more details on this, I will post here and let people know. I want to remove the per-user limit, but at the moment it's a neccessity. As an example of the amount of load the connections were under, we did a total of 2.18TB of download and 426GB of upload throughout the entire 3 days. 225GB of that upload was just gaming traffic (UDP and some TCP traffic). If enough people are interested, I'll post some stats for everyone. As for internal network speed and being a 10/100 network. We have 24+ customer access switches and we require these to be managed switches to give us the functionality needed to keep the network secure and stable (preventing network loops and such). Because of this, at the moment buying gigabit switches to replace these is expensive (the cheapest option I'd consider right now is a Cisco 3560G-48). In addition, we'd only be capable of running 2gbps back to the aggregation switches at the moment and I wouldn't be happy with that level of contention. Other large LAN parties use 10/100 access switches as well with DreamHack using the exact same switch make and model as we do. We closely monitor the network to ensure that all uplinks are not over-contended. If gigabit network to the desk becomes possible at our scale, we will do it, but at the moment, we just can't afford it. The steam cache is running on a pretty hefty server and sent over 2.6TB to the LAN throughout the course of the weekend (and downloaded over 680GB from the Internet). I understand the frustration that even at 100mbps some of the largest games do still take a while (100mbps is 45GB in one hour), USB3 is still going to be quicker for a new install of a large game. But if it's an update or a patch for a game; or a smaller game, then the cache works really well. We were also caching Windows Update, Blizzard Downloader and a few others as well. Feel free to send me a forum PM if you want more information on any of this or have any more questions. I now return you to your previously scheduled feedback thread.
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    So we announced this earlier to our Facebook Community Group (you should join that for early previews and stuff).  We've just received news that the long-awaited improvements to the internet connection at the venue have been installed and activated!  The venue now has a 1Gbps line and we will be using part of the new connection for epic24.  Now as we haven't run one of our events on the new line yet, it may take some time to reconfigure everything to make the most of the connection. As we've only just been given the green light, all the old connections will remain in place for this event as a back-up.  There will still be bandwidth management and prioritisation taking place as it can't be a complete free-for-all. The new connection has to last us for quite some time as we grow and the venue grows with its plans, so it's important to make sure that the connectivity is shared out fairly and used for important things like gaming traffic, games updates, official streams and for viewing external streams (particularly when other events such as ECS are taking place). Similarly, the venue infrastructure also has to go out over the same connection, so we have to guarantee things like the gym, office PCs and other customers who may be using the site.  So bear with us while we get everything balanced out next event, but it's a major improvement to epic.LAN that has been a long time coming and will benefit everyone who attends and watches the event online.
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    Surprised no-one has started this already - so here we go! The Good Ricky & Amy, as always the best banter at KCC The DJ Sets on Saturday Night. That Enya/Prodigy mix up was top notch The catering - despite some minor issues, the food was awesome and those Honey Chicken Skewers need to be a permanent fixture Seeing all you lovely people again! The Bad People who turn up to LAN and then try to restrict how much fun other people can have. We're all here to have fun, so chill out! The weather during build (it did a little rain!) The toilets and showers on Friday morning. Someone had 100% had an accident in the ladie's showers The Ugly Gump's 4am rendition of Wonderwall. My ears!!!!
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    The Good The people. I see some of my favourite folk twice at year at epic. The staff at KCC are brilliant too Tabletop stuff! I spent more time playing RPGs and boardgames than PC games this LAN. It was great to see so much RPG stuff happening, five or six different games in total I reckon? I really enjoyed playing @ozrevulsion's awesome Lady Blackbird game and finally got around to trying out Zombicide too. Now, if only epic did a tabletop gaming convention eh? Rhubarb Cider. So good! The Bad Pub quiz fail. Boat Race fail. The Ugly @Davemarr's Boat race performance. My head on Saturday morning. I was pacing myself quite well until I was bullied into doing shots whilst quietly queuing for my boat race pint.
