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  1. Scan & ASUS ROG Return to epic28

    Our official retail and hardware partners, Scan & ASUS ROG had such a great time earlier this year in February, they’re back once again for epic28 next week in Kettering, with even more activities and awesome kit for you all to try. AND ASUS ROG will also be sponsoring the main stage for the event which will be bringing you entertainment throughout the event for those who want to take a break from their PCs. Look out for the schedule coming soon! Based in the Arena throughout the whole event, some of the things you can experience include: The latest 3XS systems powered by Intel and ASUS ROG Demo & Stream Zone – Experience the latest ASUS ROG hardware and Elgato streaming kit on a range of demo machines and book streaming slots to show your audience what epic.LAN is all about Next Level Racing – Motion cockpit (with exclusive show offers on racing cockpits) and fastest lap challenge Loan the latest ASUS ROG peripherals to try before you buy Grab emergency supplies from the Scan shop 2 Gaming Zones Featuring Optoma 4k and 120Hz projectors Loads of prizes to be won throughout the event Special show offers from Scan and ASUS ROG epic28 has sold out of participant tickets, however there are still plenty of spectator tickets left and Turn Up & Play (TUP) tickets for the Battalion 1944 tournament. Find out more at www.epiclan.co.uk/epic28
  2. Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming Return for epic28

    Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming are back to support epic28 and this time they’re fully getting behind our huge casual LAN community! If you’re taking part in our fun tournaments, you could have the chance to win: PUBG Squads – 4x Logitech G PRO X Headsets Mario Kart Deluxe – ASTRO A40 Headset (1st), A20 (2nd) , A10 (3rd) Dota Underlords - ASTRO A40 Headset (1st), A20 (2nd) , A10 (3rd)   PLUS, there’s an extra surprise for everyone taking part in our revamped pub quiz on Friday night, so round up a team, take a break from your PCs and head to the main stage to register. Make sure you give the teams at Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming a follow to find out the latest about their professional gaming gear: twitter.com/LogitechGUK twitter.com/ASTROGamingUK
  3. epic28 SOLD OUT

    Less than one year after we expanded our events in to the Kettering Conference Centre Arena, we've sold out of BYOC tickets for epic28! We still have spectator tickets left and a number of Turn Up and Play (TUP) tickets for the Battalion 1944 tournament only.  A sellout for us, really does mean a sellout, we will not be able to increase the number of spaces available this close to the event as all of our logistics are in place.  That means the only way of getting a BYOC ticket at this point is through the waiting list.  Joining the Waiting List We will work through the waiting list in the following priorities: People wishing to join existing teams/groups who have part paid and need to finish their lineups Individual teams/participants who do not already have groups attending Waiting list tickets only become available if people cancel their spaces.  If you wish to join the waiting list, make sure you already have an epic.LAN account and then create a support ticket explaining whether you are on your own or part of a team or group, if you are part of a team, let us know which one! Make sure your team has signed up to the tournament website if you are taking part in the esports tournaments as it helps us to prioritise the waiting list accordingly.  Check your emails regularly once you are on the waiting list. If a slot becomes available you will be emailed with instructions and a time by which you need to claim the space (usually 24h), if you don't respond on time, the place will be offered to the next person on the list. If you don't respond to multiple offers, you will drop off the waiting list.   Cancelling Your Ticket Normal cancellation policy applies, as we are beyond the cutoff date for refunds, we can only refund your ticket if we are able to resell your ticket to a member of the waiting list.  Cancellations will be refunded, minus the £10 admin fee, back to the original account used for payment.  Transfers Tickets are non-transferrable unless you have either bought multiple tickets (in which case the first ticket is yours and the additional tickets need to be allocated to your other players). Alternatively you can buy or upgrade to a flex ticket which can be transferred. If you did not buy a flex ticket originally, you can upgrade by going to your booking and adding the Flex Ticket Upgrade service to your account. Once you've done so, create a support ticket letting us know who you wish to transfer the ticket to.  Seating We will try as much as possible to help groups sit together, but with a full event, it is very difficult to move people around as every move has a knock-on effect on other groups. We will try where possible to rearrange people to get groups sat together, but we cannot guarantee that those who have booked last will get to sit together. In the mean time, we would advise you to pick seats as close as possible together. 
  4. epic.LAN 2020

