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    ... but in January, I will be a Grandad. I'm happy and looking forward to it but I've only just turned 50; I don't feel old enough to be a grand parent!
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    So we announced this earlier to our Facebook Community Group (you should join that for early previews and stuff).  We've just received news that the long-awaited improvements to the internet connection at the venue have been installed and activated!  The venue now has a 1Gbps line and we will be using part of the new connection for epic24.  Now as we haven't run one of our events on the new line yet, it may take some time to reconfigure everything to make the most of the connection. As we've only just been given the green light, all the old connections will remain in place for this event as a back-up.  There will still be bandwidth management and prioritisation taking place as it can't be a complete free-for-all. The new connection has to last us for quite some time as we grow and the venue grows with its plans, so it's important to make sure that the connectivity is shared out fairly and used for important things like gaming traffic, games updates, official streams and for viewing external streams (particularly when other events such as ECS are taking place). Similarly, the venue infrastructure also has to go out over the same connection, so we have to guarantee things like the gym, office PCs and other customers who may be using the site.  So bear with us while we get everything balanced out next event, but it's a major improvement to epic.LAN that has been a long time coming and will benefit everyone who attends and watches the event online.
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    Community esports at epic25 has received a prize boost thanks to Sunny Broadband who have signed up as headline sponsors for the CS:GO tournament which takes place 11-14 October at Kettering Conference Centre, UK. The support will see the minimum prize locked in at £1500 going up to £4000 up for grabs if all team slots are filled. Sunny Broadband has been set up with its community and customer service at the heart of everything they do, created out of frustration with mainstream providers to give people a friendly and efficient alternative. Luke Derbyshire, Sunny Broadband’s Managing Director, explained, “I have always been a gamer and I love grassroots gaming events such as epic.LAN, so as we launch our new services here at Sunny Broadband, I am keen to support epic.LAN and the CS:GO community that I’ve been a part of for so long. I fully understand the importance of a quality connection when gaming online, so we hope to introduce some new gamers to our platform and show them a different and hassle-free approach from a UK ISP.” Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN, adds, “We’re already having a great year of UK esports, and the CSGO community benefits hugely from that with the major in London later this year, the Grosvenor CSGO tour currently taking place and many other opportunities in the calendar. So it seems fitting that we round out the year by partnering with Sunny Broadband to make sure that everyone at a community level gets their opportunity to be a part of one of the busiest years of esports in the UK for a long time.” epic25 will also see community esports tournaments for Dota2, Starcraft 2 and Rocket League as well as a wide range of casual gaming activities. Tickets are available at www.epiclan.co.uk
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    Unfortunately the food service wasn't the best at the October event for a number of reasons, but we've had a number of meetings with the venue now since the last event to work with them to make improvements. In particular, as well as reverting back to menu choices that are tried and tested at previous events, and agreed well in advance so we shouldn't see the same stock issues, the venue has appointed a new Chef Manager who started before Christmas and will oversee all of the catering staff in terms of quality of food and customer service, he'll also be reading your feedback during the event to pick up on any improvements that can be made straight away. So it's important if you do have any feedback to either let the catering team know straight away, or post it in this thread, the KCC team can't fix it if they don't know about it! Also note that the evening meal options are back to being around the £5 mark so that the evening meal vouchers work correctly again to cover a meal. As for the menu, here you go: Breakfast Menu (Served until 12noon each day) Big Breakfast (2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 hash browns, beans, mushrooms, 2 slices toast, tea or coffee)- £6 Small Breakfast (1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans, tea or coffee) - £5 Vegetarian Breakfasts - As above but with vegetarian sausages and extra egg Bacon Roll - £2.80 Sausage Roll - £2.80 Egg Roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll - £3.50 (any 3 items) Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1 Tea/Coffee - £1 Remember, you can pre-pay for all 3 BIG BREAKFASTS for just £5 if you buy in advance. Go to your epic23 booking and add on the 3-day breakfast ticket by the Wednesday before LAN. Lunch Menu (12.30pm - 4pm) Bacon, Brie & Cranberry Panini - £3.50 Tuna Melt Panini - £3.50 Brie & Cranberry (v) - £3.00 Burgers, Wings & Sides (12.30pm - 9pm) Beef Burger - £3.20 Pulled Pork Burger - £3.70 Bacon & Cheese Burger - £4.00 Spicy Bean Burger (v) - £3.20 Epic Burger (double burger, double bacon and cheese) - £5.50 Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Side Salad - £1 Evening Meals (4pm - 9pm) Burgers, Wings & Sides Menu Also Available Thursday - Mexican Night Chicken Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican chicken served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Quorn Fajita Wrap (Spicy Mexican Quorn served in a tortilla wrap with a choice of toppings & salad) - £5 Beef Chilli Con Carne - £5 Friday - Italian Night Lasagne (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Chicken & Bacon Carbonara (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Wild Mushroom Ravioli (with garlic bread & side salad) - £5 Saturday - American Night Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Quorn Chilli Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Mac Dog (with fries & coleslaw) - £5 Corn on the cob - £1 Bar Snacks (9pm - Bar Close) Chilli & Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £4.50 Nachos (with jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole & melted cheese) - £3.50 Onion Rings - £1.50 Fries - £1.50 (add cheese for 50p) Chicken Wings & Hot Sauce - £5 Sausage Roll - £1
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    We did this a while back, and then they went away, but now they're back. We're relaunching our Community Game Servers and will be hosting games for you to join in and have fun with. More servers will appear as we try out different things, but for now epicLAN Minecraft - server2.epiclan.net:25565 / Whitelist server Years and years ago we enjoyed the block building game, and it's never really gone away. We've started up a new survival server for you to play on. The aim here is pure Survival Minecraft. Explore, gather, build. No big grants of diamonds or wraiths wandering around in the main world, just the game! Simple rules for the server: Don't be an ass bully , No Griefing\Pranking , No swearing\racism (all ages welcome) , No Stealing , Just have fun! It's vanilla with no protections on gear and stuff, so we're asking people to play nice, and play well - and just enjoy! How to play: It's a whitelisted server, so join discord.gg/epiclan and post in the #epicMinecraft channel to get whitelisted - we'll try and sort it out within a few hours Admins: Reech, Justcallmelewis, Dunceantix Current whitelist: _gunmens_, Diigitalsa1nt, Davemarr, froggy911, KindredPhantom, leftone, hardyyy, brothersoft, I amHaden, JustCallMeLewis, Dunceantix epicLAN Battalion 1944 - Newly available, and bringing the classic FPS shooter action to the front. We've set up a server so you can challenge in 5v5 matches. We're looking for feedback and seeing how many people are getting into the game as we've had requests to bring it to LAN. Play, have fun, and we'll see what we can do. How to play: Get Battalion 1944 , start the game, go into console mode and use the command connect or connect server2.epiclan.net:27020 ...and that's not all! We'll see how people are playing, and you can always give Reech#9632 a shout in discord if you have some suggestions for other servers, and we'll see what we can arrange. In the past, we've played around with Conan: Exiles, ARK, Starbound and others. Over the coming months we'll aim to bring a variety of games - all you need to do is bring yourself!
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    We shared this in the Community Facebook Group a while back, but now here they are for you all to see: epic23 Thursday 22- Sunday 25 February 2018 epic24 Thursday 7 - Sunday 10 June 2018 epic25 Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 October 2018 Lite South dates to follow as well as hopefully a few community events throughout the year!