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    Just to let you good folks know that Baz and myself will be running the SpecialEffect stand again...... We'll be there all day Friday, please come and say hello and have a go on eye controlled Dirt3, and new for epic20, chin controlled Rocket League. See you there, and remember Game On for Everyone! Nokesy
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    I mean the staff are going to go ahead and give you a response on this I'm sure, though if you were faced with a fire and the thing stopping you going through a fire exit was a zip tie, I'm pretty sure you would get through it and not just sit down, defeated by a thin strip of plastic, seething about your inevitable demise. Also, probably wouldn't have needed to be zip tied shut if people WOULD STOP FUCKING OPENING THEM
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    Would definitely be interested in seeing the technical side of the epic.LANs, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the wireless coped (and it really was a god send with no signal on 3 or EE in KCC) and the overall performance in general. Downloading games just needed a little planning ahead while people slept, and there was never any game breaking latency from what I noticed. Don't know how many more (if any) volunteers you guys need on the tech side but have put an application in via the epic21 site anyway
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    Before I get this post underway I deem it necessary for you all to know I'm vaping whilst writing it... Following internal discussions and taking on-board the vast amounts of feedback from yourselves and the venue it has been agreed to ban the use of vapes and e-cigs inside the venue from epic20 and beyond. This includes but not limited to; gaming halls, toilets, clan rooms and communal areas. But Joe why are you doing this? I love the sweet sweet nectar; epic18 we recieved a large amount of feedback around the use of vapes / e-cigs at the event. Whilst there is a range of cases that argues for and against breathing in vapour it's an area which we take very seriously, especially when it's raised via our various feedback channels multiple times. As such epic19 we restricted the areas in which you could vape. However we still recieved feedback of people ignoring these rules and still vaping at their desks, we also managed to set off a fire alarm last event which again was caused by excessive vapour around a smoke alarm. As always there will be designated smoking / vaping point outside the front of the building. We want our event to be as enjoyable as it possibly can be for everyone that attends and while I know not everyone will be in favour of this decision, is something that a fair number of our attendees and staff will appreciate going forward as we continue to make epicLAN the friendly, approachable event that you all know and love. If you have any queries / feedback then please do use this thread as an opportunity to do so! A fellow smoker / vaper! Joe.
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    Hello MRated On behalf of all -UM- members, I really want to thank you. We know you put a lot of effort in these seating plans and listen to peoples preferences, thats quite rare! We are very happy with the seating now. Thank you and see you @Epic Lan -UM- Any_Sarah
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    You'll be waiting until epic200 before that happens...
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    Hello Peoples, I'm doing a post as I need your help. I'm doing something stupid for Charity. On the 25th November i will be sleeping rough like in a box. Sounds like a really stupid idea doesn't it... Well im doing it for a good reason and that is St Basils http://stbasils.org.uk/. St Basils works with young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, helping over 4000 young people per year across the West Midlands region with specific services in Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Worcestershire, the Wyre Forest and Coventry. Every year over 1200 young people are housed in our 29 supported accommodation schemes, which for some young people includes their young children as well. We have a range of prevention, accommodation and support services to help young people regain the stability they need to rebuild their lives, gain skills, training and employment and move on. The aim is to help them successfully break the cycle of homelessness so that they can go on to experience a bright, fulfilling future and never return to a state where they are at risk of homelessness again. So the question is how can you help well you can donate at http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=AndySleepOut to help a great organsisation and support my tourment. Lots of thanks going out to anyone that donate. Lots of Love to you all Gunmens
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    From Sunday to Tuesday and I shall be mostly ... playing on trains of the tube variety. Three days riding the tube network doing 'challenges' such as visiting an agreed set of stations in as quick a time as possible. I've been planning this for weeks and I'll see how well my routes/changes go. It even gets as geeky as planning exactly which carriage/side/door I need to be at for the quickest change or exit. Why? Simply because I want to; I've always loved the underground, well any metro-transit system, and it's something I want to do while I still can. If this weekend goes well, I'd like to plan to do all 270 stations in a day next year, when I turn 50. The challenge I'm most looking forward to is the A-Z; that's visiting underground stations in the order of the alphabet so Aldgate, Bank, Chancery Lane .... Dollis Hill (that's a pain) but not as much as I (Ickenham) or U (Upton Park). There are no J, X, Y or Z but all the rest need to be done in order. I think this takes my Geekness to a whole new level! Mind The Gap
