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    Some of you have probably noticed I've updated my nickname across everything and it's time for me to explain why. I am transgender and started transitioning around 3 months ago. It's a long process and will take years to complete. Apart from at work, I am now mostly living as Jessica (Jess for short) and not Michael. As part of that, I decided my old nickname wasn't really suitable for me, so I've gone for Mintopia. It's a name I used to use in World of Warcraft and a couple of other places and is a much better fit. For future LANs after epic.lite South 4 I will be there as Mintopia. I'm still the same person you've all known for while, I'll just be looking a bit different! I'd like to do a huge shoutout to the epic.LAN team who really have been like the most amazing family about this. Feel free to add my new account on Facebook (look for Jessica Smith, visible to friends of friends, so most of you should be able to find me; please don't post on my other Facebook account!) and if you have any questions, please PM me or post
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    I've been attending epic LAN events for 4 years now, starting with epic.THREE in 2010. Over the years I've found a lot of people I can say hello to, many acquaintances and a large number of very good friends. When my PC died at one event (5?), people helped me fix it. When I had a problem at epic.11 after the quiz, I had a lot of support, for which I am hugely grateful. After finally plucking up courage to join in with Werewolves I was made to feel welcome and it's something I have hugely enjoyed - and annoyed that I missed at 12! When I smashed my wheel driving people back to the venue 2 cars of fellow gamers stopped to help. After my Dad died and I posted about it on the forum, I was very bowled over by he response, in particular, those people that contacted me directly. At what was a very difficult time, it was comforting to know that epic gamers were there for me. Their words and actions are something I shall never forget. These are only some of the things that have have happened, there have been many, many more. Over the weekend I've again been the recipient of an act of kindness, one which may change my life forever. On Friday I was speaking to a gamer and mentioned that I had been out of work for two weeks. He mentioned that his company, based not far from me, were looking for staff. He spoke to his manager and then asked me to send my CV. On Monday during the LAN pack down I was asked if I could come for interview on Tuesday, which I agreed to and it was arranged for 1pm. I thought the interview went well; I was in there for more than an hour and was told they would be in touch by the end of the week. When I got an email at 4pm my heart sank. If they are contacting me so soon it must be bad news but no, I have been offered a position with the company with the details to be finalised this week. Dan Vardy, you are a legend, in both UT and real life. Thank you. I won't let you down. Over the years people have asked me, why do you help set up, pack down, clean up, mop up, work on the shop or desk etc when you have paid to be here? Why? Because I believe that if you do good things then good things will happen to you. I love you lot; you're simply epic.PEOPLE
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    As we're approaching epic.FIFTEEN, we're pleased to confirm the changes in-progress for Internet Connectivity at the next event. It'll help if we explain the problems we had at epic.FOURTEEN There were two main problems, the first was on the first evening. The new firewall server we were using turned out to have an issue with high CPU usage under heavy load. The new server was a Dual Quad Core Xeon, and replaced an older Dual Opteron server. Normally a huge amount of the work the firewall does is performed by the network card on the server, but in this case it was attempting to do it on the CPU. This was causing CPU usage to hit 100% and the performance to drop. We fixed this at epic.FOURTEEN by fetching the old routing server from our HQ and bringing it to the event, in hindsight we should have brought it with us, but we didn't anticipate these problems with the newer server as we'd used it at 2 smaller events. Replacing the server fixed the problem. The other problem that we experienced was caused by the venue's ISP applying traffic shaping to 2 of the 3 connections that the venue supply to us. These connections are Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connections from Eclipse and they're meant to run at a speed of 20mbps upload and approximately 65mbps download. We were supposed to have a total of 70mbps upload and 230mbps download for the event across 4 connections (3 from the venue, 1 that we provide). This is the bandwidth we had in July 2014 and it was more than adequate. Because of the traffic shaping the ISP applied, we ended up running most of the event on 30mbps upload and 90mbps download. On-top of this, we had to dedicated 14mbps of the upload for streaming video and heavily prioritise gaming traffic. Because of this and how TCP (one of the underlying technologies of the Internet) works, it meant we weren't able to fully utilise all the download either. Between 9AM and Midnight during the event, we were essentially trying to run the event on about 15% of what we needed. What have we done to fix this? We replaced some of the hardware in the new firewall server but after testing it, we're still unhappy with performance and stability. We're going to go back to the proven, working firewall for epic.FIFTEEN. For the connections, we spent a lot of time after the event talking to Kettering Conference Centre and discussing the way to proceed. Ultimately we were unhappy with the assurances we were getting from Eclipse and KCC's IT contractor that this wouldn't happen again. Working with Kettering Conference Centre, they've agreed with our recommendations and we're working with them to do the following: Install a new Ethernet over FTTC service. This has a guaranteed service level, bandwidth and no traffic shaping. This has been installed at the end of May.Migrate 2 existing FTTC connections to a different ISP with no limits or traffic shaping. This will be done in the next few weeks.This will give us the full 70mbps upload and 230mbps download we require for the event. We'd love to be able to get a dedicated gigabit connection for the event, but it's just not economically viable. We've investigated the pricing for it and we'd essentially need to double the ticket price to be able to afford it. In addition to this, we’ve also replaced all the customer desk network switches that your cables plug into. The replacement switches are much newer and far more capable, with full network monitoring available to help us identify problems sooner. We hope that this post will give people the confidence and re-assurance that the technical issues from epic.FOURTEEN will not be repeated. If anyone has any questions, please either contact us or reply and we’ll be glad to talk about it.
