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  1. epic25 - Event Defrag

    @Gumpster ATDGamer is a late booking for SVG clan, wondered if you could keep us in FI, sat together, preferrably not on the row of the bar but anywhere else we dont mind. Much appreciated =]
  2. Excited - far too early xD

    So I've just spent a bit of time reading through the forums for older events and my giddyness is becoming unbridled. It's my first epic event, and my first LAN in nearly 15 years. Firstly - Booze: Do you know if any real ales will be on the bar menu this event, and whether prices will be as per previous events? Secondly - Fun Tournaments: Any ideas what you're likely to be playing or running? Hoping that since bluehole/PUBG Corp opened up Custom Games to all that something will be running for that at the event Thirdly - Lifts: I'll be travelling up from Milton Keynes on the Thursday aiming to arrive at my hotel by 2-3pm. If anyone along the way (or a reasonable distance off of it) wants a lift I'll probably have room for 1 or two at a push with all the gear needed. I'm on the discord and (name Munkey also) so feel free to @ or DM me if you want to discuss See you all soon Broys.
  3. Ant and dec

    But don't you think there'll be a whole host of new material to choose from this year Kappa
  4. Chairs

    Sorry if i've missed this elsewhere. Its my first event and I wondered if its possible to bring my own chair as well as my rig? I'm basically an old man now and 4 days on a plastic school chair wont be doing my back any favours xD Cheers