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  1. Rocket League - one more player required.

    Ya I played against you as Omen, was more of a pickup team and a bit of a laugh for us one of our players only had a few hours in the game. Sounds good I'm always active on rocket currently champ 2 but could use a couple decent team mates to go to the next level.
  2. Are you still looking for a team? Our 3rd went AWOL

  3. Rocket League - one more player required.

    Was just about to ask, best of luck. Won one tourney there. It's just the getting up early that kills me. Let me know if you guys need a 3rd player in future
  4. Looking for 3rd player for Rocket League

    You are already in the team Weg no need to beg.
  5. We are looking for a 3rd for the rocket league tourny. I won it last time with AU but they are not attending this lan, so I'm entering with a friend. Drop me a message on here if you're interested and we will choose between options based on skill and personality.