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  1. epic.LAN PC Hire Available

    As some of you have spotted, we're now offering PC rental as an additional service to our main epic.LAN events, especially useful for those of you with long journeys on public transport, so all you have to worry about is bringing your keyboard, mouse and headset.  The PC specs provided are: CPU: Intel i7 8700k Motherboard: ASUS ROG Z370-F STRIX RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000MHz GPU: ASUS ROG Strix Advanced GTX1080 SSD: WD Black 250GB Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift PG248Q 180Hz G-Sync   We've been using these for a number of external events now and they've been getting some great feedback! Here's how the hire works, with some terms & conditions: The PCs will be set up at your desk on arrival and are available for you to use for the event duration, they will be collected at the close of the event, or when you leave (whichever is earliest).  The use of the PCs is the same as any of the other event terms and conditions, and must only be used for normal LAN activities, if they are misused in any way, it will be treated as any other breach of the event terms.  The PCs will be provided "clean" on arrival with basic Steam, Discord etc. installed and should be returned with all software uninstalled and your personal accounts logged out.  You are required to use your own peripherals on the machines (keyboard, mouse, headset, mouse surface), the relevant drivers may be installed.  You can use USB devices on the machines to transfer configs, game files etc to speed up the installation process.  You are responsible for the PCs while they are hired out to you, if they are damaged while in your care we will not be able to offer a replacement and you may be liable for any damage. In particular, please ensure that you are careful with liquids near to the PCs to avoid any spillages.  Should the PCs have any faults, please report to a member of the help desk as normal.  The PC rental is £95 (inc VAT) in addition to your chosen event ticket which we feel is great value for the PC spec and very competitive compared to other events for a similar spec machine. 
  2. Counter-Strike LAN events with tournaments like the Sunny Broadband CS:GO Tournament are very similar to actual sporting events, especially at the start. Everyone believes they can win, because all teams start on the same footing, with zero points and all the chances to push to greater heights. Whilst this isn’t the Counter-Strike Majors, this is still something for teams to get on board with and start their esport careers. The seeds were announced, and teams knew roughly who they would face early on, and thus could make plans to quickly prepare for the tournament. The team leader briefing came around with a crowd of enthusiastic CS players all ready to take to the battleground known as Counter-Strike. The group stages are sometimes the straightforward parts of tournaments, with many stomps happening as the skill divisions are always so wide. The biggest mishap in the early stages of the day, was where ‘Lifts?’ Who were seeded fourth in the tournament managed to draw against the Revilo fan club, who were a dark horse covered in our preview on PhoenixUK on Thursday night. It was quite a tense affair, but both sides managed to see the positives from it and exchanged the post match handshakes, however, would that cost the fourth seed later down the tournament? As matches continued to plow on, we were getting close to the finishing stages of the group tournament. For teams it was crucial making the top 4 in the groups to secure themselves into the double elimination bracket. This was to be severely tested by some teams, as it was the Jack Peters mix team of Rat Pack who managed to upset the apple cart somewhat as they managed to give a good game to the Revilo fan club. In round 5, it was the turn of the number 1 seeded team Fierce Esports to see whether they could withstand the pressure from others in the LAN hall. They were up against the team called Gingers and Ganja, where they went the full distance as all thirty rounds were played in the match, but it was Fierce who came away unscathed. There were a further two draws that happened later in the day, again another one happened in Group D, between Rat Pack and eighth seed Madeeka, whilst OMEN and Osterity shared the spoils of war in their Group C match. Exillium Esports were soon becoming the story of the group stages as they were punishing a few of the seeded teams in their group as they were unseeded. In back to back matches, they took down Genetics who were fourteenth seed whilst they went on to beat Barons Money Crew who were sixth seed 16:10. Exillium Esports were also subject to a very tight affair as they went on to draw against tenth seed KDR, thus keeping an unbeaten record against the three lower seeds in their group and only losing to their top seed, Team CeX in the first match of the day. It was quite the story and secured them second place in the group and a place in the upper bracket of the tournament. Next up for all the teams was the elimination bracket which began at 8pm on day one. This time for epic25, we added a bit more of a twist to the tournament and went with the International preferred format, with the top 2 of each group progressing to the upper bracket whilst the third and fourth placed teams would immediately go into the lower bracket. In the upper bracket it was the following: Fierce Esports Vs Aircon Gumpster’s Fan Boys Vs Madeeka Ferrari Peekers Vs Exillium Esports Osterity Vs Team CeX In the lower bracket it was the following: Buzzkill Vs Lifts? Gingers & Ganja Vs Rat Pack IGI eSports Vs KDR OMEN Vs Barons Money Crew The majority of the matches went the way most pundits would predict, although Gumpster’s Fan Boys ended up losing in a three match thriller to Madeeka. Fierce, Ferrari and Team CeX all picked up their respective 2:0 wins. It was a very similar story in the lower bracket as all games ended 2:0 to those in the higher seeded positions, however IGI eSports managed to overcome a resilient KDR, with a 19:17 & 16:12 win. Meanwhile, Lifts managed to sneak past Buzzkill Esports with a 19:17 & 16:10 win and secure their place in the top 12 teams at least for now. What would be in store for these teams on Day two of the Sunny Broadband CS:GO Tournament?
  3. epic.LAN joins forces with Scan and ASUS

