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  1. Make sure you check out Legendary Hosts this weekend at www.legendaryhosts.com. These guys are setting out to deliver high quality, high reliability game servers, hosted in the UK. Thanks to Legendary Hosts for supporting epic22
  2. The awesome team at D20 Board Game Cafe in Watford are joining us again for epic22. As well as their ususal board game stall they are also running a 7 wonders tournament. More information about the tournament and to request they bring certain stock along with them click here. They will be located in their usual spot in the board games are just outside of Lakeside on the ground floor so make sure you go and say hi! More information about their cafe in Watford can be found at: https://www.d20cafe.co.uk/      
  3. Great news, MSI will be back at epic22 showing off their amazing gaming laptops with some competitions and prizes each day for you all!    Natalie from the MSI team had this to say: "MSI are excited to be back at epic.LAN where we will be running a PUBG Solo Chicken Dinner competition every day on our high-performance gaming laptops. Come and check out the MSI area for the chance to win great prizes and bag yourself some awesome freebies" Make sure you also check out MSI on Facebook and Twitter.
  4. Our friends over at Noctua have sent us some awesome prizes for the winners of the FIFA 18 1v1, Smash Bros 1v1 and League of Legends 2v2 fun tournaments. The prizes for FIFA and Smash Bros are as follows: 1st - NF-A14 iPPC 2000 PWM fan + yellow NA-SAVP1 chromax accessories and yellow NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 2nd - NF-P14s redux 1500 PWM fan + black NA-SAV2 chromax accessories 3rd - NF-F12 PWM fan The prizes for League of Legends are: 1st - NH-D15 cooler + NM-AM4 mounting kit 2nd - NH-U12S cooler + NM-AM4-UxS mounting kit 3rd - NF-A20 PWM fan You can sign up to both of these fun tournaments here. A huge thank you to Noctua for their support of these fun tournaments!
  5. Our friends over at GT Omega will be joing us at epic22 to show off their line of gaming. They will be setting up their stand in the gallery so why not pop over and say hi over the weekend and try out some of their chairs. They may even have some goodies to give away! You can check out their range of chairs at: http://www.gtomegaracing.com/  
  6. Great news for Rocket League fans as our friends at ASTRO have confirmed their support for epic22 with awesome gaming hardware for the tournament.    1st Place - A10 Gaming Headset with MixAmp 2nd Place - A10 Gaming Headset 3rd Place - Headset Stand Pub Quiz Not only have ASTRO sponsored the Rocket League, they will also be sponsoring the Pub Quiz once again. So in celebration, we've decided to team up with ASTRO to lock in the pub quiz prize at £100 minimum. It will still be £1 per person to enter, but all entry fees will be donated to the charity SpecialEffect, so if you want to give more than £1 per person, everything in the pot will still go to the great cause.  Make sure you check out Astro Gaming UK on Facebook and Twitter and give them a follow to say thanks for their support!
  7. Great news for our fun tournament participants as be quiet! a long term supporter of epic.LAN confirms they'll be supporting our Overwatch 1v1 fun tournament.  The tournament winner will take away a Dark Base Pro 900 - Orange Case 2nd place will take away a Power Zone 650W PSU 3rd place will take away a Shadow Rock TF 2 Cooler You can sign up to the Overwatch fun tournaments here. A huge thank you to be quiet! for their continued support!
  8. Great news, our final main event of 2017 has sold out!. Don't be mad if you missed out, it's not our fault! The capacity is final, we're unable to add in any additional seats.  Now that's happened, a waiting list will be set up for any tickets and cancellations. Read on for more details about how to join the waiting list...   Joining the Waiting List We will work through the waiting list by the following priorities: People wishing to join existing teams/groups who have part paid and need to finish their lineups Individual teams/participants who do not already have groups attending Waiting list tickets only become available if people cancel their spaces.  If you wish to join the waiting list, make sure you already have an epic.LAN account and then create a support ticket explaining whether you are on your own or part of a team or group, if you are part of a team, let us know which one! Make sure your team has signed up to the tournament website if you are taking part in the esports tournaments as it helps us to prioritise the waiting list accordingly.  Check your emails regularly once you are on the waiting list. If a slot becomes available you will be emailed with instructions and a time by which you need to claim the space (usually 24h), if you don't respond on time, the place will be offered to the next person on the list. If you don't respond to multiple offers, you will drop off the waiting list.   Cancelling Your Ticket Normal cancellation policy applies, as we are beyond the cutoff date for refunds, we can only refund your ticket if we are able to resell your ticket to a member of the waiting list.  Cancellations will be refunded, minus the £10 admin fee, back to the original account used for payment.  Transfers Tickets are non-transferrable unless you have either bought multiple tickets (in which case the first ticket is yours and the additional tickets need to be allocated to your other players). Alternatively you can buy or upgrade to a flex ticket which can be transferred. If you did not buy a flex ticket originally, you can upgrade by going to your booking and adding the Flex Ticket Upgrade service to your account. Once you've done so, create a support ticket letting us know who you wish to transfer the ticket to.  Seating We will try as much as possible to help groups sit together, but with a full event, it is very difficult to move people around as every move has a knock-on effect on other groups. We will try where possible to rearrange people to get groups sat together, but we cannot guarantee that those who have booked last will get to sit together. In the mean time, we would advise you to pick seats as close as possible together. We are planning to "defrag" the seating shortly, please look out for updates. 
