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  1. Were also coming from Sheffield, and will need a lift, there's 2 of us with PC's etc...
  2. hi, we need a lift from Sheffield, to and from Epic.21 in June.... There will be two of us, with PC's (and all bits that go with) and camping equipment.. there MAY be a 3rd, but they would only be Spec - they can catch the train if there's no room! obviously happy to contribute for fuel etc! C U @ LAN!
  3. Hi, Our lift may not be able to take us anymore, and so we're looking at alternatives.. There are two of us with PC's, and one Spectator, tent and sleeping gear etc.. From Sheffield.. We'll chip in for petrol etc, and mibbe buy you a pint or 2
  4. I'd play some Smite if there was enough people!
  5. Hey, I need a lift from Sheffield, and back with me and rig... I I haven't booked yet, but will once a lift is confirmed!
  6. epic.ELEVEN - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    The Good: - Meeting so many new attendees. - Having the EndetGaming group there xD (Endet, Kiriye and Sokaris) - The Social Games (That epic long Munchkin with the new players, and the Saturday night/Sunday morning Werewolves... that I was killed first in ) - Return of Epic.HUNT - The Staff awards (Great idea, well presented, and funny xD) - The Dj-Off (It was awesome doing a 3-way, with Haden and Pete, hope we can do something next time too xD) The Bad: - The Internet (I don't think it qualifies as UGLY, because it was better than previous events, but it certainly wasn't GOOD, I had no connectivity for the majority of the first night and some of the friday, having being kicked out of multiple online games when trying to play (i'm still trying to get my GoodWill back up to 100% in Smite, since it was on 0% due to "leaving") - How warm it was in the tent.. - How our tent almost blew over on the last night!! (Our fault... we had no clue on how to set it up haha!) - The bar prices (they are "ok" but could be a little better) - The venue food (as with most people, the food seemed to get worse throughout the event, and portions smaller) - Me breaking the Epic.HUNT in the test rounds, then giving up later as it was only me on our team! The Ugly - I honestly cannot think of anything that truly made me think "I need to mention that for the next event"
  7. epic.ELEVEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    The prices for singles were ok.... But I was a little miffed to find out that a double was more than double the price? £2.30 for a JD+Coke, but £5.10 for a double? I could be mistaken, but i'm sure the till said £2.30 when I asked for a single..
  8. epic.HUNT feedback

    Getting a little giggly as *no-one* spelled Dumbledore correctly first time round... I beg to differ, Once I had worked it out, I spelled it perfectly and got it on one try!!!
  9. epic.ELEVEN - Food Menu

    £1 difference between the big breakfast and the small... so £1 for basically double what you get.... that's fair...
  10. You have to admire the time they put into the PF maps though, all that work for positioning and timing of all the jumps, loops, and flips etc...
  11. epic.ELEVEN - Final Total

    I think we'll be looking at 273
  12. epic.ELEVEN Big Games & Fun Tournaments

    Unreal Tournament, TrackMania, MineCraft, WarSow...
  13. Should have stuck ROTT (Rise of the Triad) in for 1994 Could have also stuck Heretic in there for 1994 also (but it runs on the Doom 1 engine) Unreal 1 was 1998 Unreal Tournament was 1999 I agree about UT not being in there... it should be...
  14. £759 ... for a graphics card?!