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  1. Portland Room Closed?

    Thanks for the transparent response. We'll keep an eye on the Facebook group in future! Glad to hear Fair Isle is also still casual. I noticed the tickets left count reduced by around 50 yesterday - is this new bookings or a reduced overall capacity?
  2. Portland Room Closed?

    We would have sat in Lakeside but the thought of background music completely put us off. Is it really necessary?
  3. Portland Room Closed?

    Hi guys, Just logged onto the seat planner to see this message: Portland - Due to signup numbers, we will be closing Portland shortly, please select an alternative seat Does this mean Portland won't be open for the event? I don't understand why epic aren't able to communicate this change to people in an email/news post rather than a tiny message at the top of the seating planner which many people won't see. We are with 18 people and now need to arrange finding enough space in Fair Isle (which we don't want to be in) and moving everyone to there. Why hasn't there been a news announcement/email sent out about this? This is our first epic event although we have attended many iSeries in the past so defragmenting the seating is nothing new to us. Whilst we understand the reasons for closing the Portland room the complete lack of communication isn't filling us with confidence. Our only option is to now move to Fair Isle which seems too eSports focused for us being a very casual group. Is there really no casual option anymore?