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  1. Werewolves at epic.EIGHTEEN

    As Astrolux has mentioned, he is unable to make this event, and in lieu of this, I will most likely be running some big games. To give people an idea of what the game is about, and the roles involved, I am posting a guide I have written in the past for everyone to take a look at. This contains all of the standard cards, but unfortunately none of the character cards (I will try and add these in before the event if I get time). After this event, Astro and I will be working together to create a more fully-encampassed guide. Special thanks to Zorg, for originally writing some of the text, YEARS ago! Original Game - Werewolves of Miller Hollow What is werewolves? This is a social game involving cards that is very easy to learn and fun to play. Usually played in the evening in the social area with an announcement. Who organizes it? Astrolux/Gunmens are the main culprits - I will be filling in as and when is needed. A simple explanation All players sit in a circle and each player is given a single card at random. They will look at this card, remember it and then place it face down in front of them. The card you have will determine your team. Your team will either werewolves or villagers. It is the villagers job to find and kill all the werewolves, it is the werewolves job to eat all the villagers. Either way you win or lose as a team, the tricky part is you don't know who is on your team and who is not. The game progresses with phases, with each phase lasting a few minutes. The phases are called day and night. Day Phase During the day phase all players will discuss who they think are werewolves and vote on a single person to be lynched. During this phase everybody (werewolf or not) will generally pretend to be villagers to the best of their ability. Night Phase During this phase all players will remain silent and close their eyes. The werewolves will be asked by the moderator to "wake up" (i.e Open their eyes in silence) and then point to the person they wish to eat (their vote must be unanimous). They then close their eyes again as if nothing happened. The game opens with a night phase. That is generally how the game progresses, each player upon being lynched or eaten will reveal their card to the group (in silence) and then will no longer participate in the game. The game ends when all werewolves or villagers are dead. The complicated stuff I'm hoping if you have followed the explanation so far you'll be thinking to yourself, that sounds boring and incredibly easy for werewolves. Well you'd be right, so get ready because it's about to get complicated... kind of! All werewolves are the same and follow the instructions listed above, however all villagers are not. Some villagers will be given special power role cards and are able to do cool stuff. The role each card represents is listed below along with an explanation as to how that role is played. It would be good to remember these cards, however during the first night phase the moderator will give new players the chance to raise their hand to find out what their card means. There will be many villagers, a few werewolves and only 1 of each power role. Some power roles may be omitted in games, you may or may not be told at the start which power roles are in play. Remember, as a power role you are a high priority target. Should the werewolves discover your identity they will likely kill you during the night! Card / Role List Regular Roles (Multiples of each) Villager / Towns folk This is your run of the mill villager, the role everyone will pretend to be. They do nothing but keep their eyes closed during the night phases. Werewolf The enemy of the town, played exactly as explained in the simple explanation above. Power Roles Hunter A regular villager until you die by any means, at this point you will be allowed to kill another player of your choice and take them down with you. Extra Rule There is more often than not more than one hunter in a game. Seer / Clairvoyant Every night phase you will be asked to wake up by the moderator (after the werewolves) and you will be allowed to point to one person and see their card. Nobody will know who you are or who's card was seen during the night, use this information as you wish during the day phase. Elder A regular villager however, you have 2 lives against werewolves. The first time you are targeted by the werewolves during the night phase you will not die. However, should the village choose to lynch you then all other players power roles will be lost becoming regular villagers. Defender Each night you will be asked to wake up (before the werewolves) you may then point to one player of your choice to defend for the night, this player becomes immune to werewolf attack for that night only. You may not target the same person two nights in a row, you may target yourself. Witch You have 2 potions, 1 of them kills somebody and 1 of them saves somebody. Each night you will be asked to wake up (after the werewolves) and told who is about to die. You will then be asked if you wish to save this person with your save potion (nodding or shaking your head), you will then be asked if you wish to kill anybody (pointing at them or shaking your head). You may use each potion only once in the game. Cupid At the very first night phase Cupid will wake up, before everybody else and pick 2 people who will become "lovers". Cupid then