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    Hi! We have managed to negotiate a deal with the Rekorderlig from our suppliers, so although they will still be £5 a bottle if bought individually you can now buy 3 bottles for £13 as a promotion. Making them a lot cheaper than at epic19. See you all soon! Louise @KCC
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    Over the weekend, I had the refund money from ARK sitting in my Steam Wallet. Hmm, what to get? I know, Isle Of Wight Add-On for Train Simulator, I just needed an extra £1.20 to complete the purchase but the transaction was declined. I tried again. Declined. And again. Grrrr. This morning, I had a phone call from SWMBO which went like this: SWMBO: The Credit Card company has called asking about fraudulent activity on the account; a £1.20 transaction that was declined. Me: Yep, that was me. I tried to buy a train set on Steam and it failed. There was a pause. Then she started laughing. A laugh that didn't stop but I'm sure I heard the words 'train','you','set','b*****d','a','sad' and some other words which I couldn't make out. Apparently, me buying a train set is something that should be mocked! Well, I'm glad it made her laugh The card company will be calling me later to confirm the transaction was real but SWMBO warned me not to say what I was buying in case they thought it was funny. I really don't care; I'm too old to care about such things! SWMBO eventually calmed down but she did finish with "If the internet had been invented before we met, we would have never got married and I'd be on my own. Don't tease me with thoughts like that woman
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    Don't have everything currently booked in, but I know some of you need to get holiday requests in well in advance, so here's what we have so far: Main Events epic.SEVENTEEN - Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 February 2016 epic.lite South 4 - Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd April 2016 elite17 - Friday 27th - Monday 30th May (Spring Bank Holiday) epic.EIGHTEEN - Thursday 16 - Sunday 19 June 2016 (DATE CHANGED) epic.lite South 5 - Friday 19th - Sunday 21st August 2016 epic.NINETEEN - Thursday 13th - Sunday 16th October epic.lite South 6 - Friday 11th - Sunday 13th November 2016 elite18 - Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th December
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    Hey guys, I use the forums alot these days to promote, advertise and do what I need to do alongside my job here at epic.LAN - Though It's very rare these days that I go ahead and open up about a part of my life, to be quite honest the thought of laying things out to bare is actually quite a terrifying thought. (You wouldn't think it for a guy that stands in front of all of you every event and makes a total ass of myself) I've always been a 'big' guy and I most likely always will. However as of Wednesday the 15th of August (A day after my 26th birthday) that I wanted to make a change. I'm quite content with who I am and have an amazing group of people around me in the real world, at our events and offline in the real world which I'm always greatful for. However now I need to step it up and be a better, healthier me. Since the 15th of Aug i've tried my best to cutout anything that would be considered bad for you. Though Lite South was a train wreck! (I need to learn how to diet at LAN!) I'm happy with the progress I've made, I'm also making a point of walking the dog every day when I get home from work and am also going to the gym once (If i'm really lucky) twice a week. There's definitely more that I could be doing, but something is better than nothing I think! I've just weighed myself for the first time properly since starting and I have lost 8lbs which I was so happy with! I'm not 100% sure what i'm trying to achieve with this post, but hopefully you guys get it! Peace out. JoeShow.
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    By popular demand .... The Good Thursday and building the LAN. Up at 5am, left at 6am at the venue for 7:30 and working all day with the other volunteers to build the LAN is hard work but fun.Meeting old friends again - esp those I haven't seen for a while!The opening ceremony was enjoyableThe bar and staff were great.On site catering, especially the pre-paid breakfasts were awesome. Big games of Blur, TF2, DoD, Supraball, HL2DM, Armagedtron, CS etc ... this is a LAN, we played LAN games!Mort blowing my mind with Oculus Rift - I could almost touch the asteroids. The Pub Quiz ... even though we lost Communal breakfasts and evening meals; the food was good but the people and conversation was better. For me, this is the best part of LAN. Anyone can sit at their desk for hours on end but it's the communal gatherings that are hugely enjoyable.The staff in Fair isle; good comms and willing to help an old man get the Retron 5 working so I could play Desert Strike. Princess Beej and Co, I salute your efforts, it was a great room / atmosphere.Seeing Kara and Josh - the little man is really growing now; you've got your hands full there Tim!Late night DoD Source was loads of fun ... esp when shooting John McLane "Why you dirty, sneaky mutha ...."The console area in general, I loved the Retron 5Watching the nerds play board games The music wasn't as bad as I expected it to be - I managed to get some Maiden, Who and AC/DC played ... as well as some Taylor Swift (phwoaar!) and even though I was near a speaker, it wasn't too loud.LAN Hugs The best news ever - Some of you call me LAN Dad but now I know I am going to be a LAN Grandad again after Rab showed me the ultrasound scan. That one moment made it worth attending. Best wishes to you and your family The Bad The damage done in the corridor leading to the dorms. The act of one or two morons has an impact on our whole community, maybe the future use of the venue. Whoever did this disgraceful and unwarranted act should be ashamed of themselves. At times in Lakeside it felt like being in wind tunnel as the air con was blasting out cold air. Spoke to Beej and it was turned off straight away allowing us to warm up a bit. We'll probably be grateful of the AC in the summer so this is not exactly a bad thing!In every room there are rubbish bins. On every desk join the staff tape on rubbish bags. If you fill the bag you can ask for another and a member of staff would supply you with a new one. Yet some people don't seem to understand the concept of using a bin, deciding to use their table (or more often) the floor, to dispose of their rubbish. The staff don't get paid to be at epic.LAN, all the are volunteers, giving up their time and, energy and money to try and put on an event for everyone to enjoy. Because some people refuse to use the bins that are provided, it takes 3 times as long to clear the rooms and pack down. We can't even start to move the 125+ rented tables until we have got rid of all the liquids, wrappers, pizza boxes and assorted garbage that has been mindlessly dumped. I filled a bucket 6 times with the assorted liquids that had been left on tables in Fair isle. Is is really that hard to use a bin or tidy up after yourselves?! The Ugly Besides me, nothing really but I do feel sorry for my dear friends that were subjected to the sight of a naked Gunsmith when the shower rail broke crashing the curtain to the floor. Although the person that told me was crying with laughter ... at least, I think it was laughter ... it could have been pain?And finally ... I know that some are going to reply to this post with complaints about the internet but you won't hear that from me. Yes, I come to the LAN as I want to play a few games but for me, that's not the primary reason. I come to see old friends and make new ones, I come to have a chat with people I haven't seen in months or even years, have a drink, something to eat and get a few friendly LAN games in. The epic staff faced technical challenges that really pushed them to the limit; Rizzo having to make a round trip to Stoke was a example of how a volunteer goes the extra mile (or 200) to try and get things working. As I now understand it, some of the issues were completely outside of the epic's control and I am sure they'll be taking these up with the relevant people to make it better for next time. Epic don't hold a LAN and deliberately throttle the net connection, they were mortified about the situation and did everything they could to get fix it. If you couldn't play a particular game because it needed an internet connection then I feel sorry for you. However, it is a bit stupid of games developers to make games that force the use of an 'net connection but that's a different discussion. When the net was playing up, we still managed to play a lot of LAN games in Lakeside and when we weren't, we just did the usual LAN social things, the things that make it worth coming to an epic.LAN. I would like to finish by saying a huge THANKS! to everyone who helped make this a great event; the epic staff and management, the volunteers, the KCC staff (who I am getting to know well now!) and especially for all the LAN Hugs. You guys are my family and I love you all ... except the **** that vandalised the pictures
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    ... but in January, I will be a Grandad. I'm happy and looking forward to it but I've only just turned 50; I don't feel old enough to be a grand parent!
