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  1. epic.NINE - The Good, The Bad, The Nivek

    The Good Got plenty of gaming in Showers My lanops server being used a fair bit Helpful staff The Bad Got wrist band checked every time I went into pro hall and only once in the casual hall. Crashing out of the 2004 tourney No hunt The N- Ugly Water on the floor in the casual loos
  2. Eve Online

    Running lanops this weekend do I'm not going to 8 but I plan to be at 9!
  3. Eve Online

    Yep fly with nor corp who were in that vid. Pvp mainly then some pve and PI.
  4. Eve Online

  5. epic.FIVE Feedback

    Good Good food and working warm showers. Comfy chairs No gummybear music Murry getting SC2 working (Eventually) Big games Quiet sleeping room being quiet after the first night DJ sets Epic team Bad Steam issues Breakfast seemed to get smaller each day Lack of fun teams in the tournaments ut2k4 knockout at the same time as our tf2 match Timetabling tf2 matches to start at midday saturday then finding in the moring we defaulted on a game at 11am Having to pay for non file server colocation Over far too quickly Leaving my NS combat big game a bit too late in the day it seems, didnt get enough players. Cost Default tracks in the trackmania tourney. Oh lawdy at that final map, fun though. I brought along my server box which hosted the 9 lanops servers which was filling up your lan browser. Was nice to see they got well used and there were not too many bugs given most of the configs were redone in the last month or so. Funny how i ended up hosting a epic TF2 big game due to updates Some stats: Trackmania 79 different tracks played Gungame: 1,461 kills with 796 headshots - Top killers Anto, Gand and puppy. Tf2 dodgeball: 488 kills - Top killers Vazzan, FUGUU, Tapley.
  6. If you have half life 1 on steam be there Installer is on the incoming folder on the ftp or here: http://kami/files/ns_install_v32.exe Aliens Marines Short leveling system Bettter combat than cod What more do you need?
  7. Sleeping Rooms

    How about not snoring in the non snoring sleeping room too D:

  9. Never Forget Your Towel

    They brought updates out for TF2 + CSS yesterday so heres hoping they'll not to do another update until atleast next week.
  10. Mercs needed for LanOps TF2 Team

    Dont look at me, I sent them the password ^^
  11. Interwebs

    This might just fail search skills but has there been any improvement on the internet connection since epic 4? Pondering if its going to be epicly slow interwebs given the attendance.
  12. epic.FIVE UT2k4 Deathmatch Tournament

    I'm in, I shall remember to bring my cd key this time D:
  13. epic.FIVE - Big Games & Fun Tournaments

    Whilst not for the timetable I thought I would mention I am bringing along my server box which has lots of extended play style servers: CSS minigames, deathrun, gungame, l4d2 superversus (8v8), natural selection combat, tf2 dodgeball, suicide survival and some others. It would be good try and get a game of natural selection combat going at some point as I haven't had a good game of that in ages and it’s got a relatively small learning curve.
  14. epic.FIVE Catering Details

    Liking the prices but wtf lol?
  15. Any Starcraft Fans?

    I would be up for a few games too although I am only really silver/bronze