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  1. Epic Super Dungeon Explore .lite15

    Currently printing out some cheat sheets to make learning and play a lot easier.
  2. Board games. What are you bringing?

    Bringing Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten Kings and many upgrades.
  3. Epic Super Dungeon Explore .lite15

    I'm bringing the new Expansion and all previous models with me for a large game of Super Dungeon Explore. Expect a nice long campaign with many monsters, mini bosses and game changing main bosses. You can find out information about the game by clicking here. Please let me know if you are interested.
  4. elite15 - Eurovision Drinking Game

    Can't wait for this!
  5. elite4 Seating Change Hope

    I just found out I can attend elite4 but sadly I cannot sit next to my friend DrNurgle (20). I want to know if anyone is willing to help with seating move so I can sit next to him. I am at (13). So any swaps around 20 and 13 would be great. Free booze is in it for you too if you can make this happen.
  6. My web comic

    I've been writing the articles on the website. I die now.
  7. BFBC2 - Friends list

    The Ravencroft