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    Hi all, Happy New Year and all that fine stuff; I hope you all have rested your bones and minds in preparation for the fun filled weekend due upon us known as epic 20! New years mean new things so here is my first forum post and I really would appreciate your help. I am hoping to make a very short and sweet video to promote epic.LAN so we can captivate and encourage more people to join us! All I need from you is to grab whatever device you own that can record video and sound and shout happily ONE word that describes epic.LAN or your reason for coming to epic in general. This needs to be submitted by to me by Sunday 15th 20:00 via email ideally - officialnaysayerz@gmail.com If you read this and feel like you know someone who would love to get involved please do share this with them, the more the merrier Any questions please fire them to me and I will happily try to answer them all Ta Nay x
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    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the feedback, especially the #paninilove and for a great first Epic for me! I am currently working on the menu for Epic20, so if there is anything that you would love to see, or something you think should be taken off the menu please let me know and I'll have a look into the options! See you all in Feb! Louise.
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    There are some things in life you never see coming and when they do, you just have to deal them. I spent 5 years at school with a friend who (a few years later) revealed himself as gay and said to me "How did you not realize I was batting for the other team?" My response was that to me, he was my friend and I hadn't considered his sexuality; it didn't matter! The same thing applies here. Jess, you're still my friend, you're still our friend; more than that, you're an integral part of the epic.Family. You're journey to a new life is beginning and I'm sure that everyone that knows and loves you, as we do, will join in wishing you every happiness in the future. It's a brave step you're taking and I for one am proud of you.
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    Just going to pick up on some points from the surveys as well. After the last event, us and KCC bought a load more bins between us, you'd have seen ours as the bright red ones down in Lakeside and KCC ones at the end of nearly every row in the other main rooms. We also requested the clearing stations in the Gallery, Lakeside and Fair Isle to make it easier for people to clear their plates off their desks. The extra bins and clearing stations were based on feedback from participants at previous events, we listened and did it with costs associated with that. Now I agree that us and the venue has a role when it comes to keeping those bins emptied and cleaning areas, and I take on board the feedback where actual cleaning (e.g. floors, toilets, showers etc) were lacking over the weekend, and will be raising that with the venue. However, there were comments made about how we "did not clean the tables up and down the rows often enough" or "my table was full of rubbish by the end of the event" and that was really disappointing. Is it too much to ask for mainly grown adults to take their own rubbish and dirty dishes to the end of the rows when they're passing anyway? Do people really expect us and the venue to be cleaning up to that level of detail when we all have important things to be doing at the event? I attend LANs as well as organise them, and I'd never assume that the event staff are there to clean away my mess, it's a bonus if they do, but I don't expect it as a personal service...
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    Seems there's been quite a bit of drama today about the lack of seats remaining for epic.FOURTEEN. Shame this sort of post is needed, but feel we should clarify a few points. Obviously, I'm not going to apologise for this event being popular and approaching sell-out, it's a great thing and something to celebrate. We announced that there would be 400 spaces from the outset and that's exactly what we have to offer. We publish our ticket totals and remaining spaces really clearly on the front page of the website and have a seating picker for people to see how many seats are left, and for a couple of months now we have been really clear that we expected this event to sell out. So really it shouldn't have come as a surprise to people that one week before the event, nearly all the seats have gone. Our admin team is doing the best job they can to rearrange people in the halls to maximise seats together, but it is a rediculously complicated jigsaw, and moving one group of people upsets a load more. There is sadly a point where we just can't do anything else logistically, no matter how hard we try. Hearing all sorts of comments about "surely epic.LAN has a few spare tables and can fit our team in", and being quite abusive to the volunteer admin team is a little unfair, it's certainly not the admin team's fault people have left it so late to book and organise their teams, so not fair to give them abuse about it. But there's more to it than tables, otherwise we would do it, of course we want more people to go to the event and please dont think we wouldn't do everything in our capability to let more people go. The main problem at this point is power. We've specified the amount of power we need for the event and the distribution boards are created to that specification, as is the power coming in to those distribution boards. The power setup for 400 PCs is quite complicated, not just the current drawn, but things like earth leakage to consider, everything runs of 32A kit which is really expensive and we're unable to get the whole incoming power feed upgraded in a week for the sake of selling a couple of extra tickets I'm afraid. Same when it comes to the network, we have cabling and switched for our advertised capacity of 400 people, with some spare for things to break, but not enough to start putting extra rows right now. We'd love to get more people into the event, and I'm really proud of the community and team for pushing us to our biggest event yet, but we have to set a limit well in advance and on this occasion, we've hit that limit. That's great news for the UK eSports and casual gaming scenes, but not so great for those who've missed out this time I know. So for those who will make it, see you all next week and hope you have a great LAN. Jon
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    The Good Getting to see everyone again, seems to be the best part for me. A great environment to catch up and have a few drinks Epic.Staff and KCC as usual, friendly and helpful. Ricky... just Ricky... Massive shoutout to @reech, you were just awesome the entire event, always willing to help and lend a hand. A great addition to the Lakeside Team! Catering was great this event, tops the previous events! DJ set with @Haden more jagerbombs are needed next time Genuinely, everything but the below, one of the best events, i wish it was an extra day longer! The Bad It went so dam fast!!! I woke up Saturday thinking we had another full day left... I played possibly 6 hours combined of games this LAN, need to try harder! My air bed still has a leak... need to fix this... I didn't play any of the social timetable this event, missed out on a few decent big games The Ugly Nothing from me Another awesome event guys, this one just seemed to flow so well and was a joy to attend. Also thanks for all the pictures @Mintopia @naysayerz @Winbar @Beej @Haden @Gumpster Role on October
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    We've been asked to review the position on vaping/electronic cigarettes at our events by a number of customers since our last event. From epic.EIGHTEEN onwards (unless the venue's own position on this changes and overrides our policy), vaping will not be permitted in the BYOC areas of the event, i.e. at your desk. It will also be restricted during busy times in the gallery, namely the pub quiz and opening ceremony. We aren't going as far as a total ban indoors at this time, but a lot of people felt uncomfortable last event when people were vaping in close proximity, in some cases quite inconsiderately. In other public areas, e.g. around the bar, in the board games area etc. please ask the people around you if they are comfortable before you vape, and if not, please respect their feelings and move elsewhere.
