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  1. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Please defragmentation me and Stevieboiwonder near to Duffa and his 4 teammates. Don't have to be right next to, vicinity is fine Danke
  2. I like trains

  3. epic25 Saturday Night Event: Laniversary!

    How does everyone feel about a GamingWithoutDiscs cosplay?
  4. Coatsink Sponsor epic24 Pub Quiz

  5. SpecialEffect @ epic23

    I'll be in Lakeside - I work at Coatsink - looking to get some giveaway codes for Shu on Steam if interested? Managed to source 3 global Steam keys, let me know if you'd like to use them as a giveaway to drive more donations on your stream.
  6. epic23 - Event Defrag

    Stevieboywonder needs to be next to me. We're all OK with being moved to where you've put us in general, but It needs to go Steve, Kane, Saboo.
  7. epic23 - Event Defrag

    @MRated Secs is tehladz (its Jamie and his fiance Stacey). He is also incapable of following instructions such as 'update your clan tag to tehladz' Stayfreshshoe should have updated his and is also tehladz You are correct in thinking Saboo is tehladz also.
  8. Epic.Beach Party

    I've signed into this forum for the first time in maybe 2 years to simply say this:
  9. Hey there friends! Is there anyone in fair isle who is there to play CS Go but is in rows A through to F? If so, I have seat FI-J11 available in the CS GO section and will switch with ANYONE in rows A through to F. Please fire a reply here if the above is the case and lets scratch each others backs <3
  10. First!

    Can't come On holiday!
  11. A Few Things

    Can confirm this is not the case. Problems exist across the board and the team are working as hard as they can to resolve issues. I'm also a little frustrated, but the LAN is working fine, so I suggest some SupraBall in the meantime P.S DoD: Source in 30 on LAN P.P.S Mine and Jon's efforts on Twitter should hopefully soon resolve the Battle.net issues
  12. A Few Things

    Thanks for the swift response sexy
  13. A Few Things

    FTP (ftp://ftp) isn't working RESOLVED Battle.net BEING RESOLVED Rows L & M in Fair Isle on wrong subnet TICKET SENT