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  1. epic25 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Breakfasts were great, the evening meals were hit and miss, The burgers were okay but Thursdays pasta effort was noteworthy in just how bad it was.
  2. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Doors Open: 4pm 26th April. Finish: 6pm 28th April. Players: 60 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cost: BYOC weekend ticket (in advance): £35 BYOC weekend ticket (On the door): £40 Day Ticket (limited number): £20 Spectator weekend ticket: £5 We are excited to announce our next event, LanOps 14! If you are interested in joining us go ahead and http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>sign up here. Please remember that payment is needed to secure your seat should we fully book up. Don't forget to all of those who have been to any of events before we are still doing our "bring-a-newb" promotion, we give you £10 back for every new player you bring! We are running the usual social and big games, and our long standing marathon tournament system will be in running for the prize handout Sunday afternoon. The timetable is http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/timetable/'>available here, allowing you to sign up to the big games and tournaments. As always we are open to your feedback join us on facebook. Still not convinced? How's this: * Improved 16' big screen: Displaying the latest event info and frag vids! * Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes! * ProjectorGames return! Bring a squad member promotion Got a friend who has never been to one of our events before? We'll give you £10 back for each person you introduce. Save money on Kustom goodies http://www.kustompcs.co.uk'>Kustom are continuing their support of LanOps and are once again offering free delivery on any orders to be delivered to the event. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Games Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish. In the past some of the games we have played are: * Counter Strike: Global Offensive * Natural Selection * Company of Heroes * Counter Strike: Source * Left 4 Dead series * Supreme Commander * Starcraft 2 * Team Fortress 2 * Trackmania * Unreal Tournaments * Quake 3 *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Social Gaming * Console Games - Current and Retro consoles. * Rock Band * Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers More information? We can be reached on IRC, forums, email or mumble and we look forward to seeing you on our game servers. http://www.lanops.co.uk/lanops14/attendance'>BOOK NOW! Say no to LAG! LanOps team
  3. Not had any contact with Kayo (everyone has just been busy) but I honestly can't see any reason why he would object
  4. Hey, ignoring is a bit harsh, blissfully unaware was more accurate. I have no problems moving, if kayo agrees.
  5. When: Doors Open: 4PM Friday July 27 2012 Finish: 6PM Sunday July 29 2012 Players: 60 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire BOOK NOW! *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Hi guys, just a quick update. It
  6. Shogun 2

    IMHO it's the best TW game yet. I've owned a few of them now so I know exactly what you mean however I was disappointed in Napoleon (I skipped empire was I was sill having too much fun with med2)
  7. March for the Alternatives

    TBH when it comes to gov squandering and budgets the Trident thing isn't really that big a problem, the stuff we have isn't going to last forever and the next option is rely on the french to be our deterrent? (even if right now the only traidional viable threat is the yanks) Just looking at the MOD itself, it's insanely top heavy and they busy spunking silly amounts of money on completely the wrong kit. Right now we are trying to commit to yet more bloody military actions in places like Libya without the air of an aircraft carriers (and even if we had one the navy didn't have anything to actually put on it), we have 19 surface vessels yet the royal navy has over 40 admirals costing about 7million a year in their pay alone.... Eurofighter Typhoons? the RAF wants to use something like 80 for squadrons, so we buy over 230 of them...... Gov waste? how about spending £226K on food and £83K on taxis in one month in one LOCAL area of london??? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/8365463/Death-by-a-thousand-cuts.html The only real change we can possibly make is if the majority vote at the next election is one of no confidence as right now the current system the MP's have means they have a cushty life while the rest of us get taxed to hell and pay for their sins...
  8. The Royal Wedding [NSFW]

    Yeah, that's like the 3rd or 4th version of that track I have now heard, shame he's just recyling the same songs and changing a handful of words to be topical as I actually think some of his stuff is quite funny.
  9. Steam Guard (Beta)

    I had it on when it was first enabled, however I had to turn it off when it was clear that clearence system didn't work and it would challenge my laptop EVERY time. I did submit a steam support ticket and they said it's been fixed so I will be putting it on again.
  10. epic.SIX Initial Details Announced

    To be honest, after the experience of epic2 just the fact that it is a total time sink (you really can spend hours bashing away at some of those questions) meant that it's been more productive for our group to just ignore it and concentrate on getting other stuff done. I see your point about not being able to soften it up too much but it really isn't fun, more a sort of savage entertainment for utter masochists. Frankly if pushed for time some of those questions would give mensa members a brain hemorrhage.
  11. Server backup questions

    If it's just 1 windows server you want to backup, I would look at carbonite, it's about £50/year, unlimited capacity offiste and everything is fully encrypted all the way using your own keys so iirc even they can't unencrypt it at their end.
  12. L4D2 dlc

    Day of a LAN for sure.
  13. Hard drive failure - oh joy

    F3's are random as hell when it comes to QA. I've installed quite a few now for people (I run 3 myself) and their either seem to fail quickly (I even had a DOA) or are built like a tank and go on forever. If it wasn't for the fact they are the fastest SATA drives after SSD's I wouldn't be so struck on them tbh.
  14. Android for the iphone (with dual boot!)

    Now that looks interesting