    As epic.LAN prepares to expand in 2019 both with its own events and external client support, the team has signed up Scan and ASUS as official retail and hardware partners for the next 12 months in a deal which will see major improvements for epic.LAN events. Both Scan and ASUS will have a mixture of on-site and online branding at key events throughout the year (including the ROG Bus at larger events) with exclusive show offers being made available to epic.LAN participants. In addition, Scan and ASUS will be providing marketing support to raise the profile of epic.LAN and grassroots esports in the UK. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director, explains “I’m really excited to be partnering with these two renowned industry brands to help us move epic.LAN to the next level, particularly in 2019. The combination of the retail support from Scan and hardware from a huge name like ASUS will bring some real benefits to our customers and help position epic.LAN as one of the premier community-level gaming and esports operators in the UK.” Scan’s Head of Marketing, Matt Hindley, says “We’re really looking forward to bringing this series of exciting events to the UK gaming community in partnership with epic.LAN. This sponsorship is part of our overall commitment to esports in the UK and there’s a strong alignment between epic.LAN, ASUS and Scan.” The next epic.LAN event takes place this weekend, 11-14 October at Kettering Conference Centre, UK and the launch of the partnership will see the ROG Bus coming to epic.LAN on the Thursday and Friday showing off the latest ASUS hardware with the opportunity to win various prizes as well as exclusive discounts on Scan for participants. 
  4. epic25 Fun Tournament Prizes

    As well as our esports lineup (CSGO, Dota2, Rocket League, Starcraft2), we have a great range of fun tournaments ready for you next week at epic25, with some cool prizes from our sponsors.  You can sign up to all of our fun tournaments in advance and they include: Beat Saber Mario Kart Tekken 7 PUBG Squads Hearthstone We'd like to thank the following organisations for their kind support with the epic25 fun tournaments: Beat Saber - Noctua 1st place 1x NH-U12S heat sink 1x NA-H2 chromax.white heat sink cover 1x NA-SEC1 chromax.white extension cables 2nd place 1x NF-A14 iPPC-2000 PWM fan 1x NA-SAV2 chromax.green anti vibration mounts 1x NA-SAVP1 chromax.green anti vibration pads 1x NA-SEC1 chromax.green extension cables 3rd place NF-S12A PWM chromax.black.swap fan PUBG Squads - be quiet! 1st Prize - 4 x Dark Base 700 case 2nd Prize - 4 x Silent Base 601 Window Black (launched September 2018) 3rd Prize - 4 x Pure Base 600 Window Orange Mario Kart - X-Gamer 1st Prize - 2x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker 2nd Prize - 1x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker Tekken 7 - X-Gamer 1st Prize - 2x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker 2nd Prize - 1x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker Hearthstone - X-Gamer 1st Prize - 2x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker 2nd Prize - 1x X-Gamer Energy Tubs + Shaker
  5. epic25 - SOLD OUT!