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    Thanks for all your support this weekend guys! Great effort in getting through over a 1000 sausages and 700 burgers!!! Anything you would like to see on the menu or the bar for next time please let us know. Look forward to seeing you all back at epic18
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    I'd just like to give my thanks to all of the epic staff and Kettering Conference Centre for this event, you all did a fantastic job especially when under pressure during the net issues. I can't thank you enough for another fantastic event! I'm not sure if I'm attending the July event yet but here's hoping I can make it Also I hope everyone got home from the event safely in the horrible weather throughout the country yesterday.
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    Grumpy? At LAN? Not usually, no! ... Not unless I am having to clear up after teenagers that don't appear to know how to use a rubbish bin.
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    As some of you may know, in August last year (totally out of the blue), I developed a stammer / stutter. It happened late one night after a stressful day and whilst it has been getting better, there are times when it can be awkward for me to talk. It gets worse when I am tired or under stress and there have been a couple of times when I get stuck for words. I had to have brain scans and am on meds which are helping. I was worried about coming to LAN, I still am. But after talking it through with SWMBO, I will be coming just trying not to stay late. If I am not as talkative at LAN, this is why. I am looking forward to LAN, just a bit apprehensive about it.
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    To be honest, the way you led up to it I thought you were going to be putting it up by £15 - £20 Fucking £5. We don't care about that - scratch that - I'm happy to pay £5 more. Compare it to the £97 of iSeries and so long as you remain 25% cheaper than them I think you're all good! (Scope to increase by a further £10 in future if needed if you ask me) Just looked up their prices also. £20 for a day spec ticket - get fucked! Doesn't even grant you access to "evening entertainment" whatever that is. £15 for EAS & £20 camping. I mean honestly! Epic Lan. EAS, BYOC Ticket & Camping - £55/65 iSeries. EAS, BYOC Ticket & Camping - £132
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    I think that sounds like the perfect ending to what I thought had already been an amazing weekend. I listened to one of the CS team captains giving an interview after their match and he was asked to sum up the best thing about epic.LAN in one word and he said 'community'. Now I know that the competitive side of gaming is something that many of you aren't interested in, but I was so pleased that he described the events in that way because everyone attending the events for their own reasons still feels this is the best thing about them and I'm so proud of this fantastic group of people for making people like Elsie feel so welcome all those years ago and all of the other participants that have been welcomed to our community in the same way. And that's why we do what we do!
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    Hi, I thought I'd respond quickly to this one with regards to the tech issues: You're correct that we do apply a per-user bandwidth limit of 3mbps down and 1mbps up. On top of this, there is then traffic shaping to try and ensure that gaming traffic works. It's possible that some of the games you were trying were not being classified as gaming correctly and not getting the correct priority. Because of this limit; yes, it does mean that if you try to do multiple things, there will be some impact, likewise, we just don't have the bandwidth available for streaming. We are working with the venue to improve the connectivity for next event; and with adding Overwatch we will be making changes to improve things further. When I have more details on this, I will post here and let people know. I want to remove the per-user limit, but at the moment it's a neccessity. As an example of the amount of load the connections were under, we did a total of 2.18TB of download and 426GB of upload throughout the entire 3 days. 225GB of that upload was just gaming traffic (UDP and some TCP traffic). If enough people are interested, I'll post some stats for everyone. As for internal network speed and being a 10/100 network. We have 24+ customer access switches and we require these to be managed switches to give us the functionality needed to keep the network secure and stable (preventing network loops and such). Because of this, at the moment buying gigabit switches to replace these is expensive (the cheapest option I'd consider right now is a Cisco 3560G-48). In addition, we'd only be capable of running 2gbps back to the aggregation switches at the moment and I wouldn't be happy with that level of contention. Other large LAN parties use 10/100 access switches as well with DreamHack using the exact same switch make and model as we do. We closely monitor the network to ensure that all uplinks are not over-contended. If gigabit network to the desk becomes possible at our scale, we will do it, but at the moment, we just can't afford it. The steam cache is running on a pretty hefty server and sent over 2.6TB to the LAN throughout the course of the weekend (and downloaded over 680GB from the Internet). I understand the frustration that even at 100mbps some of the largest games do still take a while (100mbps is 45GB in one hour), USB3 is still going to be quicker for a new install of a large game. But if it's an update or a patch for a game; or a smaller game, then the cache works really well. We were also caching Windows Update, Blizzard Downloader and a few others as well. Feel free to send me a forum PM if you want more information on any of this or have any more questions. I now return you to your previously scheduled feedback thread.
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    This should (hopefully!) be the final seating plan!
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    BD Requested back to back 404 bought another ticket madhouse wanted to be back to back - pinacolada said earlier in thread happy with back to back. If you have a request, I will do what I can do to go through with it Just to add to the conversation in regards to the defrag. The big communities on the list; I am, either in direct contact with, or they have been made aware of this thread. Meaning the only people not fully aware of this are the few single bookings. Which overall, being of no affiliation, would suggest they can be sat anywhere and this change would not be of a detriment of their enjoyment of the event.