returns to sleep and is a regular villager for the rest of the game. The two lovers will then be asked to wake up, look at each other and show each other their cards. Regardless of their old roles their new objective is to be the only 2 remaining players alive by whatever means necessary. Extra Rule On occasion, the lovers are given a more advanced role, and are made tri-lovers. These are referred to as the "Main lover", the "Jilted lover" and the "Secret lover". This adds a new dimension to how lovers are played. Cupid is woken up as normal, and is then asked to pick two lovers, in a specific order. After cupid has gone back to sleep, the first picked lover is woken up and told that they are the main lover. They are then asked to pick someone to be their secret lover, this person is then woken up, told they are the secret lover and can look at each other cards. Once they have gone back to sleep, you wake up the main lover and the second picked lover by cupid, and show each other their cards. During the game when one of the lovers dies, is where it gets tricky. If the Main lover dies, both other lovers die. If the secret lover dies, the main lover dies, but the jilted lover doesn't die because he has realised he's been cheated on. If the Jilted lover dies, nobody else dies. Piper The piper is a unique card in that he is in a team of his own, his objectives are purely selfish and he may only win if he is the only alive player not mesmerized. Each night the piper will be asked to wake up (after the werewolves) and pick 2 people to "mesmerize". The mesmerized effect lasts the remainder of the game. After the piper returns to sleep all mesmerized players will wake up and see each other, then return to sleep in silence. The piper may not mesmerize himself. Extra Rule In a bigger game (20+) two pipers can be played. The way to do this is to assign each piper a specific name, for instance, Piper A and Piper B. They are then on separate teams and woken up separately during the night phase. The first piper to mesmerise everyone wins. Thief The Thief card is a very special card. The card itself has no role, apart from the ability to switch between two cards at the start of the game. It is mainly used for randomising the deck more. The way it works is you shuffle two extra cards into the deck. Once you have dished out the cards you place the two extra ones in the middle. You then wake the thief up before anyone else (even cupid), and ask them to choose between the two cards. The only rule of this card is that if the two cards in the middle are werewolves, the thief must swap theirs. Little Girl - this card is VERY rarely played The little girl card is a strange card. It gives one player the ability to peak during the werewolf stage on the night phase. It's a very difficult card to play because it requires very close observing and numerous changes to how people are during the night phase. The main rule if you play this card is that nobody can have their hands (or anything else) covering their faces, this is because if the little girl is spotted peaking at all by a werewolf, she dies instantly from shock. The card can be a game breaker if the little girl spots all the werewolves in the first round. Scapegoat This card is a very simple card. If the village vote at the end of the day phase ends in a tie, the scapegoat is killed instead. However, it has a very interesting role to play after this happens. If the scapegoat is killed in this manner, they may designate the players allowed to vote in the next day phase. If only one person is picked to vote next turn, and dies during the night phase, the village gets no vote the next day. Village Idiot The Village Idiot is another very simple card. If the village idiots gets lynched by the town, they don't die, but lose their ability to vote during the day phase. They can still talk and participate, but can no longer nominate or vote. If the Village Idiot dies to werewolves or a hunter, they are eliminated from the game. Extra Rule More than one Village Idiot can be played in big games. Is that everything? Pretty much, the game involves a lot of logic and psychology. You must determine not only if people are telling the truth during the day but if what they claim to be true is possible. --------------------- Expansion - New Moon New Moon expansion This is an expansion of the original game, which adds new variants (five new power roles, although we already play them), and lots of new events. It makes the game last longer, spices up the atmosphere and changes the game from being the same time after time. Here is a list of the different vairents/events for people to browse through and get a feel for. The Variants: Moonlight: Play outdoors in a magical ambianc. The eerie atmosphere ideally emphasizes all the variants we offer below. Set yourselves up outside under the starry sky, and from a circle around the moderator. Wear period clothing, listen to music appropriate to that ancient time. In this arcane environment where one can almost hear the howl of the wolves, set a small lit candle in front of each player. From now on, each morning the moderator blows out the candle in front of the victim of the Werewolves, and each evening after the vote, the victim of the village extinguishes her own candle. It will make the mood increasingly darker in the village, and the survivors will be the only ones visible, ready to be devoured. You can also adopt a more stressful