  9. Most of you will know that we operate a loyalty points scheme here at epic.LAN. We award points for referring friends and other activities at the event, and at the end of each event, we award points for attending. This process is normally started on the Sunday of the event ready for people to use their points which have been converted into discount codes at the next event.  At epic21, we ran the process as normal and thought all was well. It wasn't until last week where we noticed that a significant number of epic21 attendees have been issued duplicate points for attending. So rather than getting the usual 250 points (equivalant to £2.50) they actually got 500.  We had in total 443 participant tickets sold at the last event, which equates to quite a large monetary amount of points. As much as we would love to leave everything as is, and let you guys have all the points anyway, we simply cannot afford to absorb the cost of this unfortunate issue as any money we have remaining from an event goes towards making further improvements on things like hardware across the LAN and maintenance of existing items. With this in mind, we wanted to inform everyone affected that you will notice a correction to your accounts where the discount code value will be adjusted to reflect the correct value. We know a lot of people won't have realised this has happened, but we want to make sure we are honest and open with everyone as we always are and to make sure people understand what they will see on their account. If you have any questions please feel free to contact either Jon "Winbar" Winkle or Dan "Dunceantix" Oxborrow. 
  10. ASTRO Gaming came to the rescue with our pub quiz for epic21 allowing us to secure a minimum prize pool for everyone taking part, so with that we decided that all entry money would be donated to Special Effect. £101 will be on its way over shortly to help them continue their great work.    Once again, the new bonus round format threw up some surprises in the final round, leaving you with these results and scores: 1 - Swe and (96) 2 - His Meatballs (84) 3 - The other 404 team (83) 4 - We're doing a quiz and making the mexicans pay for it (80) 5 - SweRolls left nut (79) 6 - Brexit Esports (77) 7 - Wimsicle Hand Fun (75) 8 - Dirty and under 30 (73) =9 - badacid (70) =9 - Randomers (70) 11 - 2/3 of d20 (65) 12 - Twat Monkeys (60) 13 - Gaz's Guess Who Team (55) Oh and the staff won the boat race...yet again. 
  11. It's time for some justice to rain from above as TwoRounds and Dezachu escort you to the Overwatch finals later today here at epic21.  We'll be streaming the following matches on twitch.tv/epiclan5: 1:30pm - CTiK vs TPO 3pm - Upper Final 4.30pm - Lower Final 6pm - Grand Final
  12. It's Zerg rush time (is that still even a thing?) Join Krosis as he takes you through the road to the epic21 Starcraft 2 finals on twitch.tv/epiclan3.  12:00 - afelay vs Fish followed by Finnzi vs Revolution 1pm - LB Round 1 2pm - UB Semi Finals 3pm - UB Final 4pm - LB Semi Final 5pm - LB Final 1 8pm - LB Final 2
  13. We've had some nail-biting action so far in our epic 21 CSGO tournament and today's elimination stages will be no exception! You can tune in to the matches over on twitch.tv/epiclan1 and we plan to stream the following games today: 11am - Team CeX vs Indoor Campers 12.30pm - LB Quarter Final 2:30pm - UB Semi Final 5pm - UB Final 8pm - LB Final #1 Stay tuned and support your favourite UK CSGO teams as they race towards Sunday's grand final!  
  14. And here's your schedule for today's epic21 Hearthstone Tournament: 12oon - Killersheep vs Quickscoperz 1pm - UB Semi Final 2 2pm - LB Semi Final 1 3pm - LB Final 1 4pm - LB Final 2 5pm - Grand Final You can find our Hearthstone Stream on twitch.tv/epiclan4
  15. It's time for our BlinkPredict Dota2 esports tournament to continue here at epic21 and here's the schedule of games for you to find over on twitch.tv/epiclan2: 11am - Zakstabbed vs Perilous Raze 1.30pm - LB Quarter Final 4pm - UB Final 6.30pm - LB Final 9pm - LB Final 2 You can also find out more about our tournament sponsors BlinkPredict by giving them a follow on Twitter.