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  1. The Toilets, The Showers and the extra 300 people...

    Does the gym have separate showers? Might pick up the £20 gym pass just for access to those?
  2. epic26 Catering Menu and Feedback

    I'm lactose intolerant so may need to have similar conversations... But very happy to eat vegan if there are options as it guarantees that it's milk free
  3. EPIC board games

    I'll shove these two in my car boot... Got a brand new copy of https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/123096/space-cadets that I got for Christmas a few years ago and never played as it's kinda complicated and never had enough people with enough braincells gathered in the same place to take a crack at it. Reckon it's worth bringing?
  4. EPIC board games

    I'd love to do a board game or two. Might bring a few with me...