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  1. I will be there with my shield gun ready for ya ;P
  2. Well as i said, i joined in for a laugh, got a bit of "dirty" tactics in there, didn't realise everyone was gonna cry about it, i was not the only one, i will be nice and not bother next time so you can have your fun. Apologies for ruining you're "Spirit of the contest".
  3. I didn't realise it was supposed to be a nationwide drinking tournament, i thought it was just a laugh. Those who can and will down a pint will do just that, those who have been dragged into it and don't want to will just pour it over their heads just for shits and giggles. Its beer not gold dust, i paid for my own so surely i can do what i want with it?
  4. I had a lovely shower xD
  5. Thanks dude, would be great if you could xD
  6. PLEASE!!!!! ^^
  7. Woot xD
  8. I will bring the trolly
  9. Awesome cheers for that
  10. On my pc ftw!
  11. Will have to try this shiz out
  12. Steam run the game on 1.6.6 whereas the standalone version is on 1.5, I'm not sure if there was an update.
  13. we normally play the steam version of FA but i know ive got 1.5 still installed and a couple of my friends have, its a shame you didnt pick it up for a couple quid in the steam sale!
  14. I'm up for some FA, have been playing it a fair bit with some of the other [FTB] guys, would be good to put the skills to the test! =D SC2 still has crashing problems online, but can give it a go.
  15. i thought it meant not suitable for women... nvm :L