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    Hey guys, I hope everyone has recovered nicely from the event and the week is treating you well so far! As always I've compiled some of my favorite bits of content from epic.SEVENTEEN. We've put alot of time into improving what we output this event, ranging from Social Media, YouTube Content and live Twitch video production. Plus much more! If you think i've missed anything feel free to include your favorite bits of content from the weekend! First Up - The Opening Ceremony; (Not viewable on mobile devices due to Licensed music on the video) One of our first chances to really show off to you guys some of the improvements that have been made and everyone said how much fun the opening ceremony was! Second we have the return of our 'Bite Size' videos this event, managed and contributed to by various members of staff (Big shouts to @gitsie for making it all look pretty for us) Welcome to FairIsle & Bloopers #PubQuizRaving (This had @LZStealth in tears of laughter!) The epicSelfie social media competition The link above takes you to the results of our #epicselfie competition, whereby attendees had to get a selfie with me, without me knowing. Next time I think we will need to use something less generic as there are random photos appearing under the hashtag now. The Boat Race Traditional LAN video, Staff VS Attendees - Check it out to see if the epic.Team could reclaim their crown from epic.SIXTEEN or if attendees will continue their winning streak?! The epic.Gallery This event we had Sammy join us on the content team taking up the role of main event photographer. I've already heard alot of positive feedback in regards to the quality of excellent photos taken this weekend! What are your favorite snaps? Breakfast & Chill As part of expanding the content we provide on the Central Stream we introduced 'Breakfast n Chill' the idea being to provide easy viewing, light hearted and funny content to kickstart everyones day while you the viewers got to take part in eating the some 700 sausages that were consumed over the weekend! The above link is for Saturday mornings Breakfast and Chill with myself and @Maccy where we played some very funny games of Mount Your Friends. There was so much amazing content done this weekend and can only even start to sing the praises of the entire content team and the excellent effort put in! Let us know what you enjoyed the most this weekend! Cheers! Joe.
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    I left home last Thursday at 05.50, arrived at the KCC at 8am with the rest of the team, spent he day helping build this wonderful thing we call epic.LAN. I arrived home just after midnight on Sunday after helping the team pack down the LAN, inc moving 130 tables from Fairisle on the 1st floor to the Boathouse room... which flet like it was on the other side or the Channel! Tired? Er yes! But the last four days have been absolutely brilliant and I can honestly say I've loved almost every minute. I know some or the epic.TEAM will still be working tomorrow, driving the vans back and unloading at HQ so their work is still not done - and I know they're already planning the next one. Whilst I'd love to write a GBU now, I'm simply too tired; but I will get around to it this week. I would just like to thank everyone, epic.STAFF, the staff at KCC and friends, old and new, for a great 4 days of (to quote @Gumpster) 'Hash Tag Top Banter', laughs, chats, drinks and oh yeah, the occasional PC game. There will come a time when I really am "Too old for this s**t" but until that day comes I'll continue to look forward to epic events. I love you all
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    Assuming I have some sort of voice by tomorrow, I'll be holding some community workshops around the balcony area near to Portland at 6pm on Saturday with a couple of team members to give you the chance to talk to us face to face about ideas for future events. So come along and join in to share your ideas for 2016 and beyond.
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    Hi, As we explained at the time of announcing the camping charge, the venue insisted that additional security was added in not only due to the external influence but also some of the activities going on with our own participants in the camping area (damage/mess etc). It was simply a case of having that extra security or the ability to camp being removed entirely from us and you. We shopped around a number of local security companies, and as people who have been involved with events will know, it's not cheap. All of the external companies also wanted a minimum of 2 of their staff on at all times (H&S lone working guidance etc), with one company actually providing a 5-figure quote for the weekend, not to mention wanting us to hire in things like portacabins & toilets for their personnel. So we asked the venue to look at extending through their existing security company as they already have staff on and avoids the loan working issue as they can buddy up. The additional security was provided and charged for and in fact cost epic more than we generated through the camping charges. I personally briefed the security team and said that I wanted one of them to be based on the camp site at all times and to rotate with the indoor security person for breaks etc. As I'm talking to the rest of the epic team, it seems apparent that as the weekend went on, that seemed to lapse with security moving to more of a patrol basis around the camping and whole venue than a static position, but I am still assured that was taking place at least every 30mins, still better than last year, but not ideal. So it's not quite what I asked the venue for, and I will be raising that with them for next time (likely to be Summer 2016 when we see similar camping demand), but there was more security on and no damage caused to property. It certainly provided me with some assurance that I had an SIA-badged security person at the other end of a radio to assist me and the team in case of any disturbances. As the event grows, additional security requirements are inevitable sadly and in some cases a licensing requirement based purely on the number of people attending. But where we are required to provide security specifically due to the camping area, I think it's only fair for those costs to be applied only to people using that service, rather than every participant picking up the costs through their tickets for something they aren't using. We tried to pick the fairest way of introducing that charge (per tent) and in doing so, made a loss ourselves, but ensured that you guys had a camping service available for this event that would have otherwise been removed by the venue. Guess it goes without saying that other organisations may not have taken the same approach! Thanks Jon It is free for epic16 due to the significantly lower demand expected on the camping, but there was a charge for epic15 based on my huge essay above!
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    Hi folks Just wanted to say a big thanks to all the staff / volunteers at the event. Everyone is aware of the issues and it was clear to see that many of you were absolutely knackered from trying to resolve them The guys in Lakeside whilst very green (Pun intended!) were excellent and a good giggle. Good staff at LAN are hard to come by - I hope they enjoyed it so they want to continue to support the event by staffing. Events like this are what you make of them, and a lot of it is down to the company that people keep. Having a group of approachable & chatty staff downstairs made a big difference imho Obviously this is intended for everyone and not just those in lakeside - it's easy to forget everyone else who plays their part, especially if you don't see them...!
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    There are more than 400 people here and it is sad that the actions of one or two individuals will tar the reputation of the rest. I hope that whoever has done this is big enough to take responsibility for their actions, or if they won't, if anyone knows who it is, then let the management know.