    Grab your diaries, put the holiday requests in, it's the epic.LAN 2020 dates! epic29 - Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 February epic30 - Thursday 2 - Sunday 5 July epic31 - Thursday 8 - Sunday 11 October   February - Pretty much the same as last year, making sure we avoid valentine's weekend as apparently that's an issue! Arena event. July - Later than usual, June was hurting us because of exam season so we've bumped it back a couple of weeks, but still avoiding full on summer holiday period because of people going on real holidays. Unsure as to whether this will be Arena or smaller event, will decide next few weeks. October - Again, about the same as weekend as this year, it seems to work so why change it. Pretty sure it will be arena event based on current October numbers.
  5. That cat's finally out of the bag, Battalion 1944 will be coming to epic28 with a huge £15k tournament thanks to a partnership between Bulkhead, The Plays and Chillblast.  Participants around the world will be able to take part in the massive tournament either on a BYOC or Turn Up & Play basis with 40 Chillbast PCs available for Battalion 1944 players only.  If you're taking part in the tournament, make sure you select the specific Battalion 1944 BYOC or TUP ticket types when you book for epic28.   Aaron Baker, Community Manager at Bulkhead explains, "For us at Bulkhead and many of those within Battalion's competitive scene, epic.LAN has been a right of passage providing an affordable and more community-driven event within the UK - an ethos we too believe in. Taking your first steps at a grass roots level should be open to all and with the help from our friends at Chillblast (who have kindly provided 40 turn up and play machines) that idea has become a reality. Up to as many of 32 teams will face off at the Kettering Conference Centre for their share of up to £15,000 on October 10th - 13th." Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director added,  "Everyone at epic.LAN is really excited about adding in Battalion 1944 to our October lineup and bringing some classic FPS communities to our events. There's been a huge amount of hype about the game over recent months from our existing community and new players, so we're honoured to have been selected to host this grass roots tournament by the team at Bulkhead and to show off the epic.LAN experience to the Battalion 1944 community. Huge thanks to Bulkhead, The Plays and Chillblast for making the tournament happen, now let's see the community step up to make it an amazing tournament to watch!"   Tickets are available now for the epic28 Battalion 1944 Tournament at www.epiclan.co.uk/epic28.   Prize Triggers 8 Teams - £6,000 12 Teams - £8,000 16 Teams - £12,000 32 Teams - £15,000
  6. Farewell to the epic.FORUMS

    It’s time to bid farewell to the epic.FORUMS, as we will be putting them into read only mode on Friday 14th July. They’ve served epic.LAN well for many years, being a place where we could communicate, share content and keep up to date on everything epic related, and have a chat about our favourite TV shows, and play a few games as well. We’re all using other methods to communicate now, so we’re going to put the interaction part that was on the forums into Discord. This will go into our current layout, although we’ll occasionally create specific (and sometimes temporary) channels when we’re looking for feedback on certain things, such as event-specific defrag plans, through to time-limited events info. We’d like to make sure you’re all following us on twitter at twitter.com/epiclan and also remind you to sign up to discord at discord.gg/epiclan – these will be the primary ways of getting in touch with us before, during and after events. I’m going to be sharing some stats and stuff from the forums on twitter and discord over the next few days …oh, and for those of you who were looking to get the last word on ‘last post wins’ – we’re announcing this as Kameo, for his June 29th post. Anything after this announcement doesn’t count, sadly, since that would be cheating. Although Dunceantix would like you to know that, as the server demigod, he could always have had the last word. Just saying. The forums will remain in archive mode for the next few months, and we’re also making sure that all galleries and photos move across to flickr. Look for new and interesting developments that will reward and encourage communication on Discord in future (we’re playing with some interesting stuff) and make sure you all keep in touch! Cheers, love! Jamie ‘reech’ Walker Community Manager

