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  1. Epic 24 - Good, bad UGLY

    The Good very fun the summer festival thing was ace first nights food was top tier the girl who hosted werewolves, that game was toptier The bad the cheese and bacon panini, ogod that thing was awful FI was toasty, and i forgot my fan and didnt want to spend £12 to just opted to slowly die in my seat csgo scream bouys were loud af, espically when they are infront and behind you :(((((( The Ugly me after a couple of drinks, i am sorry, i am world number 1 light weight
  2. epic24 - Menu

    pretty sure papa johns and dominos do
  3. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    No Ow fun tournament..?
  4. epic24 - Menu

    Bacon brie and cranberry has become bacon and cheese at the same price..? also pls bring back the brie i love brie so much
  5. epic23 - Bar Prices

    Any word on what mixers are going with Shoryuken and Blankatini?
  6. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Is team CF team TR? (F20 etc Fair Isle). We used to have our team name as CF so
  7. Is anyone driving past or near Guildford?

  8. Hi all, Is anyone driving past or near Guildford, I really don't want to take my computer on the train and back. I'll happily pay for fuel, as long as it's not more expensive than the train I'm not weird and I don't smell, send me a PM or message me on Discord if you don't wanna pay for most of your fuel (or all, you have the negotiation power, pls don't bankrupt me tho) and have a spare seat in your car! deathyy#2596