variant for the Werewolves: it is they who, in one way or another, will have to extinguish the candle of each of their victims. If more than one candle dies out, there is no victim. Community of Hamlets: Are there a great number of you? You can all play together... When you gather many friends to play Werewolves of Millers Hollow, you can create several villages. The ideal in this variant would be to have one room per village - if you are playing outside, you can play by separating the groups by about sixty feet. Each village needs to be a complete game. It is recommended to have one moderator per village, but you can orchestrate the executions of day/night simultaneously for all the villages. The games proceed normally, but the players can decide to leave their village at any moment of the game, except during the night and if they are designated to be eliminated by popular accusation. A player that decides to change villages for personal convenience leaves the table with her card, which she keeps secret. She goes to another village of her choice during the day, and knocks on the door or waits until someone authorizes her to move into the new village. In order to avoid excessive disorder, the organizers may decide to limit the comings and goings from one village to another (for example, not more than 2 departures per village). It is possible that there will be several identical characters in a village. It's even possible that the Werewolves desert a village they consider to be too dangerous. In this case, the Villagers of the village win their game. Note that by moving too often, you are taking an additional risk: The Villagers of the region of Millers Hollow are often narrow-minded. A stranger is always suspect... We witnessed villages in which every newcomer was systematically condemned by the popular tribunal. In any case, it surely isn't him!: Change the voting system. Here is a new way of voting to designate the victim of the popular tribunal. It is a mini-variant to use from time to time in a game. All the Villagers still in the game rise. Then the neighbor to the left of the last eliminated player designates a Villager whom she guarantees to be innocent. The first voter remains standing: She will have to be proven innocent if she wants to survive. The Villager who was declared innocent sits down, and then in turn designates a Villager whom he wishes to save who will then sit down as well. Continue like this until one player is left standing. The last player is the victim of the village vote. Of course, debate is still welcome during the vote. Caution: In this variant, the Werewolves can easily declare one another innocent, and thus escape their just punishment. Be very attention to who clears whom. The village will only be sure to eliminate one of the Werewolves if the Werewolves are the very last to vote. The Writing's on the Wall: Express your feelings on the small wall behind the town hall. This variant can be used along with the others. Before nightfall, the inhabitants of Millers Hollow have the habit of coming to read the small, anonymous graffiti written on the little wall behind the town hall. Each Villager still in the game writes a short phrase of her choice on a slip of paper, and gives it to the moderator. The author of each graffiti must remain anonymous, but each one is free to write whatever she wants: suspicious, warnings, comments, denunciations, compliments, declarations of love... When they've all been gathered up, the moderator reads all the graffiti in random order. The Villager can then fall asleep, their minds still troubled by these short messages. Double You: The Villagers have a split personality... The Small Complication - from 7 to 9 players; if you wish to play with more, you will need a second copy of the base game This variant permits each player to portray a true role, her character being visible to all: the Fortune Teller, the Hunter, the Witch, Cupid, the Defender, the Elder, the Scapegoat, and up to 2 Simple Villagers are the characters whom you will portray. Deal each one player one of these cards face-up. Then deal to each player a second card face down, called the alignment card, from the following: 2 Werewolves and 5 to 7 Simple Villagers, according to the number of players. Each player keeps the alignment card she received secret as long as she is not eliminated. This alignment card tells the player to which camp she belongs: Werewolves or Villagers. The goal of the players whose alignment card is a Werewolves is to eliminate the players whose alignment card is Villager, and vice versa. Do not disturb the following characters: Thief, Little Girl, Idiot, Piper. The Great Complication Prepare the cards as before, shuffle them, then deal two cards face-down to each player. These cards will remain secret. What can be done without making any changes: The Witch can be the Fortune Teller, the Hunter can be the Defender, and the Elder can be the Scapegoat. When a player has at least one Werewolf card, she is a Werewolf. If this player has a special ability on the other card, she can use it as well. Harvest Festival: The inebriation from the festivities strangely modifies the abilities of the inhabitants of Millers Hollow. It is suggested to have more Werewolves than usual. All the abilities are disrupted until the end of the game by excessive drink, according to the following indications: - The Werewolves can only devour someone next to one of