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  1. Hey all. With a month left till LAN it appears my transport arrangements have fallen through. Anyone passing Warrington (J21 on the M6) on the Thursday (have the entire day off work) and heading back my way Sunday? Obviously willing to help towards fuel costs etc Cheers all
  2. Elite: Dangerous

    Best thing to do is let someone or someones which system you're in. Can then arrange a meet up with you and chat through what to do and how. Be a good idea to get yourself on TS
  3. Elite: Dangerous

    I'll add everyone to the friend's list tongiht. Just remember guys that the maximum wing limit is 4 players atm. So if we're planning an y en-masse skirmishes you'll have to be careful with the friendly fire. I find myself playing at least an hour or so of ED most nights nowadays so am usually about if someone needs a hand (take into account travel time for 100+ LY)
  4. Elite: Dangerous

    Well we've got a fair few CMDR's on here which is great. Maybe worth having a decent info share in regards to which systems / stations have decent outfitting etc? for example:- Found that Chamunda (Gidzenko Ring) Has a lot of high end outfitting and as it's a starter system also could be useful to know.
  5. Elite: Dangerous

    CMDR Angelu5 Currently hanging around in Sorbago gaining rep with the empire in his combat Cobra (have got a nice T6 docked at Chamunda though too)
  6. Tabletop RPGs - online

    I'll check and see what our moving schedule is like but should hopefully be free for a couple of hours that wednesday
  7. Tabletop RPGs - online

    Looks / sounds really good. Been looking for something like this for a while tbh
  8. RIP Sir Terry Pratchett

    Sad day indeed.
  9. A Big Thanks :)

    Agreed Matt_2k34. The staff really didn't have a good time this event with the problems they were faced with. GG guys and keep up the good work
  10. epic.FOURTEEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Paid up for the 3 days breakfast in advance and well worth it. Great staff, always friendly and happy to make adjustments to meals dependant on allergies etc. Really like the fact they're there instead of having to survive on LAN snacks.
  11. Last Post Wins!?

    Oh, this game again
  12. Cold water tap

    I second this tbh...
  13. Ingress!

    If any other Enlightened do... On the whole I find there's a lot more resistance players out there.
  14. Ingress!

    Oh you know I'll just enjoy that Seriously though, I'm happy to use the portal;s and glyph hack them as resistance owned if it makes things easier. I'll still get some AP and gear out of them throughout the course of the weekend long weekend
  15. Ingress!

    Well I'll happily attack those portals if you're settings them up blue and replace them with lovely green