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    Just to put up a bit of a statement about these things, especially as I'm aware some snide comments are being made away from here from people who weren't even at the event and dont know the details. I hope people understand that both of these incidents were out of our control, however I feel we dealt with them quickly and appropriately. My only complaint really about "our" response is the failure of Northamptonshire Police to turn up when called out to something I classed as a serious incident. But we've even followed that up with their control centre who have explained that there was another major incident elsewhere in the area that took their forces away and all we can do is take their word for it. Those involved at the event on the first night were removed at the earliest opportunity and wont be returning any time soon, there are some things that we have to take a zero tolerance approach on to ensure everyone else enjoys their event, including the venue staff who are a great asset to our events. We dont want to be heavy handed, but there's a line. Local chavs targetting the event is obviously impossible to predict, and that's why we have security through the night and our own staff on duty 24/7. As those who were actually there will know, 3 members of the management team and a number of other team members stayed out there until it started getting light again in the early hours of the morning, some hours after the incident to monitor the safety for the rest of the time. Security were out there straight away, and the police were called as soon as I had arrived and assessed the situation. That doesn't mean to say that we wont investigate our procedures internally and see what proportionate measures we can put in for next time. We don't want to overreact to something like this as such a rare occurrence, but we won't ignore it either. Of course if anyone wants to discuss it further with me direct, please get in touch through the usual channels. Jon
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    Reviving dead thread as I've only just noticed it. Worst decision I ever made getting this guy a job. The average age of the whole building has increased tenfold! He's lucky I tolerate him as he does reduce my workload, otherwise I will make him teaOAP (similar to a teaboy, just slower and more piss on the floor).
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    3 children 10 cars 5 cats (still got 3) 1 dog (new addition) 3 houses 1 flat 7 jobs (for me) 20+ Lans 4 trips to Florida 22 years of marriage Many, many disagreements .... but infinetly more good times! And all with She Who Must Be Obeyed, the most wonderful woman who I instantly fell in love with 25 years ago today. Yes, I know that makes our relationship older than some of you but in age when people seem to change partners like some do cars, I think a quarter of a century loving the same person is an achivement to be proud of. Heres to the next 25!
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    Surprised no-one has started this already - so here we go! The Good Ricky & Amy, as always the best banter at KCC The DJ Sets on Saturday Night. That Enya/Prodigy mix up was top notch The catering - despite some minor issues, the food was awesome and those Honey Chicken Skewers need to be a permanent fixture Seeing all you lovely people again! The Bad People who turn up to LAN and then try to restrict how much fun other people can have. We're all here to have fun, so chill out! The weather during build (it did a little rain!) The toilets and showers on Friday morning. Someone had 100% had an accident in the ladie's showers The Ugly Gump's 4am rendition of Wonderwall. My ears!!!!
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    The Good The people. I see some of my favourite folk twice at year at epic. The staff at KCC are brilliant too Tabletop stuff! I spent more time playing RPGs and boardgames than PC games this LAN. It was great to see so much RPG stuff happening, five or six different games in total I reckon? I really enjoyed playing @ozrevulsion's awesome Lady Blackbird game and finally got around to trying out Zombicide too. Now, if only epic did a tabletop gaming convention eh? Rhubarb Cider. So good! The Bad Pub quiz fail. Boat Race fail. The Ugly @Davemarr's Boat race performance. My head on Saturday morning. I was pacing myself quite well until I was bullied into doing shots whilst quietly queuing for my boat race pint.
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    I mean the staff are going to go ahead and give you a response on this I'm sure, though if you were faced with a fire and the thing stopping you going through a fire exit was a zip tie, I'm pretty sure you would get through it and not just sit down, defeated by a thin strip of plastic, seething about your inevitable demise. Also, probably wouldn't have needed to be zip tied shut if people WOULD STOP FUCKING OPENING THEM
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    It's time! I dare you to come and join in the PvE world on ARK: Survival Evolved! As always the password for the server is epic and is open to anyone wanting to play from the epic.Community! WE WANT YOU: The epic.Tribe is always happy to recruit fresh meat and can be found within spawn zone: South Zone 2. To play on this server we ask a few basic rules; No Hardcore Greifing of other tribes on the map - This map is a land of banter. But don't start messing with peoples stuff! No building in dick locations i.e blocking major spawns of resources such as Metal, Obsidian, Crystal and anything else deemed necessary Respect your tribe mates! Although the urge may be to join the tribe and steal everyones stuff, you won't learn about the game and will have angry tribe mates. Respect peoples property. If you need resources you can ask in chat and we will try our best to help or take you on a run if we can! The aim of this game is to build a set of great colonies and actively work to progress to end game content. So what are you waiting for? Spears at the ready! I.P: pass: epic If you want to join a tribe message JoeShow or anyone from the epic.Tribe (Will setup admins shortly) Don't forget tonight also I will be playing on the epic.ARK server for my live stream over at www.twitch.tv/epiclan from 7pm!
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    Excited to be attending my first Epic.LAN event in June. Currently I don't have anyone I am attending with, so would be happy to be anyone's fifth for CSGO if they need it, otherwise looking to pug it out. Add me on steam as Xela.
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    From a 25 year old male from Essex. I have a mutual agreement with my best friend. Whoever goes first - The other has a duty to format the others PC as a matter of urgency.
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    So Guys as you know we starting to get more and more people playing boardgames at the events and what i wanted to do is try to set a challenge for boardgames to aim for so i came up with this idea. This is a year long challenge for all 3 of our big events. Anyone can play the boardgames and the results need to be given to the Front Of House (shop area) Points are awarded for 1st and 2nd. The person in 1st place gets all the points scored Person in 2nd gets half the points scored If Joint or multi person win points will be split among the winning players Points are worked out by taking the number of players and multiplying this by the game difficulty from Boardgamegeeks (https://boardgamegeek.com/) (Avg. Game Weight) For games to count there must be more then 2 players. I have taken out the BIG games of werewolves that we play from midnight onwards as the points could be overpowered and we like to test the water and keep it fun. What about prizes. This hasn't been sponsored but i willing to have the winner for the year pick a board game upto a price (tbc) to receive after the October event Now this is still very much a work in progress and is something to be built upon so feedback would be key to this. So guys what are your thoughts to this fancy giving it a try?