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    Community esports at epic25 has received a prize boost thanks to Sunny Broadband who have signed up as headline sponsors for the CS:GO tournament which takes place 11-14 October at Kettering Conference Centre, UK. The support will see the minimum prize locked in at £1500 going up to £4000 up for grabs if all team slots are filled. Sunny Broadband has been set up with its community and customer service at the heart of everything they do, created out of frustration with mainstream providers to give people a friendly and efficient alternative. Luke Derbyshire, Sunny Broadband’s Managing Director, explained, “I have always been a gamer and I love grassroots gaming events such as epic.LAN, so as we launch our new services here at Sunny Broadband, I am keen to support epic.LAN and the CS:GO community that I’ve been a part of for so long. I fully understand the importance of a quality connection when gaming online, so we hope to introduce some new gamers to our platform and show them a different and hassle-free approach from a UK ISP.” Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN, adds, “We’re already having a great year of UK esports, and the CSGO community benefits hugely from that with the major in London later this year, the Grosvenor CSGO tour currently taking place and many other opportunities in the calendar. So it seems fitting that we round out the year by partnering with Sunny Broadband to make sure that everyone at a community level gets their opportunity to be a part of one of the busiest years of esports in the UK for a long time.” epic25 will also see community esports tournaments for Dota2, Starcraft 2 and Rocket League as well as a wide range of casual gaming activities. Tickets are available at www.epiclan.co.uk
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    Unfortunately the food service wasn't the best at the October event for a number of reasons, but we've had a number of meetings with the venue now since the last event to work with them to make improvements. In particular, as well as reverting back to menu choices that are tried and tested at previous events, and agreed well in advance so we shouldn't see the same stock issues, the venue has appointed a new Chef Manager who started before Christmas and will oversee all of the catering staff in terms of quality of food and customer service, he'll also be reading your feedback during the event to pick up on any improvements that can be made straight away. So it's important if you do have any feedback to either let the catering team know straight away, or post it in this thread, the KCC team can't fix it if they don't know about it! Also note that the evening meal options are back to being around the £5 mark so that the evening meal vouchers work correctly again to cover a meal. As for the menu, here you go: Breakfast Menu (Served until 12noon each day) Big Breakfast (2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, 2 slices toast, tea or coffee)- £6 Small Breakfast (1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans, tea or coffee) - £5 Vegetarian Breakfasts - As above but with vegetarian sausages and extra egg Bacon Roll - £2.80 Sausage Roll - £2.80 Egg Roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll - £3.50 (any 3 items) Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1 Tea/Coffee - £1 Remember, you can pre-pay for all 3 BIG BREAKFASTS for just £5 if you buy in advance. Go to your epic23 booking and add on the 3-day breakfast ticket by the Wednesday before LAN. Lunch Menu (12.30pm - 4pm) Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - £3.50 Tuna Melt Panini - £3.50 Brie & Cranberry (v) - £3.00 Burgers, Wings & Sides (12.30pm - 9pm) Beef Burger - £3.20 Pulled Pork Burger - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Spicy Bean Burger (v) - £3.20 Epic Burger (double burger, double bacon and cheese) - £5.50 Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Side Salad - £1 Evening Meals (4pm - 9pm) Burgers, Wings & Sides Menu Also Available Thursday - Mexican Night Chicken Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican chicken served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Quorn Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican Quorn served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Beef Chilli Con Carne - £5 Friday - Italian Night Lasagne (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Chicken & Bacon Carbonara (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Wild Mushroom Ravioli (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Saturday - American Night Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Quorn Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Mac Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Corn on the cob - £1 Bar Snacks (9pm - Bar Close) Chilli & Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £4.50 Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £3.50 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Sausage Roll - £1