    As we celebrate five years of support from ASTRO Gaming here at epic.LAN, we’re excited to announce that both ASTRO and Logitech G will be back to support epic27 in force this June for both casual and esports participants. Firstly, the Rocket League tournament prize pool has been boosted thanks to LogitechG with participants now able to win up to £2500 plus Logitech G prizes for 1st & 2nd Place. Then the casual gamers will have the chance to win amazing ASTRO and Logitech G gear in a range of fun tournaments. And to top it off they will also be supporting the epic27 pub quiz, which means that all entry fees in to the pub quiz will be donated to our friends at Special Effect who are doing amazing work by bringing fun and inclusion in to the lives of people with physical disabilities through gaming and technology. LAN fans will also get the opportunity to win tickets to epic27 over the coming weeks, keep an eye on @ASTROGamingUK and @LogitechGUK for your chance to win. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director, said “A massive thank you to both Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming for coming back to support epic27. Both brands joined us for our arena event earlier in the year and having worked together for 5 years now, they really understand what epic.LAN is about, particularly the great balance we have been community and competitive gaming as shown by the range of activities supported at epic27 this June.” "We're very excited to be supporting epic27 this June with both Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming. epic.LAN continues to create fun, engaging and competitive experiences for its community. Logitech G will be supporting the Rocket League tournament with ASTRO providing product support for the stage and fun tournaments. We can't wait to see the action take place in June." added Anne-Marie McGarry, Logitech UK There are still tickets left for epic27, but they’re going fast, so check out www.epiclan.co.uk/epic27 to grab your space now.
  8. Grosvenor CSGO Season 2

    After the success of the inaugural epic.LAN CSGO Championships in conjunction with Grosvenor Casinos, organisers have confirmed that the tournament will return for Season 2 this spring. Adopting a similar format to Season 1, the tournament will tour Grosvenor venues around the UK with LAN qualifiers and all PCs provided for the players by epic.LAN. In addition, as part of Grosvenor Casinos’ commitment to community-level esports in the UK, they will also be one of the sponsors for the epic26 CSGO tournament taking place 7-10 February in Kettering which will see the prize pool boosted across all tiers up to a maximum £6000 if all 48 team spots fill up.  Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN explains, “The aim of the first season was to encourage more grassroots esports participation from players by removing many of the barriers we often hear about when players move from the bedroom to live events. By taking tournaments closer to players, along with all the kit needed and a low entry price, we saw many new entrants in to live esports in Season 1 and I can’t wait to work with Grosvenor Casinos once again to grow the UK community.” Barry Lyons, Head of Events Experience at Rank Group added, “We’re delighted to be working with epic.LAN once again to build on the success of our first season. With our commitment to responsible gambling and our well-regulated casinos, we are pleased to support community esports for adult players. We’ve spent a lot of time analysing the Season 1 feedback to make the next season an even better experience for the players and we’re looking forward to the journey which will culminate on 5 May.” The tournament will run from 2nd March to 5th May and will only be available to participants aged 18+, concluding once again at Grosvenor Casino Coventry in the Ricoh Arena. Season 2 venues include: Manchester (Didsbury) Reading South Newcastle-upon-Tyne Nottingham Cardiff For more information about the tournament, visit grosvenor.epiclan.net. Dates and booking information will be announced over the coming days.
  9. More Logitech & ASTRO Gaming Prizes at epic26!

    Casual gamers at epic26, don’t think that we forgot about you with all the recent announcements! The Logitech & ASTRO Gaming family have got you covered too as they’ll be supporting even more activities at epic26, including: Fun PUBG Squads Tournament Breakfast & Chill Stage Shows Pub Quiz And thanks to Logitech & ASTRO support on the pub quiz, that also means that all your entry fees will be donated to Special Effect! All three areas will also have the chance to win swag and prizes from Logitech and ASTRO Gaming too, so make sure you’re taking part in our casual programme at epic26 to win. PUBG Fun Tournament Prizes 1st Place - 4x G502 HERO Gaming Mice 2nd Place - 4x C922 Webcams Just over two weeks to go, less than 80 tickets remaining, it’s definitely time to grab your seat at the first big LAN party of 2019 at www.epiclan.co.uk/epic26.
  10. An old friend gives back to the community