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    I'm sat on a train with still another 30 minutes before I reach London Euston. Sounds like a good amount of time to do a tidy write-up of my sights and experiances of EGX 2015 at the NEC Birmingham. Starting from the top, Initially I wasn't overly inclined to attend EGX 2015 due to it's change of venue to the NEC. Having never been before, I had no intentions of visiting the land of Brum. Alas the call of duty was made and hell, we was running a stand relating to DOTA2 - It's kinda my thing... Also last time I did an EGX I got severely ill after (1000's of people in a warm room, most of which I don't believe understand potty training / basic hygiene 101). Shit happens (Literally). Now I could go into all the good and bad things that I found about the venue. But in summary on this, having spent 3 days at the NEC I understand why the move had to be done and it makes me realise how well this place is designed to hold events like EGX. It's a very fluid and well designed exhibition centre and heck, is a smooth 60-70 minute train journey from London. (I may of travelled Virgin Trains first class but that's not the point). The NEC has allowed EGX to expand on it's greatness and has put on one hell of a show. Albeit also space for more attendees and it did feel slightly rammed on the Saturday and Sunday. But that's to be expected. The DOTA (Other game reviews below if this doesn't interest you) With 20 turn up and play machines available to us we decided to do an equal split down the middle and dedicate 10 machines to Custom Games and the other 10 to standard 5v5 Dota2. As with any exhibition there was many highlights and downsides. Watching talented players have a great time is the cool part. Teaching little billy who's normally an XBOX Call Of Duty player what the hell Dota is, slightly painful, but showing new people Dota. I would be lying if I said It wasn't cool to spread the word of the dotes amongst new people. The stand ticked over nicely, we made our best efforts to teach and accomodate as many players as possible while offering withered / tired / bored parents a seat to at least cry on while they watch their dearly beloved indulge in a 20 - 45 minute game of Dota. We did what we was hired to do and I think we did a bloddy good job (In true epic style). On the Sunday we also played host to the EGX Dota2 challenge finals which saw 4 of the best (and in some cases, coolest) DOTA2 teams. We witnessed some excellent DOTA. As always with these kind of things we had a schedule to adhere to and not many hours to get everything done in. We managed to keep everything in line and we had a good time with everything finishing on time (Just!) Other Reviews: I also wanted to use this post not just as a tool to stroke my own ego, but also a chance to give you an insight to my opinions on some of the cool titles I was able to try out. Admittedly as an event exhibitor one of the few things you can sometimes get away with is playing some bits before opening time. But even with this advantage, I didn't get time to try out much, but hey! I appreciate what I was able to get a hold of. First up: Star Wars: Battlefront Myself, Gumpster, TheKenwyne and Rusts managed to nab a quick go on this title on the Saturday morning. I've heard alot of people say that this game will just be a re-skinned Battlefield. WRONG. If, like me you have an inner Star Wars nerd you will appreciate the detail and depth that appeared to be put into this game from what I was able to see, we played the battle of Hoth, snow terrain, AT AT's, X-Wings, Rebel ships trailing bits of cable around giant walking dog like machines. It was pretty cool. I played as an Imperial soldier with a vision and a dream. CRUSH THE REBEL SCUM. That we did. The game objectives I guess could be compared to TF2 whereby you must complete / capture a point before being able to move onto the next. We played what I believe was perhaps 20 vs 20 and it genuinely felt nice to play. The guns felt and shot authentically (I guess anyway, having never shot an Imperial blaster personally before). I managed to pick up a Tie Fighter token (These are placed randomly over the battle field and when found can be cashed in to transform you to be in said vehicle / ship / thing). Figuring I wasn't totally awful at piloting in Battlefield games previously I thought this could be fun. Within seconds and really no idea what the controls were I found my first target, An X-Wing fighter was chasing down one of my fellow bretherin who like me looked like they had no idea what they were doing in their Tie Fighter. After a small chase I decided the most decisive action was to just crash into the unknown X-Wing ship. We both died. At which point I later found out was indeed Rusts, who also had no idea what to do (I wasn't alone). The game ended after 20 minutes of making the rebels feel my force. Or something like that. I laughed, face palmed and died (alot). It was bloody good fun. Admitedly I still don't know about the Origin RRP for this title but If I can pick it up for a solid £30-£40 then I will be happy. Would recommend. Next up: Assassins Creed: Syndicate After having chatted with the nice Ubisoft man he let myself, Gumpster and Rusts have a go on AC:Syndicate - As an avid Assasins Creed nerd, having completed all it's previous titles I was very eager to try this one out. Set in London England some years before now. I played as a kick ass Kane wielding Assasin and lone behold - Who was also a female, well done Ubisoft for implementing a female character into one of your games that wasn't totally useless. Having to stake out and save the 'Crown Jewels' I thought i'd go pro. I saved a guy. whom commanded a small group of stereo typical British soliders, red coats, bit black furry hats. You get the idea. Sitting in between Rusts and Gumpster, whom by this point were just waging all out war with the Tower Of Londons defendees (I think I was there), I figured no more Mr Sneaky, armed with my Kane and an angry mob of red coats I did what any sensible Assasin would do and walked in the front door, pressed L1(Which the game prompted me would start a fight) and waged all out Gangs Of New York style battery. Now the fighting system on this AC title felt different to it's predecessors, by which I mean It wasn't boring and easy. With alot ,more emphasis on blocks, stuns and generally being a bit clever, It was really good! After me and my brothers in red coats kaned, punched, shot and battled our way through the 20 or so inhabitants of the main entrance I felt very satisfied with what I'd achieved. Admitedly I'd miserably failed the 'bonus' mission of killing 5 enemies or less, I didn't care. Me and my Kane were going places. 