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  1. epic.Merchandise?

    I'm waiting for the Epic.Flamethrower!..... and I'm disappointed no one else has a spaceballs reference but I would also go with Lanyard
  2. Steam Updates

    It doesn't matter... valve will sense a lan event and pump out a 2 gb source engine update .. as they always do
  3. Kettering Local Map

    thanks :3
  4. Newbies guide to epic.lite

    Please do, I am unfamiliar with this game oh dear, be prepared to die an alcohol based death, don't admit you're new to the game or the yeehaa sharks will circle you like a baby harp seal. Thats stu's seat reserved between murray and winbar then! And saboo better not turn up, it will end in yehaw war I tried following it when mearly tired and not drunk.. was hard
  5. :( sad ill Raz

    thank you
  6. :( sad ill Raz

    Sadly I'm going to be unable to make it to next weeks lan due to health issues, been holding off hoping I'd show some signs of improvement but just not getting any =/ really sucks been looking forward to elite for ages but I don't think I'm even up to driving to the event, let alone having 4 sleepless nights on a blow up bed :[ Also for some reason when I try to cancel I just get a 404 error >.> so if admin staff can contact me direct I'd be thankful
  7. Games List

    I fixed your post for you
  8. epic.EIGHT Results Summary

    seems my awesome ninja skills hid me from the cameras, well all but my entry
  9. Giving people somewhere to stand and they figuring out what its for are two different things :3 I didn't think the showers where that bad... I remember the old ones.. dear god...
  10. epic.EIGHT Pub Quiz results

    sorry but...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVmbhYKDKfU
  11. Catering Feedback/Comments/Suggestions

    yes I really enjoyed the food, not that the old van was bad sausage roll and chips <3 and the breakfast was fantastic but I did break my fork
  12. epic.EIGHT Timetable

    bicko I could kiss you... well not really.. maybe just shake your hand...
  13. The Tenth!

    I came with someone at Epic 3 but he didn't like it. I've been coming back on my own ever since but that's because Epic is like Cheers ... its nice to be somewhere where everybody knows your name. *now has the theme song stuck in his head :/*