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  1. Boardgames Comp

    So... how am I only just hearing about this now?!??! I can't make this epic as I hadn't planned on properly attending (and now events have conspired such that it's unlikely I will be able to drop in this evening either). I shall have to come to the other events and catch up...
  2. Knightmare TV show Remake

    That was brilliant... getting Hugo Myatt to reprise his role was a fantastic move.
  3. Online Safety Bill - aka Porn Blocking

    Zenith - there is nothing in the bill about being limited to certain ISPs. The bill applies to all internet service providers and thanks to the loose definition of service provider, LANs count (so that will be fun!) - see http://services.parliament.uk/bills/2013-14/onlinesafety.html and http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/24/section/16 Ease of bypass shouldn't be part of the argument against it. Just because it is easy to break a law doesn't mean there shouldn't be one so avoid that argument. And yes, there are plenty of other ways to implement similar functionality. Hence the bill is a waste of time and should not be going through the houses... but sadly it is.
  4. Online Safety Bill - aka Porn Blocking

    You've missed the economic arguments Murray-Mint and I went through this morning. This will disproportionately impact smaller ISPs as the cost to run this rapidly lowers with scale - this will affect their competitiveness and could cause them to fail. Think of the unemployment! At least this is the argument I threw at my MP.
  5. Watch what you say online!

    Thank heaven we don't have such laws! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-19009344 it only took him 2 years to clear his name.
  6. Windows 7 vs Windows 8

    Yeah... except it's wrong. Vista is fine. The only real issue with ME was it wasn't worth fixing as Windows 2000 was SO MUCH BETTER. Hence Windows XP - or 2000.1 The constant hyperbole and attempts to demonise MS are really dull. Win 8 will get fixed and/or Win 9 will come out with a better desktop UI. One way or another MS will produce a business-style OS again in the next few years - they cannot afford not to. After all, if they don't, next upgrade cycle all my desktops will finally switch to Debian. Been trialling it for years.
  7. In other shocking revelations, most people don't like change!
  8. I'd be more concerned that this is a software switch and they could implement it again. Or some games publishers could request it for their titles only.
  9. Lets play a game....

    Poptart connectors / covers for the connectors?
  10. The grammar quiz

    6/10, but I disagree with question 9. All 3 are valid (in the right context)
  11. Lets play a game....

  12. The 'Summer !choon of 2013' ?

    Become a mormon?
  13. Debating accomodation

    2 things in this thread. 1: The title made me immediately wonder if we were arranging a venue to have intellectual debates regarding all manner of topics. 2: Are you sure LG won't find out about the friction from the cohabiting in the dorms?
  14. Master Plan (Table Top Game)

    Looks very interesting, I'd play it. I'd buy it too but Pandemic and the new Zombicide have wiped out my board-game buying budget for a while.
  15. Elsie... You're Dead...

    Thank you for bringing attention to it. I'd never seen it.