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    We did this a while back, and then they went away, but now they're back. We're relaunching our Community Game Servers and will be hosting games for you to join in and have fun with. More servers will appear as we try out different things, but for now epicLAN Minecraft - server2.epiclan.net:25565 / Whitelist server Years and years ago we enjoyed the block building game, and it's never really gone away. We've started up a new survival server for you to play on. The aim here is pure Survival Minecraft. Explore, gather, build. No big grants of diamonds or wraiths wandering around in the main world, just the game! Simple rules for the server: Don't be an ass bully , No Griefing\Pranking , No swearing\racism (all ages welcome) , No Stealing , Just have fun! It's vanilla with no protections on gear and stuff, so we're asking people to play nice, and play well - and just enjoy! How to play: It's a whitelisted server, so join discord.gg/epiclan and post in the #epicMinecraft channel to get whitelisted - we'll try and sort it out within a few hours Admins: Reech, Justcallmelewis, Dunceantix Current whitelist: _gunmens_, Diigitalsa1nt, Davemarr, froggy911, KindredPhantom, leftone, hardyyy, brothersoft, I amHaden, JustCallMeLewis, Dunceantix epicLAN Battalion 1944 - Newly available, and bringing the classic FPS shooter action to the front. We've set up a server so you can challenge in 5v5 matches. We're looking for feedback and seeing how many people are getting into the game as we've had requests to bring it to LAN. Play, have fun, and we'll see what we can do. How to play: Get Battalion 1944 , start the game, go into console mode and use the command connect or connect server2.epiclan.net:27020 ...and that's not all! We'll see how people are playing, and you can always give Reech#9632 a shout in discord if you have some suggestions for other servers, and we'll see what we can arrange. In the past, we've played around with Conan: Exiles, ARK, Starbound and others. Over the coming months we'll aim to bring a variety of games - all you need to do is bring yourself!
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    We shared this in the Community Facebook Group a while back, but now here they are for you all to see: epic23 Thursday 22- Sunday 25 February 2018 epic24 Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018 epic25 Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018 Lite South dates to follow as well as hopefully a few community events throughout the year!
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    Hello Guys & Gals, Another sell out event, so congratulations to anybody who helps contribute to our success and we much appreciate your support. However with sell out events comes major responsibility to our shoulders with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. Last event I we managed to make everyone fairly happy, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish, we have larger groups which are odd numbers, and 1v1 type games in Fair Isle with the usual 5 man teams and of course Overwatch now with teams of 6. If you are a casual player and wanting atmosphere, we strongly urge you to go into Lakeside. Fair Isle is the competitive hall, and is treated as such for that reason, We won't force you to move of course, but it would be much appreciated if you were casual and wanted a smaller LAN feeling to sit in Lakeside. Last couple of events what we did, was group all respective gaming communities and placed them in the appropriate parts of the hall, if you were a Dota team, you were down the Dota row, if you were CS:GO you were in the CS:GO rows, that same logic will continue for this event too as it makes it better for all players and admins involved. Similarly, in Lakeside, we would group communities together as much as possible, whether that be back to back or full row. keeping spaces for other people to book up last min (as usual) Here is the process for people in Lakeside Here is the process that everyone will need to follow in Fair Isle. Looking to have some drafts in the next coming days and have a final plan ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation and see you in a couple weeks time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the Lakeside 1st draft. Let me know if anything needs changing or any preferences. I will always do what I can but cannot make any massive promises. With Lakeside filling up so quickly lots of people are scattered in some cases so we need to make sure those guys are catered for, but that we don't split up any groups Thanks
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    Hey all! We are very excited to be coming back to our favourite LAN! Saturday at 16:00 we will be running a 7 wonders duel fun tournament for a chance to win £10 store credit. All skill levels welcome and we are happy to teach you the game. It’s free to sign up but all we ask is that you do so before Thursday 12th Oct to make sure we have enough copies of the game. Along with an array of board games we will be bringing along Star Wars Destiny. The new CCG has boomed in popularity in the last few months so we will be bringing decks along for anyone interested in trying it out. No doubt Werewolves will also be happening in the social room around midnight so we will be hanging around to join in, as well as having a few other social deduction and party games to hand in case the numbers dwindle in the earlier hours of the morning! Lastly we shall be having a good old fashioned raffle with some goodies up for grabs. Our shop opening times are below: Thursday 14:00 – 18:00 Friday 12:00 – 18:00 Saturday 12:00 – 18:00 Sunday 12:00 – 15:30 We will also be bringing our travelling library with us and these will be available outside of the shop opening hours. Let us know if there are games you would like us to bring along and we’ll try to do so. Also if there is anything you’d be keen to see in the shop, just ask. See you soon you beautiful nerds!