them. - The Fortune Teller is drunk, and cannot distinguish between the visions that appear in her mind: The Fortune Teller as usual, designates a player whose personality she wishes to probe, but in response, the moderator gives her the identities of 3 players: the designated player and his 2 neighbors. The moderator should not specify which player portrays which character. - The Hunter must choose his victim from one of his two neighbors. - The Little Girl has a hard time managing her slumber. She awakes too late to spot Werewolves and can only spy on the Witch. - The Thief, if she has the Thief card all day, must during the first night, with the help of the moderator, exchange it with the card of the player of her choice. Each player will have to check his character the following morning. - The Sheriff will have to vote before all the other players. - The Scapegoat is no longer eliminated in the event of tie, but rather in the place of one of her two neighbors, should they be eliminated by village vote. - The Idiot drunk is no more (or less) idiotic that usual; nothing change for her. - The Witch is distracted, she has mislaid one potion (thus can only use her ability once), and furthermore, when she uses her ability, she is sometimes mistaken about the bottle. After the Witch has designated a player, the moderator tosses the lid and bottom of a Werewolves box, and according to their disposition on the ground, announces aloud the result of the potion: > Inner Lid + Inner Bottom = Cured > Inner Lid + Outer Bottom = Cured and transformed into a Simple Villager > Outer Lid + Inner Bottom = Cured and transformed into a Werewolf > Outer Lid + Outer Bottom = Eliminated - Cupid chooses the two Lovers, who see each other and fall asleep again, just like normal: they are the True Lovers. After that, however, he points at one of the True Lovers and one other player. The moderator awakens them so they can see each other. The True Lover becomes the Deceitful Lover, the new lover become the Secret Lover, and they fall asleep again. The True Lover who wasn't selected become the Jilted Lover. From then on: > If the Jilted Lover is killed, neither of the other Lovers die. > If the Deceitful Lover is killed, both of the other Lovers die. > If the Secret Lover is killed, then only the Deceitful Lover dies, the Jilted Lover realizes he has been Jilted and does not die. The Jilted Lover may not vote against the Deceitful Lover, though she can do it to him. It is forbidden for the Secret Lover and the Deceitful Lover to vote against one another. - The Defender can only protect herself or one of her 2 neighbors. - The Piper charms only one player at a time. The Black Death: A surprise from the moderator, to be kept secret from all players. Lycanthropic Fascination: Now, the Werewolves fascinate their victims! So that their crimes remian as discreet as possible, the Werewolves develop their faculty to mesmerize their victims, rather than devour them. Each victim of the Werewolves is no longer eliminated from the game, but immediately loses all her abilities. Each night, the Werewolves designate one victim who must keep her eyes closed. In order to let her know that she was fascinated, the moderator discreetly touches her head. In the morning, she remains anonymous. Therefore, as the night pass, there will be more and more mesmerized victims. Note, if one of the mesmerized victims gets lynched, all the other Werewolf victims are immediately eliminated as well... The Werewolves win if they mesmerize the second-to-last Villager. Events: This is the new feature of the expansion where by events will be added into the game play to create new possibilities, prevent imbalance, some merely for fun, and etc Somnambulism - The Fortune Teller has become a sleepwalker. From now until the end of the game, the Moderator will announce the secret identity of the character that Fortune Teller reveal out loud. However, the rest still will not know on which player Fortune Teller was spying. Touch of Death - From now until the end of the game, in order to be devoured, the victim of the Werewolves must be touched by one of them. Otherwise, there will be no victim of the Werewolves. Executioner - In order to keep their hands clean, the villagers elect someone to the office of Executioner. From now until the end of the game, the identity of the victims of the vote will be known only to the Executioner; Executioner will never show the card of the victims. Burial - Once the Werewolves are sated, they bury the remains of their nocturnal victims. From now until the end of the game, the identities of the Werewolves' victim will never revealed to anyone. Double Agent - The village falls asleep, the first player eliminated designates a non-Werewolves player to open the eyes. The Moderator secretly points out the werewolves to the player, who becomes their secret ally. The Little Rascal - The youngest person of the village will be the "Little Rascal", who leaves in search of aid in the neighboring village. He returns the next morning and he takes back his place, but his vote will be worth triple. Backfire - The next night, if the Werewolves designate a Simple Villager, she is not eliminated, but instead transforms into a Werewolf. Otherwise, the victim survives and the first Werewolf to her left is struck down. Dissatisfaction - Disappointed by their lousy results, the village gets carried away with their lust for justice. If the next