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  1. Apparently you have 2. This is a poor show.
  2. Yeah, it was way too much however, the rematch is on
  3. No where near my skill level mate! <3
  4. haha, some unlucky **** gets to sit next to me!
  5. Best support uk right here.
  6. Alrighty then.
  7. megacloud is pretty good as well, free space for doing little things
  8. I am praying for your safe journey x
  9. Lulz, never been hacked and don't even have a firewall or antivirus.
  10. I was totally amazed to find out that this was not me, for once...
  11. Things are gonna get reaaaaaaaaal nasty.
  12. Pfft, fuck grav gun.
  13. I danced like a dick before anyway
  14. Warcraft 3!
  15. All that money spent and no 120hz monitors! WHY?!