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    Hi! I am currently working on this at the moment - sorry for the delay - (note to self - don't go on holiday 2 weeks before a LAN!) Will post up in the next few days, Thanks! Louise.
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    @Kettering I found out that apparantly I scarred two youngsters working in the catering for life when I appeared in my mankini. I humbly apologies for any bleech they had to pour in their eyes to stop them from having nightmares...but at least they can put on their resumes they have seen proper swedish meatballs (and not the ikea kind) now.
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    Yes somehow Gunmens got to do a Saturday theme night… No, we don’t know how this happened… Gunmens working with anyone else with fabulous taste will be bringing you the very best in Cheesey music, Fun little games, Karaoke and terrible dancing. Ohhhh and it’s a beach themed night so get out your grass skirts/coconuts/Hawaiian Shirts on the go grab yourself a sex on the beach from the bar, a hot dog from the Catering and come get your camp on. There will be some drinkie prizes too thanks to the Fabulous one. also prize for the Best (worst) Hawaiian shirt
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    Please note, these dates are currently provisional, there are a couple of contractual items to finalise first but these are the main ones we're looking at for 2017 at this time. Lite event dates to follow soon: epic20 - Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February 2017 epic21 - Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th June 2017 epic22 - Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th October 2017
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    Good - Was great meeting my clan again, though we are a group of close friends too, I don't get to see them very often. - Finally being able to play Twilight Imperium 3 which lasted 8 hours, ended at 04:30am and cause a lot of arguing specially when I was in the winning stretch and my friend wanted to just see if he could kill my fleet, then using skilled retreat to not let that happen. - The epic burger was on point. - Toilets for the most part were in good shape but there was a bit of a downfall (See bad) - The new music request system was brilliant (When we could find it) -Introducing MORT to Zombicide, next time we will run one of my custom games. - The staff were very helpful, never felt like I had any issues for long and they were very happy to have a chat even if it's putting up with me waffle on for ages. - The Ale options were brilliant. I cannot drink lager or soft beers anymore and have been enjoying ales for about 6 years. Bad - The toilets Sunday morning were in a bad state, specially the cubicles, Might invent a recticle scope for aiming or print out a sign saying "Please lift toilet seat and don't throw tissue everywhere) - The guys on the row in front of me coming out with brilliant and witty racial slurs. Them cheering is fine but I feel awkward around those kind of remarks - Lack of people in a lot of the big games, I understand that this is in no way reflective of the event but would have been nice to have more. - We need a Gmod server! I am too stupid to run one and rely on others, again non-reflective - The amount of smokers and vapers by the entrance meaning the smell travels through the venue. Someone had to put barriers up to try stop it, however this got ignored too. (I'm a smoker but always doddle around the smoke bins - The group who decided to sleep in the middle of the gangway blocking off access to my PC (This was soon resolved by staff) Ugly - Me after TI3, Deal with it. - The inappropriate touching of my clan, Though they will never know I enjoy it MWAH HA HA! - I would like some kind of cold water fountain or something but I think this is more of a venue thing. - Me on Saturday morning after finding out I can get 4 ales for £14, which I could only carry 3 so having to down 1 each time I paid a visit. - The length, Everytime I come I feel like I missed out on something even though I could not have done more. - Wishing more people would come and play with me on 7 wonders or Zombicide, I did announce it in discord but again people are there to do their own thing. All in all, I have yet to come away from Epic Lan without a smile on my face and good memories. It helps that everyone that goes is there on their own accord and everyone wants to have a good time. I am looking forward Summer LAN!