player eliminated by the village is not a Werewolf, the village, vexed, votes a second time. The second vote proceeds immediately and without discussion, in order to eliminate a second suspect. Influences - The next vote is done in turn. The first voter designates a player and leaves her arm pointed. The player to her left proceeds in the same fashion, and so on. Full Moon Rising - The following night, the Werewolves become Fortune Teller. Each one of them will awake in turn to spy on 1 player. The Hunter, the Witch, and the Fortune Teller become Werewolves; they awake together and eliminate 1 player during the night. Enthusiasm - Encouraged by their exceptional results, the village gets carried away with their lust of justice. If the next player eliminated by the village is a Werewolf, the village, over-joyed, voted a second time. The second vote proceeds immediately and without discussion, in order to eliminate a second suspect. The Specter - Discreetly touched by the moderator, the next player designated by the Werewolves opens her eyes. The Werewolves keep their eye open. She becomes a Werewolf, and designated 1 vote of the old Werewolves, who is immediately eliminated. Miracle - The last victim of the Werewolves is not actually eliminated. She simply fainted of fright in the face of the lycanthropes, and that saved her. She regains her senses and returns to the game immediately, but as a Simple Villager. Good Manners - You are all courteous to the other villagers: Interrupting anyone is forbidden. Each of you speaks in turn under the supervision of the moderator. Any player who violates this rule loses her right to vote for this turn. Saint Philippe - In memory of the great Philippe the Lame, the village elects a truly charismatic leader. If the village already had a Sheriff, he is fired for incompetence and a new Sheriff is elected. The elected Sheriff recites the oath as follows: "The way of Philippe I shall follow, and the village I shall protect." Heads or Tails - Today, the village pays homage to the famous player Herve the One-Eyed. The moderator, immediately after the verdict of the tribunal, selects possible grace for the condemned with the flip of a coin. Tails: The village releases the condemned, who cries "Oh, many thanks, Herve!". Heads: The condemned is eliminated and cries "Oh I hate you, Herve!". Woodland Gathering - All the female players depart into the forest to gather mysterious plants, which are indispensable to the Witch. They will return at sundown. They participate neither in debates, nor in votes. The male players may not vote against them. The Witch recovers an extra potion just before nightfall. Radiant Sunday - Everybody benefits from the sun. Nothing in particular occurs. It is a normal turn unless the moderator decides to apply the "Lycanthropic Fascination" variant. Saturday Evening Ball - This evening, the youngsters of the village will dance, and won't return until dawn. Each player gives her age; the younger half of the village will form a clan of dancers. The dancers participate neither in debates, nor in votes. The "geezers" may not vote against them. Moreover, the "youngsters" can neither eat if they are Werewolves, nor be devoured by the Werewolves. Eclipse - This morning, there's a bad moon rising in Millers Hollow. The villager are gruff with one another. The player turn their backs towards the center of the circle, and debate without looking at one another. The moderator forbids anyone who disobeys from voting. The players will return to their usual orientation at the precise instant of the vote. Pact with the Devil - Immediately after the verdict of the tribunal, the condemned can make a pact with the devil. In this case, she is not eliminated by this vote. But take note! If, at the end of the game, she belongs to the camp that vanquished, she will then be excluded from the potential next game. Flood - A flood transforms Millers Hollow into lakeside village. The female players are sheltered in the church; the male players, in the inn. There is no vote during the day. The next night, the Werewolves must eat in the building where they have taken refuge. Thus, there can be 2 victims of the Werewolves. This event only applies if at least 6 players remain. April Fools' - Certain characters exchange their abilities: Witch & Fortune Teller. Hunter & Little Girl. Defender & Elder. As for the Lovers, they hate one another, and each must vote against the other. This turn, if one of the lovers dies, the other remains alive, since they don't like each other any more. End of the Harvest - Everyone is a little tired; nothing special happens. It is a normal turn unless the moderator decides to apply the "Harvest Festival" variant. Great Distrust - Fierce distrust sweeps through the village of Millers Hollow. Each villager gets 2 votes she can use to designate her 2 best friends. The votes will be executed simultaneously with the players' 2 hands when the moderator gives the signal. If one or more players find themselves without any vote for them, they will be eliminated. Luncheon for Seniors - The veterans will pass their day at the seniors' banquet in a neighboring village, and will not return until the setting of the sun. Each player gives her age; the older half of the village forms the clan of seniors. Until their return, they participate neither in debates, nor in votes. The "youngsters" may not vote against them. Punishment - In order to make him