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    Hello Guys & Gals, Another sell out event, so congratulations to anybody who helps contribute to our success and we much appreciate your support. However with sell out events comes major responsibility to our shoulders with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. Last event I we managed to make everyone fairly happy, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish, we have larger groups which are odd numbers, and 1v1 type games in Fair Isle with the usual 5 man teams and of course Overwatch now with teams of 6. If you are a casual player and wanting atmosphere, we strongly urge you to go into Lakeside. Fair Isle is the competitive hall, and is treated as such for that reason, We won't force you to move of course, but it would be much appreciated if you were casual and wanted a smaller LAN feeling to sit in Lakeside. Last couple of events what we did, was group all respective gaming communities and placed them in the appropriate parts of the hall, if you were a Dota team, you were down the Dota row, if you were CS:GO you were in the CS:GO rows, that same logic will continue for this event too as it makes it better for all players and admins involved. Similarly, in Lakeside, we would group communities together as much as possible, whether that be back to back or full row. keeping spaces for other people to book up last min (as usual) Here is the process for people in Lakeside Here is the process that everyone will need to follow in Fair Isle. Looking to have some drafts in the next coming days and have a final plan ASAP. Thank you for your cooperation and see you in a couple weeks time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the Lakeside 1st draft. Let me know if anything needs changing or any preferences. I will always do what I can but cannot make any massive promises. With Lakeside filling up so quickly lots of people are scattered in some cases so we need to make sure those guys are catered for, but that we don't split up any groups Thanks
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    Hey all! We are very excited to be coming back to our favourite LAN! Saturday at 16:00 we will be running a 7 wonders duel fun tournament for a chance to win £10 store credit. All skill levels welcome and we are happy to teach you the game. It’s free to sign up but all we ask is that you do so before Thursday 12th Oct to make sure we have enough copies of the game. Along with an array of board games we will be bringing along Star Wars Destiny. The new CCG has boomed in popularity in the last few months so we will be bringing decks along for anyone interested in trying it out. No doubt Werewolves will also be happening in the social room around midnight so we will be hanging around to join in, as well as having a few other social deduction and party games to hand in case the numbers dwindle in the earlier hours of the morning! Lastly we shall be having a good old fashioned raffle with some goodies up for grabs. Our shop opening times are below: Thursday 14:00 – 18:00 Friday 12:00 – 18:00 Saturday 12:00 – 18:00 Sunday 12:00 – 15:30 We will also be bringing our travelling library with us and these will be available outside of the shop opening hours. Let us know if there are games you would like us to bring along and we’ll try to do so. Also if there is anything you’d be keen to see in the shop, just ask. See you soon you beautiful nerds!
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    Hi! I am currently working on this at the moment - sorry for the delay - (note to self - don't go on holiday 2 weeks before a LAN!) Will post up in the next few days, Thanks! Louise.
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    @Kettering I found out that apparantly I scarred two youngsters working in the catering for life when I appeared in my mankini. I humbly apologies for any bleech they had to pour in their eyes to stop them from having nightmares...but at least they can put on their resumes they have seen proper swedish meatballs (and not the ikea kind) now.
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    Yes somehow Gunmens got to do a Saturday theme night… No, we don’t know how this happened… Gunmens working with anyone else with fabulous taste will be bringing you the very best in Cheesey music, Fun little games, Karaoke and terrible dancing. Ohhhh and it’s a beach themed night so get out your grass skirts/coconuts/Hawaiian Shirts on the go grab yourself a sex on the beach from the bar, a hot dog from the Catering and come get your camp on. There will be some drinkie prizes too thanks to the Fabulous one. also prize for the Best (worst) Hawaiian shirt
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    Rubbing my crystal ball(s) I see chips ... there will be chips.
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    ....just putting this here: @elsie
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    Last nights pizza was pretty solid, the cardboard box would of been easier to eat. Nice idea though.
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    Got a shirt made, now to get confused for staff Bugger
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    Hope you enjoyed the night. Was a great laugh. Need to thank: Haden for the epic.music Gitsie for helping to build props and planning the night Joeshow for doing a host and hype And all you for getting behind a great night Lots of love to you all
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    I had some very kind words about my RGB flashy light tube on the lakeside desk and few of you wanted to know how it worked so i thought i would together a parts list https://imgur.com/a/iZdnlXP https://coolcomponents.co.uk/products/lumazoid So this is the circuit board that powers it all. the tube comes from http://clearplastictube.co.uk/opal-acrylic-tube (The tube must be Opal, as this has a right detraction and low light pass through so you cant see the individual diodes.) This the cheapest ive found, but look about If your willing to wait a little while you can grab LED for really cheap, otherwise Amazon is fine, All you need is a set of WS2812b leds. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1m-2m-3m-4m-5m-ws2812b-ws2812-led-strip-individually-addressable-smart-led-strip-black-white/32682015405.html?spm=2114.search0204.3.13.682c1c607p9fHQ&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10065_10068_10130_10547_319_317_10548_10696_10192_10190_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_10820_10301_10821_10303_537_536_10902_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_57,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=e6bc95e7-9045-446d-bbf6-8c499b6ec5a4-4&algo_pvid=e6bc95e7-9045-446d-bbf6-8c499b6ec5a4&transAbTest=ae803_5 If your willing to wait a little while you can grab LED for really cheap, otherwise Amazon is fine, All you need is a set of WS2812b leds. All thats left is a power supply https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=38028&fo_c=24&fo_k=f1c47fa53cd74ff365030346d2cad328&fo_s=webgains&wgu=12161_196673_15496715608343_47c87cdd3d&wgexpiry=1557447560&utm_source=Webgains&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=196673&utm_content=https%3A%2F%2Fuk.redbrain.shop%2F you can go usb, along the draw isnt too high or a wall version https://coolcomponents.co.uk/products/5v-2a-barrel-jack-power-supply?variant=895036620814&gclid=CjwKCAiA7vTiBRAqEiwA4NTO689q0iWCZMq0gmMiG4IHGD1LSMXuM6K4O_fEKcnqzTfkK14nysC0ThoCCQIQAvD_BwE All you gotta do is thread the leds through the tube, wire the leds in, soldering helps, or solder on a flappy extension for easy removal https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5Pcs-3-Pin-10mm-LED-Connector-For-WS2811-WS2812B-SK6812-RGB-LED-Strip-Solderless-/182561826989 cut one end off, solder on and then you have a solid quick release find yourself some 40mm pipe clips and then attach how ever you wish, my plan is once my 3d printer arrive to print out some multi functional brackets for it. Any question feel free to respond Neon Rabbit
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    How does everyone feel about a GamingWithoutDiscs cosplay?
