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  1. I don't know if you've been reading the feedback, most people have stated they don't expect silence. Just don't expect screeching and shouted insults after every kill/round. It had nothing to do with our group but I really liked the Robot Butler although he didn't butle me, I barely heard him and we were pretty much in the middle of the room, i'd rather hear him every 3 minutes than screeching. It would have been interesting to see how staff dealt with any confrontations stemming from someone calling someone else's mum a slag.
  2. First EPIC lan and it was a success, we'll be back next year! Shop was great and well stocked Camping was mostly quiet Breakfast was good, the 'Hot Dog' wasn't a hot dog, it was a small sausage left over from breakfast Takeout availability was great to make up for the shortfall in center catering Hot water freely available Beer was cold The BAD The only thing that annoyed me was the CSGO screamers...I really don't know how they managed to get such high pitched screams, or felt like that was a good way to celebrate? The problem is, screaming 'shit cunts' at each other (while funny for a time) was way over the top. Why don't you enforce a policy or respect and sportsmanship, we all know how toxic online gaming can be, yet we let it run free at a LAN without even trying to curb it. I am all for some rivalry, banter etc but it was way over the top. if someone screamed that at me i'd have been likely to get up mid match and confront them. I wouldn't let someone say that to me while playing football or walking down the street, yet it seems acceptable here?