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  1. Hey @DwG_iCoN , Good to see you attending the next one and bringing some teams! We tend to find a lot of teams don't sign up until a lot closer to the event within the final weeks and days leading up to the event, so it can be hard to get an idea of the numbers this early before the event. That been said, I'm sure a few people already know they'll be entering so hopefully this'll drum up some attention. Shame it's not open to Staff as I love Rocket League!
  3. " Cheesey music, Karaoke" - Did someone forget to tell production? I joke, we'll be ready with our Pina Colada's, AND GETTING CAUGHT IN THE RAIN...
  4. Reddit is also watching: https://www.reddit.com/r/gamedetectives/comments/6dqklx/project_wt/
  5. Hey dude, I attended my first ever CLUK (Pre-epicLAN) event by myself after finding out about it on the internet, I was 14/15 at the time too, it can be a bit daunting at the thought of knowning no-one, but everyone is friendly and will do their best to make you feel welcome, 99.9999% of staff have been attending epicLAN events as participants before moving to staff so we all know what it can be like. As gunmens has said; keep a lookout for him and myself and the other staff and we'll be on hand to make you feel welcome
  6. Hey hey, we disabled it at the start of the event due to Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer being spammed almost 200 times constantly.... I might let you have a couple of christmas tunes if you're nice!
  7. "Sharing" platters sound amazing!
  8. We're starting @ 8pm
  9. There's 400+ attendee's, its hardly a small event; besides you can't allow some people and then if its getting on peoples nerves pull them a side, where would you draw the line? Sweaty people are at LAN , its kinda something you expect being at a gaming event for 4 days; you don't expect to be engulfed in vape smoke. No-ones stopping you from doing it, just do it outside or in open spaces
  10. Can confirm also having this issue on chrome.
  11. Yeah I wish i could trade off my down for some more up too
  12. Pinging @Dunceantix to this one
  13. Providing licensing covers us and there's some free time in the Gallery, come find me in production and i'll throw it up
  14. Isn't the game over pretty much before the start of the event?