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    The Good Ricky & Amy, Bar Staff Brilliant as usual The DJ Sets in Lakeside - Pure Banter and just fun overall and should remain down there for the future in the CASUAL hall Fun Tourneys were much better ran and overall good. Meeting alot of new Faces and of course streaming again with close friends. PUB QUIZ - Vibes were really good and fun Music throughout the weekend was good and like the new voting system. Smashing @Haden @LZStealth and @Nifty at Beer Pong With @TankGirl The Bad Smell of the Sleeping Rooms - Needed a gas mask i think saturday night CSGO players screaming let's go after every kill does get a bit repetitive Sucking at Boat Race ( BUT @JoeShow spilling half his drink down him really count?) The Ugly Seating Plan sort of disappointed me. Most of my friends were downstairs and we was put next to 3-4 CS teams. Now we did request to gump to keep us there at the time however, I feel if one person buys multiple vouchers they're needs to be a time frame in order for them to use otherwise the seat should be opened back up. In this case they're was 6-7 free seats in Lakeside that could of been used for others. Hopefully something will be changed for Epic 21
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    Its Mere weeks till our biggest ever LAN event. So here is some helpful prep things you guys can do to help us out. Please please please ensure your voucher codes are allocated to the player. If on the seating plan you have voucher icon next to your username it means you have a voucher ticket to allocate to another player. Print your booking pass or have it on your phone. It will help us to get you checked in quickly. The quicker we get you checked in the quicker you can setup and start playing. Don't forget your ID specially if you are under 25. It does have to be an acceptable form of ID (Passport, Drivers Licence or ID card with Pass Logo). No ID no 18+ wristband I’m afraid. If you’re under 16 you must have a Signed Parental Consent form this is needed to be allowed entrance into the event. Available from https://www.epiclan.co.uk/files/ParentalConsentForm.doc Playing in the eSports team. Make sure you have signed up on the Tournament System by 8pm Thursday http://tournaments.epiclan.co.uk/ Doors open at 4pm. the Bar is open from 2pm and two of the team will be down to get some early check-in. Please update your games before you leave to help save bandwidth at the event. You can see the event timetable here https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic20/timetable Don’t forget to get your pre-book food vouchers https://forums.epiclan.co.uk/topic/7040-epic20-meal-vouchers/ Need help with what to pack check out this https://epicgaming.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000542586-what-do-i-need-to-bring- I can't wait to see you all at the epic20.
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    As usual, Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery will be supplying the ales for epic20 at the bar with a few favourites from previous events returning: Crazy Daze - 5.5% Very Light Golden Bitter - Champion Strong Ale at SIBA National Beer Competition in 2007 Beijing Black - 4.4% Strong Dark Mild - Supreme Champion at SIBA National Beer Competition in 2006 Captain Pigwash - 5.0% Easy Drinking Dark Porter made from Maris Otter, Chocolate & Crystal Malts with English Hops See you at the bar very soon!
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    I like the song "In the Navy" by the Village People, I might be able to assist you.
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    Thanks everyone, the seating has now been reflected on the website. You may not be in the exact positions as stated, but each group is with each other
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    1. First LAN in about 3 years 2. First LAN taking the grown up route of getting a hotel instead of sleeping on the floor or camping 3. RPGzzzzzzz!!!! Running and playing. 4. Inevitably going on the loosing streak of my life in Overwatch competitive queue and having all weekend to make it worse....and worse....an worse 5. Binge watching Narcos in the early hours of the morning when I'm too salty from losing so much Overwatch. No spoilers I haven't even watched the first episode I've just set it aside for my dedicated binge watch show for LAN. 6. Premier Inn bed with no kids in it for 3 nights straight. Maybe I'm getting old but this might be the most exciting thing of the whole weekend, it's entirely possible that I might forgo everything above just to go back to treat myself to an early night. Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing but I'm also 8 months into not drinking streak so this will be my first LAN without hangovers. We'll see how that works out.
