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  1. Anyone dropping out with a lakeside flex ticket?

    Can anyone confirm if this ticket has been taken please?
  2. Catering Menu and Feedback

    twice the pulled pork burger has been served without cheese and with no communication about the missing item, or given any reason and still charging full price.
  3. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    Thank you Louise! i really appreciate this
  4. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    sadly i did ask and was told that it was not something that could be done
  5. epic21 - Catering Menu & Feedback

    Burgers are really good when fresh, decided to give breakfast a skip this morning for the first time. With the £6 price tag and missing mushrooms from the menu it just didnt appeal. going to hold out for lunch in hope i can obtain some onion in a panini.
  6. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    really enjoying the food so far this event, breakfast was great, but disappointed the chilli does not come with rice and i dont eat taco's, but hey i understand you cant please everyone all of the time. i have noticed we have now been given wooden cutlery, this is something i personally am not a fan of. i have this thing with wooden utensils, i cant stomach the way they feel. unfortunately with such a lovely looking menu i feel the need to order in more than any other event i have attended before just to avoid using them.
  7. Grills Overwatch team

    Hi Peeps, I am looking to form a all girls overwatch team to promote female gaming and e-sports. if you or anyone you know would be interested then feel free to drop me a message. TankGirl x
  8. feedback from this morning (sorry I forgot to post sooner) we got a small and a big breakfast which were served cold. i did notice between customers lids were being left off , which im guessing would be why the food was cold. also i was only given one cup of tea instead of one for each breakfast and had to purchase a second even though the small breakfast should have come with one. had a panini for lunch and was enjoyable , was not toasted properly but was satisfying none the less.
  9. Rice was spot on tonight, perfect! Sweet and sour is full of flavour but found the sauce to be a little bit thin. All in all a great meal though!
  10. Prince died?!

    Prince Died?! Its April, It snowed in April. Prince had a song called "It sometimes snows in April"
  11. board games EPIC SIXTEEN

    Oh no! I am sad to hear this....but look forward to seeing you again in the new year!
  12. Me and Neonrabbit don't mind the alcohol version, just not so much at 11am when most people are getting out of bed. i don't really want a pint first thing. Vyse who entered into the supersmashed is my brother and he hadn't eaten as he had only just woken up. i would have joined in with my partner and brother but clearly they have more of a stomach than i do . maybe put games involving alcohol to more of a late afternoon thing.
  13. Board Games trip to Thirsty Meeples in Oxford

    me and NeonRabbit are game for this, maybe make it a group trip and bring vyse (phantom242) with us.
  14. epic.FIFTEEN - Bar and Catering Feedback

    I ate from the event for every meal and food was good, for the most part, found the chips to be a little inconsistent. the chicken to be very small for the price, not to mention very dry. The rice was spot on for this event, which made me very happy. the only thing i would ask, is more variety in the menu, its the same every event. the bar staff were brilliant as ever, would like to see more smiles from the sweetie with the dark hair and tattoos though, but he is always chatty and friendly....looking forward to the next event. thanks KCC

    You rocked the gallery! everyone that mattered loved the set. You were (pun intended) EPIC....i think we can all say, we hope to see more DJ Fly tipping at future events...the photos and memes are absolutely awesome and lots of people think they are great, because you were great! Awenie is so happy! ......but really, you were great. would love the upload of your set !