    We're all sold out for our final event of 2018 - it's going to be a BIG one!  Sorry if you missed out, but the capacity is final - we don't have any hidden seats that we spring on people; when they're gone, they're gone! Now that's happened, a waiting list will be set up for any tickets and cancellations. Read on for more details about how to join the waiting list... Joining the Waiting List We will work through the waiting list by the following priorities: People wishing to join existing teams/groups who have part paid and need to finish their lineups Individual teams/participants who do not already have groups attending Waiting list tickets only become available if people cancel their spaces.  If you wish to join the waiting list, make sure you already have an epic.LAN account and then create a support ticket explaining whether you are on your own or part of a team or group, if you are part of a team, let us know which one! Make sure your team has signed up to the tournament website if you are taking part in the esports tournaments as it helps us to prioritise the waiting list accordingly.  Check your emails regularly once you are on the waiting list. If a slot becomes available you will be emailed with instructions and a time by which you need to claim the space (usually 24h), if you don't respond on time, the place will be offered to the next person on the list. If you don't respond to multiple offers, you will drop off the waiting list.   Cancelling Your Ticket Normal cancellation policy applies, as we are beyond the cutoff date for refunds, we can only refund your ticket if we are able to resell your ticket to a member of the waiting list.  Cancellations will be refunded, minus the £10 admin fee, back to the original account used for payment.  Transfers Tickets are non-transferrable unless you have either bought multiple tickets (in which case the first ticket is yours and the additional tickets need to be allocated to your other players). Alternatively you can buy or upgrade to a flex ticket which can be transferred. If you did not buy a flex ticket originally, you can upgrade by going to your booking and adding the Flex Ticket Upgrade service to your account. Once you've done so, create a support ticket letting us know who you wish to transfer the ticket to.  Seating We will try as much as possible to help groups sit together, but with a full event, it is very difficult to move people around as every move has a knock-on effect on other groups. We will try where possible to rearrange people to get groups sat together, but we cannot guarantee that those who have booked last will get to sit together. In the mean time, we would advise you to pick seats as close as possible together. We are planning to "defrag" the seating shortly, please look out for updates. 
  6. Coatsink Sponsors epic25 Pub Quiz

    Games developer, Coatsink will be sponsoring the pub quiz once again for epic25, which will see a guaranteed £100 minimum prize.  Always one of the most popular activities at epic.LAN, the pub quiz brings casual and competitive gamers together for a few hours to challenge the minds, with a few beers thrown in of course. Thanks to Coatsink's support, the quiz prize pool will be locked in, meaning that 100% of your entry fees will be donated to gaming charity, Special Effect.  To take part in the quiz, you'll need to be at epic25, which takes place 11-14 October in Kettering. Tickets are still available from epiclan.co.uk/epic25 and are expected to sell out soon!  For more details about Coatsink, check out their channels at: Website:  https://coatsink.com/games Twitter: https://twitter.com/coatsink Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coatsink Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coatsink
  7. Let's level up for 2019

    It's time to step up again as we announce our dates for 2019. After many sell-out events over recent years, we've finally agreed to move into the arena space at Kettering Conference Centre which will start to give us significantly more capacity, especially when combined with the new internet connection we had from the last event.  So get your diaries, in 2019 we'll be bringing you epic.LAN events on the following dates: epic26 - 7-10 February - 650 Spaces epic27 - 13-16 June - 450 Spaces epic28 - 10-13 October - 650 Spaces For February and October, the entire event will take place on the ground floor of the centre, using the Lakeside and Arena spaces for participants.  We're working on the detailed plans for the arena layout and will share these soon, but it will include areas for specific games so casual and competitive communities can sit together as well as all of the activities that currently take place in the Gallery area, with a bigger stage space. It will also be home to the bar and catering areas as well as the epic.SHOP so you don't have to travel far for your food and drink. The majority of our staff teams will also be sitting together in the arena so you won't have to go far to get any help and it will be better for our own communication too.  Our June event is currently the smallest of the year and the venue didn't have any other availability for 2019, so we've retained this as a smaller event using the existing event spaces.  Growing the event by over 1/3 is going to be a challenge for us, but we've done it before and we're determined to make sure that it stays the same epic.LAN you all love, just bigger and better! 
  8. epic25 Fun Tournaments

