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    As we celebrate five years of support from ASTRO Gaming here at epic.LAN, we’re excited to announce that both ASTRO and Logitech G will be back to support epic27 in force this June for both casual and esports participants. Firstly, the Rocket League tournament prize pool has been boosted thanks to LogitechG with participants now able to win up to £2500 plus Logitech G prizes for 1st & 2nd Place. Then the casual gamers will have the chance to win amazing ASTRO and Logitech G gear in a range of fun tournaments. And to top it off they will also be supporting the epic27 pub quiz, which means that all entry fees in to the pub quiz will be donated to our friends at Special Effect who are doing amazing work by bringing fun and inclusion in to the lives of people with physical disabilities through gaming and technology. LAN fans will also get the opportunity to win tickets to epic27 over the coming weeks, keep an eye on @ASTROGamingUK and @LogitechGUK for your chance to win. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director, said “A massive thank you to both Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming for coming back to support epic27. Both brands joined us for our arena event earlier in the year and having worked together for 5 years now, they really understand what epic.LAN is about, particularly the great balance we have been community and competitive gaming as shown by the range of activities supported at epic27 this June.” "We're very excited to be supporting epic27 this June with both Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming. epic.LAN continues to create fun, engaging and competitive experiences for its community. Logitech G will be supporting the Rocket League tournament with ASTRO providing product support for the stage and fun tournaments. We can't wait to see the action take place in June." added Anne-Marie McGarry, Logitech UK There are still tickets left for epic27, but they’re going fast, so check out www.epiclan.co.uk/epic27 to grab your space now.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen. The time has come. The Earth sunders beneath your feet. The peal of lightning steaks the sky. The ashen ruins of all your life lie before you as the tautologous vapours that have been your existence to date pale to insignificance. Yes. LANMaster. Is back. Today we open the door to the Epic LAN community to enter the greatest achievement of your lives. LANMaster Season 2. The next episode of LANMaster will air live on the main stage during Epic LAN 28. To be eligible to enter you maintain the following minimum credentials; 1. You MUST be in attendance for Epic LAN 28 ( - Attendance is strictly provided by yourself. 2. You MUST be willing to share your full current address and phone number with the LANMaster team. 3. You MUST have the ability to video yourself for ALL tasks either through a modern Smart Phone or Video Camera. 4. You MUST be available to film 6no tasks over the coming 4 months. 5. You MUST be moderately entertaining. 6. You MUST be prepared for you and your entries to be forensically scrutinised in front of a crowd on stage. 7. You MUST be prepared to wager at least one tangible possession. Everything else is a bonus. As you know, points are awarded for guile, creativity and resourcefulness. This single chance to rise above the merits of your sires is upon you. Do not pass up this opportunity. Successful candidates will be selected on the basis of compatibility and how much I dislike you (Note, this applies to you all). To enter, send myself a PM through Facebook or the Epic LAN community forums stating WHY you should be picked for the next battle of the ages. Entries close two weeks today. Be ready. Good Luck out there Buddy. You're gonna need it. The LANMaster.
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    Fun Tournaments are now available for signup on the tournament site For epic27, we'll be welcoming back: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds: Squads Beat Saber Super Smash Bros Ultimate ...and introducing League of Legends 1v1 F1 2012 We've given Hearthstone a rest to try some new things out after a few events with low signups - but we're still going to be putting up a Fireside Gathering for those who want to see how EVIL some people are... Remember - taking part in the BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS are the way for you to gain points to try and wrest the Community Championship Belt from Inferno. And there may be a few other ways to gather points at the event - stay tuned!