  37. 6 points
    The Good: LAN in general! Fantastic experience as always. RomuLAN! @JoeShow and @naysayerz coming out to say hi was a surprise! Glad you found it entertaining! Pub Quiz! @reech being proper helpful with the Overwatch tournament, very much so appreciated! Showers and majority of the toilets for the ladies were clean, a lot cleaner than last year. Breakfast, even for someone as picky as myself! The Bad: Self mistake of camping, didn't prepare for the cold, lesson learnt for February. Weak AirCon toward the back of Lakeside, but was temporarily fixed by fans pretty quickly, much appreciated! Caes0r assassinated, rest in pieces. The Ugly: Organisation for Overwatch wasn't fantastic, but as I understand it was a last minute event based on people asking for an event. Hopefully this will be better suited for the next event on general consensus.
  38. 5 points
    Rubbing my crystal ball(s) I see chips ... there will be chips.
  39. 5 points
    Last nights pizza was pretty solid, the cardboard box would of been easier to eat. Nice idea though.
  40. 5 points
    There's no such thing as alone when you're with 400 other nerds! CU@LAN!
  41. 5 points
    Hey guys and gals, Myself and @M0RT have spoken a few times about me running a Cthulhu adventure at one of the events, so I thought 2017 would be the year! I just wanted to gather some opinions on what people would be interested in, especially as I would be trying to fit the game in to about 3 hours(ish) with the aim of then continuing either on stream after the event or via the forums. So, I have three ideas; Victorian London - Think Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, Jack the Ripper, Steampunk. New Orleans Jazz Age - Voodoo, Vampires and Cajun accents. Futuristic/Cyberpunk Fantasy - Somewhere between The Fifth Element and Blade Runner? Totally open to more suggestions and if you want to throw some pro-tips in to the mix then please feel free! Hoping there'll be a few of you wanting to get in on this action PLEASE NOTE: I am very much aware of the love for rules in RPG games, however, I am one of those GMs who will 100% let something pass if you role play it amazingly. So you do not have to be an experienced RPG player or D&D veteran to play in a campaign/adventure I run. Trust me! gitsie x
  42. 5 points
    The Good Meeting awesome people Playing loads of games The large variety of big games The kind and friendly epic.Team @gunmens Buying me 2 Yorkies The Bad When I first got to my space there where no chairs for me and my friend had to go and ask someone for 2 chairs... @TheMrFox Everytime he walked past me he attacked me For example while playing csgo he comes up behind me, puts my headphones on sideways and my hood over them... While playing cs It felt so short </3 The Ugly Feeling like I wanted to throw up for like 4 hours because I ate 40 chicken mcnuggets
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    just gonna pick up about this dave, when someone gets a voucher they pay for the spot epic can't do anything regarding this voucher unless we are made aware that the person no longer wants the ticket and as such can't sell it on or offer seat changes before the event. you can however speak to the owner of the ticket who maybe willing to let you use the space instead but that would be down to them.