    In some sort of shock organisation for epic25, here are the fun tournaments we have planned for the event and we've decided to mix things up a little with some of the games as well as introducing our new VR machine which will be available for people to play on throughout the weekend.  Beat Saber (VR) Hearthstone Tekken 7 PUBG Squads Mario Kart (Switch) The big game timetable will follow in the next few weeks, but for now, you can get yourselves signed up to the fun tournaments! You can also join in the epic25-funtournaments channel now on the epic.LAN Discord.  Here's a random Reech, just because. 
  9. Come along to a Grosvenor Casino near you to watch the Dota2 TI8 finals unfold with the rest of the UK Dota community. We have three locations lined up for you across the UK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Manchester (Didsbury) and Reading South, each one with a big screen and food and drink available from the bar throughout the screening. Free parking is also available at each venue. The events are free to attend, just come along with your best salty Dota memes and some ID to show that you are over 18 (sorry, rules are rules).
  10. epic25 Sunny Broadband CS:GO Tournament

    Community esports at epic25 has received a prize boost thanks to Sunny Broadband who have signed up as headline sponsors for the CS:GO tournament which takes place 11-14 October at Kettering Conference Centre, UK. The support will see the minimum prize locked in at £1500 going up to £4000 up for grabs if all team slots are filled. Sunny Broadband has been set up with its community and customer service at the heart of everything they do, created out of frustration with mainstream providers to give people a friendly and efficient alternative. Luke Derbyshire, Sunny Broadband’s Managing Director, explained, “I have always been a gamer and I love grassroots gaming events such as epic.LAN, so as we launch our new services here at Sunny Broadband, I am keen to support epic.LAN and the CS:GO community that I’ve been a part of for so long. I fully understand the importance of a quality connection when gaming online, so we hope to introduce some new gamers to our platform and show them a different and hassle-free approach from a UK ISP.” Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN, adds, “We’re already having a great year of UK esports, and the CSGO community benefits hugely from that with the major in London later this year, the Grosvenor CSGO tour currently taking place and many other opportunities in the calendar. So it seems fitting that we round out the year by partnering with Sunny Broadband to make sure that everyone at a community level gets their opportunity to be a part of one of the busiest years of esports in the UK for a long time.” epic25 will also see community esports tournaments for Dota2, Starcraft 2 and Rocket League as well as a wide range of casual gaming activities. Tickets are available at www.epiclan.co.uk
  11. We’re partnering up with Grosvenor Casinos to take CS:GO esports out to venues across the country over the coming months with a total of £10k on the line. The one-day events will have PCs provided, so all you have to do is turn up (with your own peripherals if you prefer). Qualifiers will be taking place at: • Grosvenor - Newcastle – 14th July • Grosvenor - Coventry – 21st July • Grosvenor – Manchester - 29th July • Mecca – Glasgow Quay – 11th August • Grosvenor – Reading (South) – 19th August Winners will go on to the grand final at Grosvenor Coventry later this year to compete for the grand prize. Each qualifier winning team will receive £750 and runners-up £250, with the grand final champions taking £3000, second place £1500 and third place £500. Qualifier tickets cost just £50 per team to enter and due to the nature of the venues, the tournament is restricted to ages 18 and over. You can take part in the tournament and follow all the results at grosvenor.epiclan.net. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director comments, “epic.LAN has always provided community-level tournaments for esports and recognises that some of the barriers to taking part in esports for new teams are the costs of entry and transport. That’s why we’re really looking forward to delivering this new tournament series with the team from Grosvenor Casinos so we can bring esports straight to the community and give more people opportunities to get involved”. Callum Scott, Events & Entertainment Project Manager at Rank Group added, “We are very excited about working with epic.LAN. Having played for 10 years, I know how hard it can be to get some much-needed LAN experience. We wanted to work with epic.LAN to offer tournaments outside of London, bringing it to the players and helping grow to our UK talent. It’s all about building a starting point for our future world-class teams!”
  12. epic24 Fun Tournament Prizes

