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  1. Good, Bad & Ugly

    I also agree with this as it will influence me attending the next event.
  2. Shame they didn't let him actually be one towards the cast (apparently he was before the reshoots). The pun was excruciating, but supernerds are quick to say its 'in character'
  3. I don't agree so negatively with your views of the movie, but its nice that I'm not the only one. Some thoughts on what you've said. Titles - this is a pretty minor point, but I agree the title was awful, they should have just skipped it and done a late title card Music - sadly this is modern cinema and you can't blame star wars for this alone. Music just echos the scene rather than the grander plot. You can't listen to a soundtrack and imagine the movie anymore (the exception being Mad Max Fury Road one of the greatest action films ever made #notbiased) Episode 7 being designed by committee - Sadly I don't think you can revisit a franchise this big and that cost this much without playing it somewhat safe and sticking with what we know The last 20% - Sadly the 3rd act is the reason to see this movie! The first 2 acts are not good as they don't focus on developing the characters enough. We never actually care about anyone who lives/dies. The 3rd act is some of the best star wars action I've ever seen and very faithful to the originals. I probably wont see this again, but it in no way left me as upset as the prequels did. They created silly obstacles for themselves by literally bringing characters back from the dead with CGI that is still many years behind the uncanny valley, rather than writing around them or recasting. They did nothing remotely new, or this was removed in the many reshoots this went through from what I've heard. Overall I just didn't care enough about anyone (see characterisation above) who was in the movie, with the exceptions being the blind force priest and his devoted friend and the robot, that I actually though injected some levity that the movie probably could have either done with more of or abandoned entirely for a much more grim tone. Sadly, not many people agree with me!
  4. New build for my son

    I can get you office for a tenner if you need that too Elsie
  5. Disk Benchmarks

    My Win10 boot time is around 30 seconds with an old Sammy 840 (or pretty much nothing from sleep), when you get down to the crazy read times of the M2 stuff you're surely limited by something else in your PC or your config Also, good to see you posting again Elsie
  6. It's time to say farewell.

    He's not dead!
  7. It's time to say farewell.

    Hope you're OK Elsie and can see you elsewhere at some point, you make the LAN worth attending.
  8. Anyone not watched GoT?

    Doctor who? IM HERE ALL WEEK
  9. Anyone not watched GoT?

    Watch at least the first couple of seasons, the brilliant, deep politicking will get you enough into it to look past the fantastical elements that get introduced after that. I'm still very much enjoying it and it culminated in the most recent season with some of the most epicly produced television I have ever seen, easily film-quality. Its not the wire, but the first couple of seasons gripped me just as much.
  10. A Refecltion on the last 11 years

    What is a refecltion anyway?
  11. Game Of Star Wars

    Given how Game of Thrones turned from deep and insightful politicking to silly magic-fest in season 3, they go quite well together
  12. Independence Day: Resurgence

    None of us nerds are going to like this movie, it's just not designed for us. Saying that, Elsie didn't like Gravity so there's no pleasing him (in his defence, I feel like the only person in the world who didnt get on well with The Martian)
  13. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    Is it one the poor singer might actually know??
  14. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    Im happy to sing like an idiot again if I can make it in time, what time is the ceremony normally?