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  1. epic.TEN - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    The Good The epic.staff are indeed epic. I'm a huge fan of the epic.staff – no matter what's going on, they are always happy to help, friendly & cheerful; even when everything is falling down around them. Bravo guys. 'Just Dance' – brilliant idea! The bar staff were happy & just plain cool! I think we open their eyes to the life of a gaming community though! But they were awesome. As were the catering staff, who were very helpful & would clean up without question or prompting. They didn't let things get really dirty or the bins over flow & always had a smile. The layout of the venue was really nice too – the venue as a whole just seemed a lot more modern, fresh & spacious. I liked the idea of the pub quiz being on the second day of the LAN as it seemed to spread out the gaming a bit more. The Bad Portland room was cold a lot of the time, however, that'll be fine for the summer LANs! The people who let the epic.team down re:internet! Bastards! Idiots Not so much a bad point, but the huge amount of board games took a number of people away from the computer games. That Pussy wasn't exactly tasty! Hearing three variations of the same song in a row. Really?! Seriously...I like listening to music, but sort it out! We would be listening to some god awful songs that were all 'la-dee-da' & slow & soppy one minute, then Hanson's 'MMMBop' for the second time that day. With the amount of music there is, this shouldn't have to happen. The Ugly Stupidly large teams during the pub quiz...two teams sharing a table? Yeah...all right then...I totally believe that they were being honest & weren't conferring in order to win... My migraine at the end of the LAN, so apology’s for all those I missed saying goodbye to. And anyone who complains about the internet or servers should STFU – it's a new venue, there are going to be bugs before everyone gets into a new routine. The internet problem had little to do with the epic.team so therefore I think they did really well coping with it how they did. Besides...you don't go to a LAN to go online. You don't go to a LAN expecting the net connection to be amazing.
  2. Double Birthday!

    Awww! Thanks guys!! This is awesome! Had a super time over my Birthday & the fun just keeps on going! Have a fabulous time at lite to those who are going!
  3. Epic 6: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Good: Everything. I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to just one thing. I appear to have played more games, & yet, at the same time, done a lot more socialising! The showers are still excellent for what they are, the burger van nom was om-nom-tastic, the music was at a good level, there was enough space between the rows of computer desk, the toilets were kept clean, the hall was kept cool (bravo). Bad: This doesn’t reflect the fantastic amount of work the Epic Team have done, but the venue organisers – damn VW anoraks. Ugly: Some of those struggling during the Boat Race! The Boat Race does seem to be getting bigger though, with each passing year! All in all, I had an absolute blast, & the entertainment was next to priceless! I also learnt a few things: you can now game without discs, & double clicking is the new big thing. I shall be sure to tell my friends.
  4. Seating Shunt - Lite4

    I was looking as coming as a participant - I've now booked & nabbed the last spare seat as someone dropped out! But yes - I'm being a girl & whining about sitting next to my fiance! .c.
  5. Seating Shunt - Lite4

    Would anyone object to moving along one so that I can squeeze in to around seats 5 & 7? I would love to come to one of the lites Any objections? .c.
  6. The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good: Everything. I thoroughly enjoyed myself this LAN – best one yet. I was, admittedly, thinking that I would make this one my last, but that soon changed! You guys have upped your game – congrates! • The awesome new showers – well done for finding those! • Good breakfast which was reasonably priced. I only had it the once just to save money, but it was tasty & filling – exactly what a breakfast needs to be. • DJ sets were fab & well executed. • BBQ – the staff were brilliant & cheery throughout. If I had been on the receiving end of that queue, I would have lost my rag or taken it personally. The food was well cooked (having had food poisoning from a BBQ before, that’s a big thing for me!) & there was a good choice; not just the obligatory burgers & sausages. • Quiz night & coming second. That was a real shock! Great fun as always. • The venue is brilliant. There’s a bar, there’s a sleeping area, there’s a camping area, the toilets are good, there’s a fridge, a microwave & hot water dispenser, the space is a good size, & when you’ve had enough of gaming in a dark room the stroll around the race track is a really nice walk. I think this covers quite a lot! • Getting to see people again & having a great time catching up. Living so far away from everyone else, this is a great opportunity to finally talk to people I never see. Bad: Very little, & what is bad, is only a small complaint & I realise that there can be little done about it. • The temperature. While those in the middle of the hall were complaining about being too hot, as soon as that damn door was open, the draft it caused soon sent the temperature plummeting. Shame that the partitions weren’t allowed up as that would have easily solved this problem. As for people complaining about it being too hot...er...it’s July, in a room full of hot bodies & computers all pumping out heat?! Ugly: • This forum. This thread, amongst others. I rarely visit this website (yes, I know, slap on the wrist) but get my information via the two chaps I live with, & they’ve told me what has been said on here - all I’ve heard is “moan moan moan†& what I’ve just read confirms this: “whinge whinge whingeâ€. My god – do you people expect the world from these poor people that don’t have to put together these LANs? There is no contract, & no real moral obligation. If it were me, I would have packed up these LANs long ago if I put in all this hard work & effort & then just get people moaning about it afterwards. Yes, there have been problems, but you’re not staying in 5 star commendation. The people organising this event aren’t being paid & have limited resources. They are trying their best to give you guys a great time. I treat EPIC as a bit of a holiday – may as well be because they are so far away, but we are more than happy to travel the distance because we have such a good time when we get there. But it’s like some of you are little princesses that need to have everything done for you & can’t possibly think of ‘roughing it’ a bit! Did you leave your nail files at home?! The staff? You did brilliently. Always there with a smile & a helping hand. Many thanks for giving us an awesome time once again.
  7. epic.three DJ Superchief Track Request

    Infinity 2008 by Guru Josh Project