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    This is just a week away, so the question is. Is anyone going?
  2. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    Was going to say wasn't that Vette? "First engine failure during a race - Hamilton" but yes Vettel's car had a fault reported first but Hamilton pitted a lap before him. Damn just seen the latest news!
  3. Elite:Dangerous

    The current word on the Alpha forums is that combat looks great using the dev versions. Should be even better when the retail ones come out. Just a few issues with the side holo displays and being able to read them. But if the first Alpha build is anything to go by then the game will be out real soon as its so bug free that people are picking on anything little to report back.
  4. Elite:Dangerous

    Think its time to restart this thread With only about three months left until the planned launch date, the Alpha testing has started and Beta isn't too far off. So has anyone other than me played the current combat test? Or if not have you watched the online videos? What do you think of it so far? Anyone got Beta access?
  5. F1 2013 Sweepstake

    So bad that he couldn't even manage to lose at losing
  6. But I was wearing a white helmet to hide my identity. That made it OK they told me so
  7. As the only driver to turn up to the starting grid can i claim the 303 points that were on offer for the three races? I think that should give me the Epic F1 2012 world championship title
  8. While I agree with you there is a flaw with your statement. Yes its true that the developers and publishers don't make anything on the sale of used game, at the end of the day it doesnt really effect the multiplayer side as much as they make out. If the total sales for a game was 100 copies and 10 were sold on second hand, the number of multiplayers would still be 100 as there would still be the same number of gamers with it. If the 10 gamers were unable to sell their copies and no longer played then the multiplayer servers would have lost 10% of their user base and the publishers would more than likely be thinking about closing down the server. The only thing that changes is the profit they make on the cost of running the servers based on the number of player vs the number of copies sold. The only way that they are likely to make any money on the gamers not willing to pay the full price but wait for used copies is to either have use once codes and charge fee for a second one or offer the new game at a discounted price that close enough to the used price, that will make the used game market buyers think it worth spending that extra to get a boxed new copy. At the end of the day it's the people that are playing using pirated copies of the game that are really costing them money not the used game market.
  9. Monaco and just the first corner lol
  10. Since I'm the first person to post do I get pole? And can we try not to have a GP2 start.... Please..... lol
  11. New Mid-Week Mayhem

    Yer like he said above. Voom Voom, crash crash
  12. Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

    Yes Elsie I fully agree with you, what I meant was that it look to me that at least the bit near the end all they did was take the WOK script and just swap the two main cast names.
  13. Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

    Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan anybody?
  14. Space Oddity

    Must just be me but all the sci-fi on tv and in films makes me look at that video and think it been shot on a blue screen etc.
  15. Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer

    Dont watch this as its a real SPOILER Gives too much of the plot away