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  1. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Portland D4 D5 swap if possible to bring my fellow LlamaLANer DrFesty next door to me in D6?
  2. Last Post Wins!?

    I can't believe this is still going!
  3. CounterLLAMAs, The threat is real, intelligence is arriving that the Alpacqueda are planning to seize control of the bio-weapon being transported by the loyal CounterLlama's TEAMs between TWO FORTRESSes, they then plan to launch a GLOBAL OFFENSIVE to plant the weapon. Once detonated they anticipate that a single COUNTERLlama will become the SOURCE and viciously STRIKE their former colleagues infecting each one in turn and spreading the ZOMBIE infection far and wide. Once the general populous has succumbed to the bio-weapon, the last CounterLlamas will have to battle for their SURVIVAL, or be LEFT FOUR DEAD TOO. Over the BLACK weekend of the outbreak we can expect our best OPerativeS to answer their CALL OF DUTY in skirmishes with Alpacqueda. In summary, you can expect the following from LlamaLAN 24 ... Team Fortress 2 (Team Tournament) Counter-Strike:Global Operation (Team Tournament) Counter-Strike:Source Zombie Mod (Big Game) Left 4 Dead 2 (Team Tournament) Call of Duty:Black Ops (Console 1v1) With the event only four weeks away, and with a pay day upon us, we look to our loyal cohorts to join us in the battle against the bio-weaponised Zombie Horde. Thank you for everyone who has supported us so far, but we have ELEVEN spaces left to fill ... most of them on Red (c'mon guys help me out here) ... so if you haven't made any Halloween plans, or you have friends who are curious about that LAN-party-weekend-gaming-thing that you get up to, then this is a great chance to introduce them to our world! So, let's fill this to the brim ... we'll need every Llama who can carry a gun! 'der Management
  4. epic.FIFTEEN - Bar and Catering Feedback

    I have had one meal each day from the venue and for variety one from the takeaways, nothing against the food here, just something different. The food I ate here was very tasty and a decent portion each and every time. Coffee is still ridiculous price for the quantity and quality, but the food is great and a not-unreasonable price.
  5. Old guy

    CyberDrac has indeed been around on and off at iSeries since i10 (less so in the last few years) ... been hanging around at epic.LAN in more recent times.
  6. The rollover drop down menus simply don't function on most tablets or phones, occasionally a long press (calling up a browser menu) can be cancelled out of and an option selected, but generally the menus simply act as a single button as if you had clicked on the main header. Can we have either ... a. an optional modified behaviour that simply extends the menu when clicked? or b. a pre-emptive breadcrumb system that show a quick and easy route to the otherwise inaccessible menu options once the primary option has been selected?
  7. Old guy

    I'm merely 42, but not that far away, I was sat on my own in the main room, but I have recently been surrounded, I'll be propping up the bar fit a significant part of the event.
  8. Menu behaviour (rollover) for tablet use

    *bump* only three years, still can't navigate the site unless I'm on a PC
  9. Paid Thread!

    Already quite close ... But A1 is tempting me ... recommendations anyone?
  10. Paid Thread!

    In which case I might shuffle closer to that end
  11. Many of you know the LlamaLAN events, we haven't been pimping our wares for a while as we have been very lucky to have sold out the last few events in an incredibly short time frame, but we're still going and have hit event 23 and would love you to join us at our next event. http://www.llamalan.co.uk/
  12. Let's talk about camping at epic.LAN

    Have you considered demarcated spaces of different sizes and they can pick a size and cost that fits their tent?
  13. Video Games Live

    Ticket sales open 9am tomorrow for O2 customers http://www.o2priority.co.uk/listings/video-games-live-bonus-round/26961,26906
  14. Read and acknowledged, see you at LAN, if plan A fails drop me a line as long as I have time to divert.
  15. If all were to go ahead, then I would be aiming to be leaving with you packed by 1pm, and so would be with you any time from 12 onwards potentially ... are you inside the congestion charge zone? and how light do you travel as I only have a 207 hatchback?
  16. What sort of time are you available from tomorrow?
  17. Wow, pretty central, that's a big ask, it'll double my journey and drag me though the middle of town, anyone closer or better positioned?
  18. Epic 11 - looking for passengers

  19. West London is a pretty big place, how far in from the M25 are we talking?
  20. Bicko's Live Music Requests

    Birdhouse in my soul - They might be Giants
  21. Lift Request from London

    His last post was the rather cryptic "Sorry Kane, I did tell you on facebook!" on the 24th April, I'm wondering if this was this a reference to a cancellation?
  22. Lift Request from London

    I've just had a stroll through the attendance list, there isn't a 'Fish' attending, did he change his mind?
  23. Lift Request from London

    We've only got 36 hours before this might happen, could you please PM me with some contact details and an address?
  24. Lift Request from London

    I'm figuring on a midday pickup, an address would be a good start if you want to PM me.
  25. Lift Request from London

    OK, I will be trying to get there for early doors on the Thursday if you want to start planning for that.