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  1. What's everyone looking forward to?

    1. Turning up at LAN for the first time in something like 12-18 months 2. Actually playing games at a LAN (maybe) 3. Seeing who's still around from before 4. Trolling MRated 5. Collecting the Jagerbomb @Gumpster owes me
  2. Cold water tap

    I've been gone for less than 4 hours....
  3. Microsoft looking to buy Mojang

    Coming from you, that's quick
  4. Microsoft looking to buy Mojang

    Yes, the Microsoft Studios division (which is under Entertainment)!
  5. Wooosaaaaaah

    Guaranteed to happen though isn't it. Stop trying to make Jaden happen, it's not going to happen.
  6. epic.FOURTEEN Hearthstone Tournament

    Previous UK#1 ranked?
  7. We are team!

    Erm, congratulations on joining the ranks of pr0s.
  8. Dreamhack.... France?

    I've just seen this on Reddit. There's an FB page too. I'm confused. http://www.reddit.com/r/starcraft/comments/2cysgf/robert_olen_dreamhack_boss_has_just_announced/
  9. epic.FOURTEEN Hearthstone Tournament

    I guess I should play it shouldn't I!? Especially as it's on the iPad.
  10. Need help with a streaming Solution

    But if you're name is on the hosting account, it won't matter?
  11. Need help with a streaming Solution

    May I ask a dumb question? Aren't you downloading the files twice by syncing between the cloud and your local machine? Why?
  12. October 2015?

    That was at MMU iirc?
  13. 404 games epic 13 montage

    Ah, I thought it was you guys that I was playing the teletubby game (Gang Beasts) with So much fun!
  14. EA Access

    EA have launched a "netflix" for games. http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/29/ea-launches-a-30-per-year-netflix-for-games-on-xbox-one/
  15. Epic.lite September dates

    https://www.epiclan.co.uk/news/elite13---date-change TL;DR: (roughly 11am) Saturday 13th - Monday 15th September