pay for her disappearance, the player last eliminated designates a player. This player will be eliminated, unless at least 2 people attest to his integrity. The witness will come to kiss him on the cheek. If they are slow in appearing, the condemned has the right to plead to elicit the kisses. Gone Hunting - The male players leave to go hunting in the forest. They don't return until dawn. They participate in neither the debates, nor the votes. The players cannot vote against them. Moreover, they can neither devour if they are the Werewolves, nor be devoured by the Werewolves. Nor Me, Nor Wolf - Out of superstition, the villagers choose not to speak the words "wolf", or "me" any more. Any player who violates this rule loses her votes in the coming vote. Bleak Monday - It is a sad, uneventful day. Nothing in particular happens. It is a normal turn unless the moderator decides to apply the "In any case, it surely isn't him!" variant. Nightmare - A person of the village appeared in your dreams, exhibiting the traits of a lycanthrope assassin. Immediately the villagers awake, and without discussion, starting with the player to the left of the last one eliminated, each player must accuse 1 villager. The villager with the most accusations will be eliminated. Spiritualism - The village organizes a seance to invoke the departed spirit of the first victim of the Werewolves... A player is chosen and she ask one of the following questions to the departed: Are the 2 players I am going to point in the same camp? Does at least one Werewolf wear glasses? Is the Witch a man? Is the Sheriff a Simple Villager? The departed will respond with yes or no. Spiritualism - The village organizes a seance to invoke the departed spirit of the first victim of the Werewolves... A player is chosen and she ask one of the following questions to the departed: Is one of the Werewolves wearing jeans? Is one of the Werewolves wearing a black top? Are all the Werewolves men in real life? Are all the Werewolves women in real life? The departed will respond with yes or no. Spiritualism - The village organizes a seance to invoke the departed spirit of the first victim of the Werewolves... A player is chosen and she ask one of the following questions to the departed: Did the Fortune Teller discover at least one Werewolf? Are some Werewolves next to each other? Is a Werewolf wearing at least one visible piece of jewelry? Am I a Werewolf? The departed will respond with yes or no. Spiritualism - The village organizes a seance to invoke the departed spirit of the first victim of the Werewolves... A player is chosen and she ask one of the following questions to the departed: Am I a Simple Villager? Is one of the Werewolves the Sheriff? Does one of the Werewolves live where we are playing? Is one of the Werewolves a smoker? The departed will respond with yes or no. Spiritualism - The village organizes a seance to invoke the departed spirit of the first victim of the Werewolves... A player is chosen and she ask one of the following questions to the departed: Is one of the Werewolves a man? Is one of the Werewolves a woman? Is one of the 2 neighbors of the player I indicate a Werewolf? Is the player that I indicate a Simple Villager? The departed will respond with yes or no.
  2. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    Obviously! In it to win it!
  3. No Astrolox at epic.EIGHTEEN

    I'll possibly sort out a few big games of werewolves - if I do, I'll make a post on the forums way in advance so people know
  4. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    What the dealio on song choices? Do you have a list of available songs?
  5. epic.EIGHTEEN Opening Ceremony

    We're in! Me, Mish, Mario and Murt
  6. Werewolves Game 4 - Sign Up

  7. epic.HUNT feedback

    Okay so, inc wall of text. First off - a HUGE thank you to everyone involved in the hunt making a return. I can't imagine the amount of time and effort you guys put in to the questions; but I expect it was a lot, so despite any anger/frustration that may seem aimed towards you during any questions, I really do appreciate the time spent! Question feedback: None needed None needed None needed (thank you for updating the image!) None needed None needed None needed None needed (awesome question) None needed (another awesome question, gg Jobabob) Okay, first question I feel needs proper feedback! We started out on this one quite well, we understood the information in front of us and worked out pretty quickly what we had to do. Once as had located where all the images were from, and plotted them on googlemaps, that's when it started to slow down. We looked in to quite a few lines of thinking before getting a little frustrated about not being able to get anywhere. I personally feel that the letter wasn't enough to help you get the link from where the locations are/where you were meant to see, I believe the first team only got the answer after a clue about who wrote the letter (please correct me if I'm wrong), and you shouldn't really have to release a clue for the first team to get the answer. A very fun and though out question, but I feel the story didn't explain enough. We very quickly understood you had to get up and follow the story around the venue, but didn't pick up on the fact there was more than one braille box until the text was changed slightly. None needed None needed This question will torment me for the rest of my life. On reflection, it was