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  1. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    First of all - thanks to all the staff and the venue. Was overall a fantastic weekend. The Good The internet and network - It was absolutely was tip top. Mind you didnt expect anything less :). Any issues were extremely quickly dealt with. The Staff - Friendly, happy to help and enthusiastic. Cant ask for more. The Games - Quake was played. I'm happy. The Venue - First time at this venue and it was very nice. The facilities are great and the rooms are very clean and well maintained. The Atmosphere - Holy shit - Last epic I came to was epic 5 but I was ecstatic to see how much its grown and how the bar has been raised. The Video Coverage - nuff said. The Bad The Temperature - I know there isnt too much you can do about it but the temperature in portland was all over. I was going from 2 jumpers to a t shirt every other hour. The Bar - A little expensive, but to be expected. The Ugly The Food - Honestly it was absolutely abysmal. For the price I expected bigger portions or better quality. The pasta was a inedible burnt rubbery mess and the fish and chips were soggy cold and under cooked. Not to mention I found a whacking great bone in it. The burger was ok but it was very dry. The staff also didn't really seem to know exactly what was available. I asked for curry on the fish to be told there was no curry, so I asked for peas and I got curry. The Toilets - More a issue with some attendees rather than anything else but the state of the toilets adjacent to the loud gaming room on Sunday was awful. It was quickly dealt with though Extra shout outs to the security guards - proper nice guys! Hopefully see you at 26!
  2. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Doors Open: 4pm 22nd July. Finish: 6pm 24th July. Players: 68 Location: Dronfield Civic Hall, Sheffield, South Yorkshire Cost: ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ (BYOC) weekend ticket (in advance): £30 After its first sold out event LanOps is returning bigger, better and more awesome this summer. Sponsored by MSI UK, there will be prizes to be won from our raffle system where everyone gets a chance to win something. We will also be hosting our first League of Legends tournament and kicking it off with a £200 prize fund. LanOps 23 is a 48 hour LAN party for 68 people who love gaming and socialising with like minded people. Covering everything from social/fun games, competitive tournaments, Virtual Reality rigs for you to try out, card and tabletop games, consoles and retro arcade set-ups! Still not convinced? How's this: Improved 16' big screen: Displaying the latest event info and frag vids! Awesome food discounts including 50% off Dominoes! ProjectorGames return! Bring a squad member promotion Got a friend who has never been to one of our events before? We'll give you £10 back for each person you introduce. *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Games Go to https://www.facebook.com/events/203825606639649/permalink/221750911513785/ to vote for what games you would like to see played. Whilst we do have a timetable, we are flexible and you are free and encouraged to organise your own games if you wish. In the past some of the games we have played are: Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team Fortress 2 Over watch League Of Legends Hearthstone Unreal Tournament Arcade/Retro games *-- http://www.lanops.co.uk --* Social Gaming Console Games - Current and Retro consoles. Group Games - A few things planned away from the computers such as tabletop, RPG and card games. VR Racing Rigs Arcade games Contact Us Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LanOps/ Discord - http://bit.do/lanops-discord Teamspeak – ts.lanops.co.uk Book Now - https://www.lanops.co.uk/product/lanops-23-weekend-ticket/ Say ‘no’ to lag and CU@LAN!
  3. Trackmania Competition

    It was a very enjoyale lan. Really enjoyed it. Epically the Quake 3 games. Make it a big game or fun tournament. Please ;D. Winning a game in 2 mins is fun. Wont be at the next lan but one after I'll see you there
  4. Mercs needed for LanOps TF2 Team

    I'll be online tonight to sort this. Just installing watercooling atm ;D
  5. Mercs needed for LanOps TF2 Team

    We are signing up Dunceantix honest ;D. And god dam spies everywhere. Although we may need a spy or a engi
  6. Hey all, LanOps finally decided to attend Epic.Lan but we need 2 Mercs for our team. We Currently have Rebel, Kayomani, Storm_seeker and myself.
  7. The good, the bad and the ugly

    I can has dirtiest wrist achievement?
  8. The good, the bad and the ugly

    And yes there was a dirty wrists achievement. I've still got epic.two, three and four bands on. As well as a few hellfest ones and downlaod D:
  9. The good, the bad and the ugly

    There was a epic hunt? Gawd DAYM! I honestly never noticed. And you can't loose BF2 to BC2 because there is no lan play as pointed out. I do think Blur should be become a big game. Around 16 players per lobby if I remember correctly. And its stupidly fun.
  10. The good, the bad and the ugly

    Also like to add prophunt to the VERY good... And the CSS fun maps
  11. The good, the bad and the ugly

    Good: Quake 3 Alien Swarm Staff The people there The lan Bad: Snoring in camping area Eyes hurting after quake 3 Hand cramp after Quake 3 Not getting enough food at BBQ and the organisation of said BBQ Ugly: The price, I know there isn't much you can do about it, but the bar prices are bad, the breakfasts were from what I heard bad. And of course, the lan price. Its getting too much for me now
  12. First

    Ninth and Paid ;D CU@LAN
  13. Teesside uni

    edit: TS1 3LF is the postcode if your interested
  14. Teesside uni

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone is coming from/through Teesside mainly the uni. I'm small guy large rig (might have to be stood up due to watercooling), 1 backpack and 1 19" monitor I will obviously put to for petrol money and buy you a pint