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  1. F1 2015 Sweepstake

  2. F1 2015 Sweepstake

    Put Hg and I in again. Will send payment now EDIT: Sent
  3. epic.THIRTEEN Bar and Catering Feedback

    sampled quite a bit more of the venue catering than I usually do and have to say I enjoyed it! Had an extra large portion of lasagne (chap serving must have thought I needed it) and actually had to stop him by saying that's plenty yesterday with the chilli! The chilli was really nice and I also liked the fact they used basmati rice rather than that horrible catering long-grain rice you usually get. The pork bap was also good as usual although I'd love a bit of gravy on it as well.
  4. Join the Team for epic.THIRTEEN

    PM'd you Jon
  5. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    Hg and I are in...would like to see Winbar's face if Hg gets Vettel for the 3rd time
  6. F1 2013 Sweepstake

    I don't remember any incidents of team-mate crashes this year
  7. epic.ELEVEN - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good Meeting new people (That means you Mr McClane!) Our corner of win Everbody - because you are all just awesome Event staff - as always Not having to run around after CS kids anymore Having a nice hotel room Fun tournamens & big games Costa and Nandos run The Bad Not getting to play werewolves as I got so tired Price & quantity supplied of tea Got a tad warm but not unbearable Amount of stupid emails to respond to when I got back to work The Ugly Hopefully no one saw me (not drink related) puking in the car park
  8. Mario Kart Wii Fun Tournament Winner

    Well done everyone who took part, it was fun and a good change to normal lan games. I think I could definitely use some banana skins etc in real life to drop in front of middle lane drivers!
  9. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Really pleased Kami here Ordered a pork roll and asked if there was any apple sauce. There wasn't any available so some was made up some right away. So pork roll, stuffing and added apple-sauce of win makes a happy Kami. Thank you!
  10. Hi all, My uncle is looking for a website developer / company to create a new website for his business (it is all to do with psychology and online psychology treatments - how that works I have no idea). From the sounds of it it is a pretty big job and he has asked if I know anyone to recommend so I thought I would ask you lot with all your contacts/experience as I have no idea! It will need to be pretty all singing all dancing interactivity wise with chatroom, blogs, video, facebook etc links, google-friendly and be secure for credit card payments. Before you ask yes there is a financial incentive. I don't know any more than the above but I can put you in contact for more info. So really it is just a question about who would you recommend for developing Thanks PM me if needed
  11. Casual Timetable Announced

    I shall have to defend my mario kart champion status! woo!
  12. Lets play a game....

    You've got to, it even rhymes therefore it must happen
  13. Lets play a game....

  14. F1 2013 Sweepstake

    oh dear oh dear
  15. UKCS CSS Football

    Looks quite fun!