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  1. Games worth rating on Greenlight

    Must be done, looking so good Black Mesa Source http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=94128543&searchtext=
  2. Say hello to VR

    Watch the video Elsie, the fact we have fantastic developers like Gabe Newell and several other industry leads who have seen it working just seems fantastic
  3. Say hello to VR

  4. epic.LAN Moves to a New Home

    That was really long to read can you summarise that further? tldr; betterer
  5. FIFA12 Tournament

    I can lend a wired 360 controller, but won't play. Football isn't my thing
  6. The Dark Knight Rises

    Is anyone pre-booking tickets and would anyone be willing to carless me a lift there? Rewards are available
  7. Om Nom Fajitas!

    Sounds good, can we pay using our PayPal accounts like in the shop for previous years?
  8. The Dark Knight Rises

    So which showing are we doing guys and girls?
  9. Magic The Gathering

    Good man, do you have Deluxe Munchkin or regular? I can bring deluixe if you want the extra feel of a firm board beneath you I've also got Zombie Fluxx, Monty Python Fluxx and recently picked up Zombie Dice (After good old Wheaton's tabletop youtube series), so can bring those if peeps are interested?
  10. one week until LAN and I am. ..

    I can only hope it gets better, good luck and our wishes are with you and your family
  11. CoD 4 Mix Team

    Lol, tell me about it. I would only want to scrim and game rather then play a serious team. Maybe we can make our own dancing team to take part
  12. The Dark Knight Rises

    I'd be game for this
  13. Lift to Epic 9

    It's an open off peak return and I have Thursday completely off, so what time is best for you Elsie? Arriving times are all 5 minutes after the hour (E.g. 15:05, 16:05, 17:05), so what is best for you?
  14. CoD 4 Mix Team

    If you're looking for randoms for a team, I'm happy to jump in for one as well. I'm a AK47-U run and gun kinda guy
  15. Lift to Epic 9

    Thanks Elsie, I will be booking my tickets tomorrow and I will let you know then