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  1. Perhaps an early start to the feedback on this one. I've just got home, unpacked all the gear, set it back up and lo and behold I'm sat at my rig for a change. But on the flip side, everything is fresh in my memory and so a good time to write a fair review. The Good: Almost everything. I had a very good event. This was my first Epic LAN ever and my first LAN at all in about 15 years. Straight off the bat I want to say thank you to all the staff and volunteers - you've made my weekend very enjoyable and easy going. Thank you. I wont be able to list all of the individual good things that added up to my enjoying the event, and sadly I will focus specifically on some things in the negative side that were frustrating purely because the event was so good otherwise, but I will 100% be booking another event in the future. The Gallery: The streams in the Gallery were good, as were the levels of participation on most events. Setting up: Our group had a couple of issues (mainly cos we're potatoes, and we're old now too xD) but within minutes someone from the network group sorted us out. Internet speeds: Were great - managed to do a couple of streams from the event with no issues whatsoever. The toilets: Generally very good. Always clean and only once without any paper in one of the cubicles. Good work by the facilities staff there. This is such an easy thing to get wrong and when events do it makes it much less enjoyable. These guys did a great job and they deserve the praise. Security: Nice guys - always friendly. Barely noticed them doing their work a lot of the time and to me that's good security. The Bad: The food: I'm going to be brutal now. It was mostly shit. Breakfast: Good sausage, bacon, egg, beans etc (don't know about mushrooms, I've seen other's say they weren't great but i don't eat them anyway). The toast was perhaps the driest thing I've ever had the displeasure of eating. Lunch: Tried the burger twice. It didn't get better the second time. Lukewarm at best, flavourless and just all-round not nice. Didn't try a panini. Chips... Oh Chips... How hard is it to just do chips well. Cold and undercooked generally. Dinner: Didn't bother, lunch put me off. Thanks Dominos for making sure I didn't starve. The Bar: I'm afraid it doesn't get much better here. The first round I bought included 12 jagerbombs and several pints. It's a good job I can add, because even with the help of the till the staff weren't capable. Tried to overcharge me by £12 and not for the only time during the event. The wait times were awful. Numerous times I went and there must have been 20-30 people waiting with 1 member of staff on. The real ales: Please stop buying those awful bag in a box things. It's flat, unappealing and watching the bar staff struggle with tipping the bag up to drain the last drop into a cup (multiple times) is just painful to see. My suggestion - buy in real ale bottles or don't bother. On the bright side, considering it was in a plastic cup the cider and lager weren't too bad. The "Wooooooo" kiddies: Please. Just stop. You are adults. No. The Ugly: PERSONAL HYGIENE. Showers are provided. Deodorant is < £1 a can. I have no idea how you aren't able to smell yourself. There is no excuse. Please be more considerate of those sharing the venue with you. Overall: An enjoyable and memorable event. Meeting up with people I've gamed for years with at a great event. I'm sorry the negative points appear longer than the positive ones. They certainly don't outweigh the positives. I will definitely be back at an Epic LAN again in the near future. Once again Thank you to all the team for your efforts.
  2. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Quick question, i know it isnt 1984 anymore but can you pay on card at the bar and caterers? Cheers
  3. Big Games at epic25

    will do - we're all arriving thursday afternoon/evening so once its calmed down with check ins etc ill come find you. If you arent busy we're in FI-M1-M5 and we can get it sorted (y)
  4. Big Games at epic25

    Just incase anyone else is a fellow survivalist: We're taking our server to co-loc and we'll be running DayZ on it. 0.63 (experimental), will probably have 10-15 slots (whilst we test it - may be more later). I'll update the details and password nearer the time, just a heads up incase anyone needs to update to the right version before LAN
  5. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Any news on what drinks the bar will be stocking?
  6. epic25 - Event Defrag

    @Gumpster I've checked the updated picture for Fair Isle and its only showing 4 SVG seats together on row M. There are 5 of us in total: Munkey, Tarquin666, Derthroid5, Spare and ATDGamer. Could you please update that for us? Thanks
  7. epic25 - Event Defrag

    @Gumpster ATDGamer is a late booking for SVG clan, wondered if you could keep us in FI, sat together, preferrably not on the row of the bar but anywhere else we dont mind. Much appreciated =]
  8. Excited - far too early xD

    So I've just spent a bit of time reading through the forums for older events and my giddyness is becoming unbridled. It's my first epic event, and my first LAN in nearly 15 years. Firstly - Booze: Do you know if any real ales will be on the bar menu this event, and whether prices will be as per previous events? Secondly - Fun Tournaments: Any ideas what you're likely to be playing or running? Hoping that since bluehole/PUBG Corp opened up Custom Games to all that something will be running for that at the event Thirdly - Lifts: I'll be travelling up from Milton Keynes on the Thursday aiming to arrive at my hotel by 2-3pm. If anyone along the way (or a reasonable distance off of it) wants a lift I'll probably have room for 1 or two at a push with all the gear needed. I'm on the discord and (name Munkey also) so feel free to @ or DM me if you want to discuss See you all soon Broys.
  9. Ant and dec

    But don't you think there'll be a whole host of new material to choose from this year Kappa
  10. Chairs

    Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere. Its my first event and I wondered if its possible to bring my own chair as well as my rig? I'm basically an old man now and 4 days on a plastic school chair wont be doing my back any favours xD Cheers