    I think it's fair to say that epic.LAN has become the home of the UK Starcraft 2 community over recent years. Bearing in mind the game was released nearly 10 years ago, epic26 is about to see a full SC2 tournament with 32 players, with a community that is showing some more recent titles how it's done.  The SC2 players are always friendly and show the event and the epic.LAN staff a world of respect; because we keep supporting the community, they keep coming back, event after event and they're a pleasure to have at our LANs.  Earlier this week, I was contacted by someone who attended their first epic.LAN as a Starcraft 2 player in 2014, and went on to win the tournament at epic14, take 2nd place at epic15 & epic16 before moving on to play (and win) Overwatch at epic20 and of course Overwatch is where you will find Boombox playing now, but now with OWL team, Philadelphia Fusion.  Boombox has kindly offered to contribute towards the epic26 Starcraft 2 prize pool and specifically asked for prizes to be paid out to more participants, down to 8th place, which seems like the perfect reward for the Starcraft 2 community's biggest attendance at epic.LAN.  Isaac didn't actually want any credit for his kind gesture but I felt it was such a nice thing to do, and that it's so heartwarming to see people remembering where they started their esports careers after moving on to bigger things, we really should make a fuss about what he's done for the SC2 players this event, though he probably won't forgive me for posting his epic14 winner picture and may suddenly change his mind!  I look forward to seeing the SC2 community in force at epic26! 
  11. Premium gaming equipment manufacturer, ASTRO Gaming, has joined the growing list of epic26 partners to support the Rocket League esports tournament with their professional gamer audio range. Rocket League was added in to the epic.LAN line-up as an esports title last year after many years as a popular fun tournament and now with ASTRO support, players at the event will see one of the biggest epic.LAN prize pools to date for the title. ASTRO Gaming’s support will mean that the epic26 cash prize pool is boosted across all tiers for Rocket League as well as additional hardware prizes for the 1st and 2nd place teams.   Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director said, “Rocket League has been a great title for epic.LAN for a number of years now thanks the accessibility of the format, and with the recent cross-platform announcement, we’re excited to see where the game heads next. Thanks to ASTRO support at epic26, we’ll be able to give something back to the Rocket League players who continue to support the epic.LAN community.” "ASTRO Gaming is committed to support a wide range of community focused events and activities across the globe. epic.LAN has shown passion to create a consistently inclusive and engaging experience for their community for years. Rocket League is an amazing title to support with a broad level of appeal, interaction, and entertainment for gamers of many ages. With all of our core values aligned, supporting both the epic.LAN and Rocket League communities at epic26 makes perfect sense, and we are excited to watch the action unfold at the show." said Walter Duccini - Head of ASTRO Brand, EMEA For more information about the event or to book, visit www.epiclan.co.uk/epic26, tickets are limited and expected to sell out in the next week. Find out more about the ASTRO Gaming range at www.astrogaming.co.uk    
  12. One of the world’s best-known gaming gear manufacturers, Logitech G, has teamed up with epic.LAN to sponsor its first Rainbow Six Siege tournament this February along with the Koyo Store. The tournament, which is being supported by Ubisoft’s UK team, takes place at Kettering Conference Centre from 7-10 February and is open to all teams aged 18+. Logitech G’s support will see the epic26 cash prize pool boosted across all tiers for Rainbow Six Siege as well as additional hardware prizes for the 1st and 2nd place teams. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director said, “As epic.LAN grows in 2019, we’re pleased to welcome new partners Logitech G to their first epic.LAN event and are really excited that they’ve chosen to support our inaugural Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament. Siege is going through such an exciting phase right now in the UK and Logitech G is the perfect gaming partner to help us put on a great LAN tournament for the community.” Anne-Marie McGarry, Marketing Manager, Logitech G added, “We’re a big supporter of the global esports community, and are stoked to be working with epic.LAN on this partnership. It shows how much the esports community is moving to the next level and we’re looking forward to seeing the best of the best shoot it out in the Rainbow Six Siege tournament.” For more information about the event or to book, visit www.epiclan.co.uk/epic26, tickets are limited. Find out more about the Logitech G range of hardware at www.logitechg.com.