    As well as our esports lineup (CSGO, Dota2, Rocket League, Starcraft2), we have a great range of fun tournaments ready for you next week at epic24, with some cool prizes from our sponsors.  You can sign up to all of our fun tournaments in advance and they include: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (4-Man Squad Tournament) Hearthstone Mario Kart Streetfighter 30th Anniversary Edition Arms Factorio We'd like to thank the following organisations for their kind support with the epic24 fun tournaments: Hearthstone - Noctua 1st Place - NH-D15 Noctua Cooler & NA-HC3 Chromax Black Swap Heat Sink Cover 2nd Place - NH-U12S Noctua Cooler & NA-HC2 Chromax White Heat Sink Cover & NA-SEC1 Chromax White Extension 3rd Place - NH-L9i Noctua Cooler & Mounting Kit Arms - Cooler Master 1st Place - Coolermaster MasterSet MS120 Keyboard & Mouse Streetfighter - Cooler Master 1st Place - MasterBox MB500 Case Mario Kart - Cooler Master 1st Place - MasterSet MS120 Keyboard & Mouse PUBG - be quiet! 1st Place - 4x Dark Base 700 Case 2nd Place - Straight Power 11 PSU 3rd Place - Dark Rock Pro 4 Fan   In addition, winners of the fun tournament and a selected winner from one daily PUBG big game will take away tickets to the ESL PUBG Invitational taking place at the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, 29 June - 1 July to watch twenty of Europe's best teams compete live on stage.   
  13. Huge epic24 upgrade announced!

    So we announced this earlier to our Facebook Community Group (you should join that for early previews and stuff).  We've just received news that the long-awaited improvements to the internet connection at the venue have been installed and activated!  The venue now has a 1Gbps line and we will be using part of the new connection for epic24.  Now as we haven't run one of our events on the new line yet, it may take some time to reconfigure everything to make the most of the connection. As we've only just been given the green light, all the old connections will remain in place for this event as a back-up.  There will still be bandwidth management and prioritisation taking place as it can't be a complete free-for-all. The new connection has to last us for quite some time as we grow and the venue grows with its plans, so it's important to make sure that the connectivity is shared out fairly and used for important things like gaming traffic, games updates, official streams and for viewing external streams (particularly when other events such as ECS are taking place). Similarly, the venue infrastructure also has to go out over the same connection, so we have to guarantee things like the gym, office PCs and other customers who may be using the site.  So bear with us while we get everything balanced out next event, but it's a major improvement to epic.LAN that has been a long time coming and will benefit everyone who attends and watches the event online.
  14. epic24 Ales

    We know this is really important to some of you attending epic24, so here are the real ale choices for the next event, as always from the local Kettering-based Potbelly Brewery.  Penalty Snout Out (4.0%) - New brew with Centennial, Simcoe and a good dose of Citra giving a hoppy flavoursome pale IPA Beijing Black (4.4%) - A strong dark mild, mild but not meek! Hedonism (4.5%) - A light coloured bitter with a citrus hoppy flavour, brewed to give a lifting but not overpowering flavour. S.O.S (6.66%) - Winner of Strong Ale Northants CAMRA 2016. Superb fruity flavoured deep red.  Oh and of course the Rhubarb cider is back, it wouldn't be a summer LAN without it! 
  15. GT Omega Returns to epic24

    Welcome back to GT Omega Racing!  You'll be able to try out all the latest GT Omega Racing gaming chairs in the gallery at epic24 from Friday to Sunday, as well as one of their awesome racing cockpits!  Plus, if you decide to buy while you're at the event, there'll be some great offers available for you on chairs and backpacks.    We'll also have our new epic.LAN branded chairs in use on our central stream throughout the weekend as well as for a number of our esports streams so our viewers online can see them too! Not gonna lie, they look really cool.  We still have some tickets available for the event, which takes place from 7-10 June at Kettering Conference Centre. Visit www.epiclan.co.uk/epic24 to book your place.