very well done, we just missed a vital part of it which got us stuck for a long time. Although one thing to note is that zip files within files (unless made obvious), may not be obvious to some people. Fortunately we all have quite a lot of IT experience and realized a batch file (which is what we were presented with at the time) should not be 6+MB! Another very good question, but I think it had too many steps. Once we had got to the video and found the QR code, we hit a stump. In the end we brute-forced it by trying names from the boys wiki. None needed (although we really over-complicated it for ourselves to begin with!) None needed None needed None needed (really fun question, amazing use of audacity!) None needed (we fucked ourselves over on this by being lazy as hell) None needed None needed (really really fun question, more clicky coloured buttons please ) None needed On reflection, I really like this question. It's very well thought out and had a very good puzzle-solving technique behind it. Unfortunately when we got on to the question, the text was wrong, and stayed like that for around 30minutes I believe. Because of this, one of trains of thought (the correct one!!) went out the window quickly because we found it to be unsolvable using it. After the text was changed, we went back to the original train of thought and managed to work out how it was all put together. Then we hit another snag, some of the answers were interchangeable, or a little too difficult to work out.. sepia magician?! .. fortunately the creator of the question was around and managed to help us out with the stuff that was wrong and got the answer. Just fuck you All in all, it was really really fun, despite the hiccoughs. As I said a few times over the course of the two days, it's the first time you're running one, so things will go wrong. The way you responded to it all was excellent, and we weren't waiting long for anything to be fixed. I also really enjoyed how active you guys were (after a bit of pushing from me..) around us, and the encouragement you gave definitely helped spur us on to continue. Hunt website feedback: Overall, I like the layout of the site. It's easy to use and navigate. I have a few design/feature suggestions though: As mentioned on IRC to a couple of people, I would love for the site to be hosted remotely and locally (and then traffic redirected as necessary), although as also mentioned, this might not be possible due to some restrictions/networkmagicstuff in place. I do believe a couple of people are also thinking about making it so you can only play if you're AT the event itself, and I'd just like to say I don't like the idea at all. Knappster, who was helping us throughout the event, was unable to be there due to health problems, but as mentioned in his post, it turned a most likely dull weekend, in to a very fun one. Please keep this in mind when you're making the choice! Automatic move-on from questions. This is something the DHGame website utilizes. Once one person in your team has answered the question correctly, a quick refresh of the page will bring up the next question. I personally can't see any reason not to implement this, as having to the put the answer in up to 8 time seperetly can be annoying, especially as some people don't listen very well when told the answer Time-stamps to show when you completed the question. I wouldn't mind knowing how long I've spent on a task.Hints; another thing the DHGame website utilizes, is a lovely hint system. When you input an answer that is very close but you're missing something, it will give you a small hint as to the fact you're missing something, or what to do next to get that something. To see what I mean, if you head to dhgame.dreamhack.se now, and go through the first question of the tutorial, and instead of typing the answer as "bee", just put "b", it will give you a hint like the ones I'm on about. I can't think of a lot more off the top of my head now, but I will continue to think and add more if any do pop up. Again; thank you so much for bringing it back, it was so much fun, and a pleasure to meet you all
  8. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Is Saboo playing the part of Me, Dave and Knappster?
  9. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Correct - I did see the price for a teabag at the tuck shop, but was told you were unable to sell them due to contracts with the venue. Other wise I would have purchased them and done it all myself. I mean, it's not the end of the world as next event I can just bring my own teabags, but it is a bit of a pain having to do so. Guess I'm paying for the convenience really!
  10. epic.HUNT feedback

    I think you'll find *I* spelled Dumbledore correctly first time round!
  11. epic.HUNT

    Thanks for this!
  12. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Tea for £1 is just
  13. Possible epic.HUNT Return...

    Was an amazing hunt, very huge thank you for running it! Will post feedback for the questions that need it at some point!
  14. epic.ELEVEN - The Hunt is on

    Personally I'm not that fussed how structured it is - I know Winbar and co used to release them on a "see how the team is doing and wander around approach", which does work well. Just a bit more cautious about the new players who may not understand how it all works, and could use a bit of guidance, or at least knowing when they're going to get some Either way, I'm sure it'll be good!