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    We know this is really important to some of you attending epic24, so here are the real ale choices for the next event, as always from the local Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery.  Penalty Snout Out (4.0%) - New brew with Centennial, Simcoe and a good dose of Citra giving a hoppy flavoursome pale IPA Beijing Black (4.4%) - A strong dark mild, mild but not meek! Hedonism (4.5%) - A light coloured bitter with a citrus hoppy flavour, brewed to give a lifting but not overpowering flavour. S.O.S (6.66%) - Winner of Strong Ale Northants CAMRA 2016. Superb fruity flavoured deep red.  Oh and of course the Rhubarb cider is back, it wouldn't be a summer LAN without it! 
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    It may not have been as bad as originally predicted
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    KCC have confirmed that the bar prices are the same as last October, but there's the list anyway: Streetfighter Themed Saturday Evening Cocktails (CINEDOUKEN! Night) Blankatini - Vodka, Apple Liqueur, Melon Liqueur Sonic Boom - Malibu, Blue Curacao, Orange Juice, Grenadine Shoryuken - Southern Comfort, Kahlua, Grenadine Psycho Crusher - Vodka, Blue Curacao, Cranberry Juice, Lemonade £3.50 each or 4 for £12 Main Bar Prices Draft Beers Carling, Guinness, Worthingtons, Staropramen, Carling Cider, Real Ales, Rhubarb Cider - £4 4 Pint 'Pitcher' Deal - £14 Bottles Budweiser, Peroni, Corona, Desperados - £3.50 Punk IPA, Doombar, Rekorderlig - £4.00 Wine Red/White/Rose Bottle - £16 Prosecco Bottle - £25 Premium - £20 Red/White/Rose Small Bottle - £4 Prosecco Small Bottle - £6 Spirits Absinth, Aftershock, Disaronno, Archers, Bacardi, Bells, Brandy, Cinzano Bianco, Cointreau, Famous Grouse, Gordon's Gin, Jack Daniels, Jagermeister, Jamesons, Malibu, Midori, Pernod, Pimms, Captain Morgan Rum, Sambucca, Harvey's, Sourz, Southern Comfort, Tequila, Vodka, Agwa - £3.00 Baileys, Glenfiddich, Martini Extra Dry, Martini Rosso - £3.50
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    Good news folks, SpecialEffect will be at epic23! However this time we are doing things a little different. As most of you probably know, Gameblast18 is taking part over the same weekend as epic23. So, Bazza from SpecialEffect and myself will be holding a 24hr charity stream from a corner of Lakeside, we'll have SpecialEffect banners set up, so you won't be able to miss us! I plan to drag in others to help and make the stream a bit more interesting, so if you would like to take part in some way please feel free to comment below. Even if you don't want to take part please come along and say hello, god knows we're going to need some support after the first few hours. Of course try and watch some of the stream (while your busy gaming) and also tell others about the stream, we need someone to actually watch! The idea behind all of this is to raise some cash for SpecialEffect, we all know and love the amazing work they do and the epic community have always been great in supporting it. With this in mind I have set up a JustGiving page to make donations easy. You'll seen my name and OMGN (my attempt at a gaming community) all over it but be rest assured it's all for SpecialEffect. Every penny raised goes to them. Here's the link: Gameblast 18 @ epic23. *edit - Just in case you need more info, here's the Facebook Event link I'd like to take a moment to thank the marvelous epicLAN team who have been very supportive in making this happen. I thank all involved for your time and assistance. So please join us at epic23 for laughs, gaming and a spot of charity work! Cheers, Bazza and Nokesy @ SpecialEffect
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    The cheese has to be melted otherwise it's on the same level of wrong as playing a FPS with a joypad.