    Following on from the announcement last year as epic.LAN’s official hardware and retail partners for 2019, Scan and ASUS will be kicking off the first epic.LAN of the year as headline sponsors to the event. Both companies will have a huge presence at the event as the traditional LAN party expands in to Kettering Conference Centre’s main hall, creating one of the biggest demonstration areas ever at epic.LAN for participants to enjoy in their downtime between casual and competitive games.   A joint Scan, Intel and ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) stand will feature in the main hall and include: ROG product demonstration area ROG showcase PCs ROG shop with amazing show offers on the latest hardware and peripherals 2x HTC VIVE demonstration areas with prizes HTC VIVE Pro Racing Simulator with best lap time prizes ROG Bus kitted out with the latest products and more prizes to win Prizes for a range of epic26 fun tournaments and activities Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director said, “With the growth of epic.LAN in 2019, we finally have room to put on a range of really cool activities for our participants and spectators. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the year than the huge Scan and ASUS zone at the event, giving people the chance to unwind between games, try out the latest technology before buying and even grab new hardware without having to leave the event.” Charlotte Hodgen, Scan Computers Brand Manager added, “Gaming sits at the heart of Scan Computers. With its new expanded space for 2019 epic.LAN is offering a fantastic opportunity for us to bring our business straight to the real players. Working with our partner Republic of gamers we are truly excited to be bringing a whole host of new and exciting products along to the event for all to try out and we will have plenty of fun activities, offers and giveaways on the stand to really help the epic.LAN event be even more EPIC.” epic26 takes place from 7-10 February at Kettering Conference Centre, limited tickets are still available at www.epiclan.co.uk About epic.LAN epic.LAN is one of the leading community gaming and esports organisations in the UK, delivering LAN events since 2003. Outside of our own events, we also provide gaming and technical support to a range of industry partners. Read more about epic.LAN consumer events at www.epiclan.co.uk and business services at www.epiclanservices.co.uk About Scan Computers Scan Computers has been a driving force in the Computer and technology industries since 1987 and is currently leading the charge in the fields of Gaming, Audio and video integration, deep learning and AI development. Our Award winning 3XS Systems are a foundation for inspiration, from the home gamer right through to industry professionals, offering the highest levels of performance, reliability and style. For the home user PC gaming sits at the core of Scan Computers. So much so that we have dedicated a whole division to offering the best of the best, from the self-build PC enthusiast, to the eSports competitors, to the emerging Streaming platform pioneers, ‘Scan Pro Gaming’ offers everything you need to start your mission and the know how to help you achieve your success. Find out more at www.scan.co.uk/shop/gaming About ASUS Republic of Gamers For years since its establishment, ASUS aimed to put an ever-great emphasis on PC gaming. This process resulted in the 2006 founding of the Republic of Gamers brand (ROG), formed for the sole purpose of delivering the most innovative hardcore hardware for the trylu dedicated gamers. Since then, the efforts of the ROG team have led to a constant flow of PC gaming technology that has becomes legendary among enthusiastic for its performance. Find out more at rog.asus.com
  14. Gloucester-based hosting provider Fasthosts have joined forces with epic.LAN to sponsor the epic26 CS:GO tournament this February which will see the prize pool boosted as well as a 12-month match server for the winning team which will be managed by epic.LAN’s game server control platform. epic.LAN hosts the majority of its online infrastructure with the UK-based hosting company and has a long history of working together going back to 2012 when the companies worked together to deliver two huge online CSS and COD4 tournaments each with 128 teams taking part. During epic26, epic.LAN will be showcasing the new Fasthosts Bare Metal Server range with online aspects of the event including external CS:GO TV relays and Twitch stream relays to show off their capabilities.   The Fasthosts team will also be sending along LAN survival packs for epic26 attendees to power the players as well as the infrastructure. Jon Winkle, epic.LAN Managing Director said, “As a long-term Fasthosts customer, it’s great to be working alongside the team to improve our online service quality but also to give something back to the CS:GO community who have supported epic.LAN in force over the past few years. Outside of our LAN events, we’re currently working with several clients to deliver online projects utilising Fasthosts Bare Metal Servers and we’ve been seeing some amazing performance results which we will be sharing soon.” Catherine Grayson, PR Manager at Fasthosts adds, "Fasthosts is very excited about supporting epic.LAN this year. Not only is this an exciting event to be part of, but working with the epic.LAN team is a great opportunity for technical event organisers and gamers to find out how we can support them, from dedicated to bare metal servers. I’m really looking forward to attending next month and reporting back on the success of the event." epic26 takes place from 7-10 February at Kettering Conference Centre, tickets are available at www.epiclan.co.uk. Find out more about the technology being used for the online services at www.fasthosts.co.uk/cloud-servers/bare-metal-servers.
  15. Rainbow Six Siege comes to epic26

    With the massively growing popularity of Rainbow Six Siege, we're really excited to confirm that it will be part of our 2019 esports lineup, kicking off at epic26 in February!  We've been working closely with Ubisoft UK to launch the 5 on 5 PC tournament which will kick off on Friday 8th February, running through to the finals on Sunday 10th February. The minimum age for participants will be 18+.  The prize pool currently sits at up to £3500 (with the opportunity to increase with further sponsorship) thanks to support from The Koyo Store who will also be furnishing the winning teams with some of their really cool official pins!  Signups are now open for our first Rainbow Six Siege tournament!