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  1. Last nights pizza was pretty solid, the cardboard box would of been easier to eat. Nice idea though.
  2. The whole epic.lan core is very simple. The improvement has come from moving to a complete Cisco switching fabric which in its self has allowed us to improve things across the board. Things like the improved spanning-tree, port-security and logging allows us to get a big picture on all 35 switches across the event. We also used more internet connections to balance you all on.
  3. A sad day
  4. On wards and upwards. Congrats!!!
  5. We will update you all in the epic.Sixteen thread. It all depends on if we get some more new kit and how much time we have. Dont want to excite you all
  6. Cheers guys we worked hard to not have a repeat of 14. We do have improvements planned for 16 which should only be minor.
  7. No just lightening. Id say 3 rounds then top 10 go to finals maybe?
  8. Anyone storing my passwords scares me and not something I want to trust anyone with. I use this which stores my passwords locally: http://keepass.info/
  9. I don't think I'll be part of this I'm afraid. Come at a bad time with my wedding in March. Real shame as it is a race I would love to do.
  10. Oh yeh that was fun...
  11. Ive paid your money Jon at the event. Chris I missed you at the LAN can you send over your account details for £1.50. I didn't join the group Tesco as I came along and purchased my own bits and bobs.
  12. Used to fly over here loads. We even had one hover over the site. Shame we as a country didnt keep them running.
  13. Provisionally In
  14. HAXS!!! Admin Abuse!!!
  15. All he did was wear it as his coat. Turned up with a tent about 4 time to small.