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    Final Lakeside Update @DanBennett - done @Milky - done
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    Option 3 - Lake Disclaimer - I'm not attending so any vote I cast should not be counted.
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    I'm not putting on a waitress uniform. I draw the line at that.
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    Because I've had a few people ask, I thought I would let everyone know that I will be attending epic22 for every day of the LAN. Assuming there is enough interest, I will be running games of werewolves starting at midnight as usual. Come find me on the balcony (near check in) at that time, or in the Longstone clan room at other times.
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    Want to win a noblechair, delivered straight to your door after epic22? Then enter here: https://gleam.io/a23c8/epic22-noble-chair-epic-blackgreen-giveaway Ends 4pm 15th October
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    I'm sorry that you're concerned about the tone of my message, I didn't intend to give you an ultimatum - it's just that we come to these events as friends who socialise heavily, so not being sat together is a deal breaker for us - we wouldn't book to come to an event if that was a possibility. I can understand that you've spent a lot of time on this, I don't envy your task and it's almost impossible to manage everyone's expectations - we are just a bit frustrated. Hopefully you'll see where we are coming from when we've been told to input our clan tags, which it seems all of us ( other than 1 voucher ticket ) have done - and then we've been split up into two separate rooms after we've all been sat together since we booked our tickets. We've been planning this event for sometime and have never had any issues in the past. Tard did speak to us as far back as the 19th September where we told her that we didn't really want to be moved ( because of stuff like this happening ) - but that if we were kept together ( in any state - in a row, back to back or facing each other ) then it wasn't a problem as we know how difficult the seating arrangements can be. Hopefully we can find a solution to this - we have given Tard some options that should hopefully make your life easier. Good luck and thank you.
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    will point everyone in your direction for help then, helps me and my guys
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    Hi all, Was very glad to see the number of teams at Epic 21's Rocket League fun tournament. Shame I couldn't attend! I really liked the look of the round robin format to ensure lots of games for all teams. Can't wait for Epic 22 and hoping there is a good turn-out with good competition. Just wanted to collect interest and get a rough idea of those who are planning on entering the event? We are entering 2 separate teams so a bit of rivalry between the ranks! iCoN
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    There is the epic.Hub which does this and was being used at the event. you can access this via the intranet when going through granting internet. We are LAN winners :D. I have had worse messy ones tbh and its no problem next LAN me and astro and planning alot more werewolves it purely came down to to many things for me and Astro double booking himself (how rude :D) I will need to play in a game with @ShadowCat modding then
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    Well done to our raffle winners, Alan (3rd), Gaz (2nd) and Oz (1st). Well played our Pandemic winners, Gunmens and Shaun! Again thank you Epic for a great time, we had a blast and can't wait to do it again Until next time!
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    Pop quiz! What is the best form of gaming for a large amount of people for maximum fun when everyone is in the same room? Click your answer: Current gen console online multiplayer PC online multiplayer Retro console split screen Current gen split screen 404 games are hosting the retro drink-a-thon again, and this time we may even have big screen time. WHEN? After the pub quiz and boat race, because last time people complained that drinking before 10 am was INAPPROPRIATE WHERE? Possibly the big screen in the main hall (to be confirmed), otherwise the back end of Fair Isle. WHY? Because playing local multiplayer and drinking as forfeits IS THE MOST FUN A GROWING BOY CAN HAVE. WHAT? Returning events: Round 1: Beerio Kart Rules: Double Dash (if you say it's not the best MK then fite me) 3 Laps Racer must finish drink before end of race to qualify Racer must come to complete stop to drink Racer can drink anytime they want, as long as above rule is carried out Losers round - Baby Park Booze Bonanza The loser of each group is placed into the special losers round to attempt to redeem themselves. Rules: Double Dash Baby Park 9 laps Every 3 laps, racer must take a shot/large drink Round 2: Super Smashed Brothers Rules: 3 stock match Any characters Final destination/battleground Items on (for extra chaos) Drinks are consumed at end of match: 4th place = finish drink, 3rd = 2/3rds, 2nd = 1/3rd, 1st = safe. In addition to the above players must drink for falls, double for self destructs and nominate for KO's. Losers round: Kirby's Kolourful Kalamity 4 AI Kirbys of differing colours duke it out and the players place bets on who they think will win. Rules: 5 minute timed match Drink when your kirby falls. Round 3: Worms You have 4 worms, you have a drink that can be easily consumed in quarters. Need I say more? HARD MODE: 4 shots. Loser's round: Ninja rope racing Round 4: Bomberman Rules First to 5 1st place is the person who meets the above criteria, 2nd to the person who had the 2nd most wins at that time and so forth Drink when exploded Double if you are crushed by a falling block Triple if you blow yourself up. This is bomberman, not ISIS tryouts. No losers round for this one GRAND FINAL: GOLDENEYE Rules: Map and weaponset to be decided on the day Drink when you die Double drink for every dishonor you have at the end Got an idea you want to add? Post it here! POINTS SYSTEM: 1st place in group: 20 points 2nd: 15 3rd: 10 4th (winners of losers bracket): 5 Further rules: You can enter these events as you like, you do not need to enter all of them. Furthermore, the winners of each round have their next drink decided for them by the people in the losers bracket. This is an open event. Show us your worst epic.
