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  1. Hardware classifieds UK

    Morning gents. Can anyone suggest a classifieds site or forum thats primarily focused on tech? I suffer from a disorder called CUD (Compulsive Upgrade Disorder), and get this itch to rebuild my PC every so often, but I cant always afford new. Back in SA, we had a huge community of like CUD sufferers, where it was pretty easy to source anything you wanted second hand. Anything similar in the UK? Im not a fan of Gumtree or Ebay as there is no "community" and you're never sure what you're gonna get. Perhaps we could make a section in on this forum?
  2. Lite South 10

    Well this forum needs some love! I too am a settler from South Africa. Used to go to LANS back home with the mates regularly, but that part has been missing from my life. Ill be coming all the way from London so shows the dedication right there! Are we able to have a Braai/BBQ the Saturday evening? I do enjoy the social aspect of the LANs as much as the gaming Peace