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  1. epic25 Saturday Night Event: Laniversary!

    epic25 is our first epic LAN so sounds like a great time to be starting out. We used to go to the multplay LANs before... well, you know.
  2. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Does anyone know if you can swap things around on the brekkies? e.g. No saus/shroom/hash brown but extra bacon. Are the burgers customisable too? e.g. s/fried burger no salsa? Oh and shot in the dark but anyone know if the s/fried chicken burgers are chicken fillet? Ta!
  3. Ease of parking?

    Ah cool - sounds great for getting set up if you can park close. My bigger worry was returning to the car park throughout the day (e.g. to drive to Nandos down the road!); but sounds like spaces aren't going to be that hard to find.
  4. Hi! Quick question - what's parking like at the conference center? I noticed the LAN has "free" parking but is it a first come first serve (hold your spot or lose it!) or is it easy to drive to hotel, park up next morning, drive for food, park after etc?