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    So we're doing something a little bit different at epic24. We'll still have the schedueld big games, but we've not put as many on, plus we'll be inviting you to take part in score-and-survive challenges (both at your PC and in the console area) to see who can proclaim themselves LANchamps. Or a title that isn't quite as twee as that, at any rate. The timetable will be added on nearer the event's start, but for now, this is what you can look forward to: PUBG (We have access to a custom server with a variety of modes; squads, solos, zombies...) Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition) Blur Golf with Your Friends \ Golf It! TF2 ETS2 Early Morning Trucking Hour (using Truckers MP) Overwatch Quiplash \ Jackbox Games (in the Gallery, midnight following pub quiz) Darwin Project Remember - these aren't the only games you can play at LAN, and are by no means the only ones we're running; these are designed to get as many people as possible playing together; you can advertise for players for other games on community timetable, or ask the events team in Lakeside to gather people for other games. Be ready for reech to wander round and ask what you're playing, and why everyone else should be playing it too... In addition, we'll be hosting the following fun tournaments - information will be added at least 2 weeks before the event so you can sign up on the tournament site, to guarantee your place. (As always - if you're in a prize tournament and haven't been knocked out, you should not sign up to a fun tournament. Check with reech or Freddie W at the event if you have any queries.) Hearthstone PUBG Squad Mario Kart (Switch) Factorio Scenario Streetfighter 30th Anniversary (SFIII: 3rd Strike) Arms Keep checking back on this page and on the facebook\twitter feeds as we'll release more information as signups become available.
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    They're Back! We know this was a big piece of feedback from our last event, so we're happy to confirm that the Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery will be providing the beers once again for epic23! Including the old favourites: Hop Trotter (4.1%) - Golden in colour, spicy aromas with citric notes from the hops, balanced by warm malt and a wonderful burst of zest. Beautifully balanced, refreshing beer. Beijing Black (4.4%) - A strong dark mild, Mild but not Meek!! "Supreme Champion" at SIBA National Beer Competition 2006 Crazy Days (5.5%) - A very light golden Bitter with hidden strength beware !! "Champion Strong Ale" at SIBA National Beer Competition 2007 Not to mention, a return of everybody's favourite rhubarb cider! See you at the bar! (Full drinks price list has been requested, and we'll post when we get it)
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    Hi @Dukey, Winbar met with some senior figures from Compass group who own KCC. Last event was very poor and they accept that, apparently kitchen staff we agency workers rather than employees and they admit standards were low. We have been told for epic23 that the old catering manager is back in charge and the draft menu we have received looks very good (think back a few events to the good food we had). They have also confirmed they have a permanent chef in who joined them before Christmas and has apparently had a lot of good feedback so far. As soon as the menus are agreed and signed off they will be posted up for you so watch this space!
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    I don't know if you've been reading the feedback, most people have stated they don't expect silence. Just don't expect screeching and shouted insults after every kill/round. It had nothing to do with our group but I really liked the Robot Butler although he didn't butle me, I barely heard him and we were pretty much in the middle of the room, i'd rather hear him every 3 minutes than screeching. It would have been interesting to see how staff dealt with any confrontations stemming from someone calling someone else's mum a slag.