5 minutes later I found myself in a pretty intense hand to hand fight with an enemy Templar who was trying to steal the Crown Jewels (I giggle to myself every time I type this). Naturally I won and out came the phantom blade to seal the deal. I'd only had a taste of Syndicate, but I'm thirsty for more. Once again, would recommend. Moving on: Total War: Warhammer Those of you who know me will know I do dabble at the Total War series with Rome2 / Shogun2 being my favorites. Also previously being a Warhammer nerd I was really keen to try this out. The first choice I had to make, 'choose your difficulty' being the total hard player gangster that I am, I chose hard difficulty. The game greets you with a small tutorial video on how to move troops, issues orders etc. Naturally I skipped this because I'm way to cool for that shit. The scenario you are put in; You are a Dwarf general in charge of a small army making it's way through an old abandoned Dwarven Kingdom in some mountain somewhere (Think Lord Of The Rings - The mines or Moria) which coincidently had become infested with goblins and orcs (and shit like that). As any good Total War nerd does I spent some time setting up my ranks, Warriors at the front, anything ranged behind them. Firstly you need to understand how excited I was when I found out I had two units of Dwarven flamethrower soldiers. The battle started with waves of goblins running at my perfectly formed Dwarven ranks, I dispatched quite a few while trying out the few siege weapons I had available and also making goblin jerky courtosey of my flame throwers. Initially I thought this seemed easy, at which point groups of goblins started to spawn behind my perfectly formed ranks and ahead of me a freshly spawned giant ass spider of doom which looked very hungry. I wasn't prepared for this but I remember laughing to myself as I hustled the king and his assigned guard to protect our rears (tee hee), whilst my siege weapons went to work on the spider making it's way to feast on Dwarf flesh. By this point my front line units were taking an absolute battering but for now holding steady. The A.I was delivering a shit sandwich and it had my name on it. Just as I thought this game was un-winnable reinforcements arrived. A group of Gyrocopters which coincidently were armed to the teeth in explosives turned up to help out. With what troops I had left Everyone rallied to their leader (Possibly a king) and we went balls deep on the goblin ranks going on the offensive. I sent the the Gyrocopters and two battalions of wavering Dwavern Warriors to take the spider beast (Who was looking pretty full of Dwarf flesh at this point) head on. I don't know how but we managed to route the spider and my last few groups of troops then did their final charge onto the wavering ranks of Goblin Archers, I don't know how but I somehow managed a win here. I felt like a god. I think even if your not a Warhammer fan or even just a fan of the Total War series this is a solid pickup and I will definitely be purchasing when available. Finally: The HTC Vive The HTC Vive, not nesscessarily a game title but an experience none the less. Gumpster was told via one of his contacts that the HTC Vive was something we MUST check out. (This was 100% friggin right). So after a bit of JoeShow charm I managed to swindle some alone time with the HTC Vive. I was escorted to a room with a lovely lady who's name was Lauren but it almost definitely could of not been Lauren also. She gave me a brief of what the HTC Vive was and what was to come. The HTC Vive if your not familiar is a VR headset (Similar to the Oculus Rift) and after a bit of research will be one of the first VR experiances to be publicly available to nerds alike. I'm going to start this mini review off by saying that words cannot really emphasise how taken back I was by this piece of kit and how amazed I was by the experience. Me and Lauren started off by fitting the device to my meat head and making sure I was good to go. The whole package includes the VR headset alongside two baton style sticks you hold in each hand which kind of act as your hands in the VR world. First up was the deep ocean experience in which I found myself stood in on the deck of an old sunken ship / galleon. While stood on the deck the detail of what I saw around me was amazing, with various water life swimming around me, the detail that went into everything around me was next to none. Lauren laughed as my jaw dropped a little as a giant Whale casually swam past me with it's head making eye contact with me only feet away from me. It was so surreal! Lauren said she named the giant mammal Pete. I waved goodbye as Pete become a fond memory. Next up it was time to get creative, I was in a room, a white room a blank canvas if you will. Looking down at my hands was my pallette in one hand and brush in the other. I was in the middle of a blank canvas and the story was mine to tell. Naturally I ended up drawing a giant rainbow with a giant smiley face in the sky. Lauren told me to keep it PG as I adjusted my creation to be family friendly. It was pretty damm cool. Finally was Valve VR's attempt at joining in the fun world of VR. A Portal style repair a robot mini experiance, in which I found myself in the Portal style testing labs, with Gladdos attached to the ceiling calling me useless and generally doing what Gladdos does best. I had to move out the way as a robot whom had seen better days stumbled into the room after I'd walked over to the door leaver to let him in. He laid down and waited for me to operate. I pulled him apart and stared blankly not quite knowing what had to be done as Gladdos barked orders at me which I don't think even Valve themselves truly understood. It was hilarious. Eventually my time ran out and the Gladdos decided destroying everything around me until I was stood on a platform in the middle of the testing facility where my story ended (Or was it just about to begin?). Lauren informed me my time in the fun dome was over. I was still taken back by the whole experiance but was grinning ear to ear. (Like a twat) I shook Laurens hand and went on my way. Kenwyne was waiting for me outside and he had a similar twattish grin as well. I knew he felt the same. The Vive is rumoured to be costing in the realms of about £500 on release and is a steep chunk of change for the average gamer. Do I want one? Yes! Can I afford one? No! Will I probably end up getting one anyway? Probably! In Summary EGX was full of wonders and games as far as the eye can see and it's no wonder why the event was so damm busy! The epic.TEAM I attended with helped to make my EGX eperiance an enjoyable one. I'm pretty damm tired now and I've done alot of waffling - So If you've gotten this far I salute you! For now I will rest and continue my prep for epic.SIXTEEN next weekend. I hope this post is informative and it's been a while since i've written a lengthy piece like this. I will proof read it when i'm a little less brain dead but wanted to get emotion to 'paper' while still fresh in my mind. But that will do for now. Cheers Joe.
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    I have been told that little blue pills can help cure that ailment Kane.
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    Will add to this as they're confirmed, but so far we have: epic.FOURTEEN: Thurs 19 - Sunday 22nd February 2015 (Bookings Now Open)elite15: Friday 22nd - Monday 25th May (Bookings Open 1st February 8pm)epic.FIFTEEN: Thurs 16th - Sunday 19th July 2015epic.SIXTEEN: Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th Octoberelite16: Friday 4th - Sunday 6th December
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    I think you should take the stance "Our network is fine, you have 4MB bandwidth allocated to you which is more than enough for gaming. Close your shit, not our problem, GTFO!"
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    Had a few people asking, so to confirm, elite8 bookings will open during elite7 at around 12 noon on the Saturday, so at least if I forget this time, somebody can poke me at the LAN! elite8 - The Christmas LAN Dates: 30th November - 2nd December 2012 Times: 4pm Friday - 4pm Sunday Venue: Moorlands Village Hall, School Road, Bagnall, Staffordshire, ST9 9JP Spaces: 32 Cost: £34 Participant, £5 1 Day Spectator, £10 Full Weekend Spectator As is now tradition with our winter elite events, there will of course be a secret santa on the Sunday morning of the event. When you sign up for your ticket, add the Secret Santa option as a service if you wish to take part. You'll then be emailed around 2 weeks before the event with the details of the person you need to buy for, with a suggested upper limit of £5.