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  1. Hi.

    is the monitor bracket still for sale. I don't think I heard back from you and the thread is now closed.



  2. Thanks Nivek (again) I'll get my orders in after payday
  3. Hi. Again Can anyone using an N54L confirm if you can install hard drives bigger than 2Tb in the caddy ports please? The specs says not, but they are outdated and I have a BIOS flash installed as well. Just need to confirm before I commit to purchases. Thanks
  4. With the cancellation of the German GP, is the 'winner of their home GP' still a fair prize as it rules out a further 3 drivers?
  5. I believe from practise this morning that it's live and in place, but I may be wrong
  6. Thanks Winbar. As you said, any other year Alonso would have been a better bet, but I'm still happy with that. Loving the F1 inspired beard Can we just confirm that safety car prize will or will not include the new virtual safety car please?
  7. Nope, that doesnt appear to have helped and now it keeps asking for a username and password to connect to the server, but i dont know what it is. I only have two accounts set up and it doesnt recognise either of them.
  8. Can I dib in via ****** or another online payment method please?
  9. Erm, connector? I certainly haven't installed it this time, but I don't remember doing it the first time I built the server either. Time to do some research......
  10. Hi Quick bit of advice please. I have a Home Server 2011 set up which i share one of the drives onto the network. It also provides me with a network printer (via its USB port) Since i rebuilt the server (due to various issues with Windows updates not working and the RAID needing a rebuild) i have the issue that everytime i turn on my main machine (windows 7) the network share doesnt work. I have to reenter my username and password (even though i put the tick in 'remember my credentials' box. I can kind of cope with that. Its a pain, but a quick fix each time. However, the printer needs to be uninstalled and resintalled each time i need to use (after a reboot) Anyone any idea why it does this and how to fix it please?
  11. Ok. For some reason, my reply the other day hasn't posted. Nivek, if you have some 2Tb drives going, could you PM me the prices please. I'll probably stick to the greens (as its not a NAS box and the current drives are Greens and have served me well)
  12. .......Or your spare 2Tb drives
  13. Ok. After thoughts on new hard drives please for my server. It's not a NAS box in the literal sense, it's a HP microserver. I currently have 3 1Tb drives that I want to upgrade to 2's. I am great fan of WD drives, but can decide between REDs and GREENs. Greens are cheaper (and have served me well with the 1Tb drives), REDs are supposed to be for 24x7 useage (but I don't have a NAS box as stated) Thoughts and opinions please
  14. Ok, so you can't skim load WHS :S Starting on a new hard drive now as I don't want to lose my settings on the current drive, but also been looking at FreeNAS. Heard of it, but never tried it before. It might do all I need, except maybe iTunes server.
  15. gonna try a skim load of WHS now to see if that fixes the issues. I have options on 2008 and 2012 essentials if needed and of course i could try my hand at Ubuntu as well. Just out of interest, those on 2008 and 2012, what AV are you using please?