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    Hey Guys, We've had the menus through from KCC they will be as follows: BREAKFAST MENU (Served until 12 Midday) The Big Breakfast - £6.00 2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, Mushrooms, 2 slices toast, and a cup of tea or coffee The Small Breakfast - £5.00 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans and a cup of tea or coffee VEGGI BREAKFAST AVAILABLE (VEGGI SAUSAGE & EXTRA EGG) Bacon Roll - £2.80 Sausage Roll - £2.80 Egg Roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll (any 3 items) - £3.50 Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1.00 Tea/Coffee - £1.00 Burger and Wings Menu (served every day from 12:30pm until 9pm) Beef Burger - £3.20 Cheese Burger - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Veggi Burger (v) - £3.20 EPIC Burger - £5.50 A Double Burger, with Double Bacon and Cheese WHY NOT ADD PULLED PORK TO ANY BURGER FOR £1 EXTRA!! Chicken Wings (x7) with Hot Sauce - £5.00 Sides Menu Onion Rings (x5) - £1.50 Chips - £1.50 add Cheese for 50p Side Salad - £1.00 Homemade Creamy Coleslaw - £1.00 Lunch Menu Served from 12.30pm—4:00pm Paninis Cheese and Bacon - £3.50 Cheese & Onion (v) - £3.00 Tuna Melt - £3.5 Burger Menu and Sides Menu Thursday Night 4pm - 9pm Chick’n’Pix Night Southern Fried Popcorn Chicken - £2.50 Crispy Sweet Chili Chicken Strips - £2.50 Honeyed Chicken Breast Skewers (x3) - £4.00 Hot n Kickin’ Chicken Wings (x7) - £5.00 Homemade Macaroni Cheese (v) - £5.00 Friday Night Mexican Night Chicken Tacos with Salad and Cheese - £5.00 Quorn Tacos with Salad and Cheese (v) - £5.00 Beef Chilli and Nachos with Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Guacamole and Cheese - £5.00 Nachos served with Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Guacamole and melted cheese - (v) £3.50 Burger Menu and Sides Menu Saturday Night Chinese Night Sweet and Sour Chicken and Rice - £5.00 Sweet and Sour Quorn and Rice (v) - £5.00 Beef Chow Mein - £5.00 Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls (x5) - £3.00 Burger Menu and Sides Menu Late Night Bar Menu Served from 9pm every evening Nachos Served with Jalapenos, Sour Cream, Guacamole and melted cheese- £3.50 Onion Rings (x5) - £1.50 Chips - £1.50 add Cheese for 50p Chicken Wings (x7) with Hot Sauce - £5.00 6” Sausage Roll - £1.00 Please Note: on the breakfast menu KCC have sent this message. We have noticed over the past events some customers like to swap their items at breakfast. Although we are very happy to accommodate requests, we feel in order to maintain our prices we have to introduce some limitations. Items can still be swapped if they are in the same category. Premium Category: Sausage Bacon Standard Category: Eggs Hashbrowns Beans Mushrooms Toast We thank you for your understanding. Card Payments - Please note, minimum £5 on all Kettering Conference Centre card payments (catering and bar)
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    No, you are incorrect. Drinking water is the sensible option; popping Pro Plus downing so called 'energy drinks' is rather silly.
  46. 5 points
    1. Getting to staff my first LAN 2. Meeting new people and seeing the "other" side of LAN 3. Playing some games and running some of them 4. Getting to see @JoeShow, @eM, @harisma and the rest of the gang. 5. Getting more sleep then I do at home ..... and that's saying something.
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    Hello! As some of you know, myself, supermaz and Tardcommander are opening a board game cafe in Watford. We have 2 more days of our Kickstarter to go. In celebration of the end of our Kickstarter campaign (and hopefully celebrating that we meet our funding goal!) we are hosting a facebook online event where you can enter competitions and win board game prizes. If you like and share the event you'll be in with a chance to win a board game of your choice worth up to £40. As a thank you to our Kickstarter backers, any pledge of £5 or more will be in with a chance to win MECHS VS MINIONS, a sweet board game set in the LoL universe. Join and like/share the event, then on Thursday participate in the fun and online games to win even more prizes! https://www.facebook.com/events/1151947021558584/ See you there, Team d20 x
  48. 5 points
    Booked in and ready to roll (even if Dave and Andy beat me to my seats ) All three of us again
  49. 5 points
    Our big games are one of the fun features at epic.LAN events, giving you some scheduled games that you can jump in and out of, featuring fun things from years ago through to the things that are just gaining a following. We'll be featuring fun tournaments for Overwatch and Rocker League, as well as a big screen games of Super Smash Bros and other gallery-based fun. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know, and we'll sort it out!
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    Morning All, Show some love for my new track out now on all major digital stores (beatport and spotify on their way) - Like It Used To Be. Arranged, programmed and composed by myself. Mixed and Produced by the one and only Armandox. This has been in the pipeline for a couple of months and I am proud to get it online stay tuned for release #2 coming in the next few days. https://itun.es/i6hL26b