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    After every event we do feedback to KCC about food and drinks at the venue. This is why in Feb (i think) the food was really good. Since then there has been a change of hands and as such we have to start the process from the start. The Venue aren't use to mass catering for the day and would only normally do this for an hour to cover lunch breaks at confrences or for weddings which is bring food out pretty much at once and serve. We are hoping they will take all the feedback we provide after the event from your serveys and the forums posts and try to learn for next time. I have to say sometimes they get food spot on (chicken skewers) others not so much (Chips) but i do think they will work on it for next event.
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    Hi Everyone! I can only apologies for the delay in this! Please see the menu below - I have been working very hard to increase the choices that people have been suggesting as well as a price review, hope you all support it this year again! Thank you Breakfasts – Served 8-12:00pm The Big Breakfast - £6.00 - 2 bacon, 2 sausages, 1 egg, 2 hash brown, Beans, Mushrooms, 2 slices toast, and a cup of tea or coffee* The Small Breakfast - £5.00 - 1 bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, 1 hash brown, beans and a cup of tea or coffee** Bacon Roll - £2.80 Sausage Roll - £2.80 Egg Roll - £2.50 Large Breakfast Roll—£3.50 (Chose any 3 items) Beans on Toast - £1.50 2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Marmalade - £1.00 Tea/Coffee – 80p Paninis – Served 12:30-4pm and from 9:00pm on bar menu Bacon, Brie and Cranberry £3.50– Available without bacon for Vegetarian option £3.00 Pulled Pork Melt - £3.50 Tuna Melt - £3.50 Burgers and Wings – Served from 12:30pm to 9pm: Beef Burger - £3.00 Pulled Pork Burger - £4.00 – Beef burger topped with cheese and pulled pork Bacon, Cheese and Fried Egg Burger - £4.00 Spicy Bean Burger (v) - £3.00 Mexican Burger –£4.50 Beef Burger topped with cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and nachos. EPIC Burger - £5.50 - A Double Burger, with Double Bacon and Cheese Chicken Wings (x7) with Hot Sauce - £5.00 Sides – Served from 12:30-9pm Chips / Cheesy Chips £1.50 / £2.00 Onion Rings (x8) £1.00 Side Salad - £1.00 Coleslaw - £1.50 Mac and Cheese - £3.00 Corn on the Cob - £1.00 Evening Food - Served from 4:00pm to 9:00pm Thursday: Chick n Pix Night Chicken Burger - £4.00 Honeyed chicken Skewers (x3) - £4.50 Southern Fried chicken Strips (x4) - £2.50 Selection of Piri Piri Sauces Friday: Homemade Pizza Night 10” Cheese and Tomato - £4.00 10” Chicken and Bacon - £6.00 10” Ham and Brie - £6.00 Saturday: Spoopy Grill Night Bloody Ribs - Full Rack of Ribs - £6.50 Hells Hot Dogs – A Chilli Hot Dog served in a Brioche Bun - £4.00 Voodoo Chicken Skewers (x3) - £4.50 Bar Snacks – served from 9pm Nachos - £3.00 Sausage Rolls - £1.00 Onion Rings (x8) - £1.00
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    Bearing mind how it turned out, I think eM might have been closer...
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    Good Meeting everyone I've only seen or spoken to online, everyone was great and friendly. Air Con, don't think I've ever been to a LAN thats had endurable temperature before. Board games, altho I didn't play anything myself, I had plenty of fun sitting down watching others play both RPG's and board games. M0rt for letting my try racing with VR. Bad Even tho it's removed i can still feel the spectator wristband around my wrist. My back after sleeping on the floor with no mattress. Ugly Me in a mankini, but I already knew that State of showers, they were fine at the start of the LAN, but as it progressed they got worse and worse.
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    So as part of the new casual gaming lineup, throughout the weekend we'll be running a series of nearly unplanned whiteboard games. I'm not entirely sure why that name stuck, but the idea is to go back to some really simple games where we set aside an hour or so, people play the games and we put the fastest time up on a whiteboard. Things like speed runs, fastest racing laps etc. These aren't on the schedule, they'll appear at random throughout the weekend when it's a bit quiet to give people more to do. They're all just for fun, pride and honour! Listen out to the social media channels, announcements in Gallery/Lakeside, load up the epic.HUB, check Discord, you get the idea.