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  1. The Toilets, The Showers and the extra 300 people...

    Sounds good, great example Nice, not sure if they always were before, but that will help a lot. Great, i think that was the biggest gripe with people before, it was pretty disgusting sometime Interesting to know the amount of people who stay off site, didnt realise it was that high! All sounds great, lets see how they hold up Cheers Jon Mole
  2. I think if we look back over the last few GB&U threads after events, the recurring theme of toilets and showers struggling to manage has always been an issue... Now with an extra butt tone of people coming, whats the current plan for showers and toilets, especially as we've only got the downstairs ones between lakeside and arena? (that i know of) My main concern is the showers, it cant deal with the usage at the moment, by 10:00 Shrek is moving in as its better than his current home and it just gets worse and worse everyday. Is there any contingency in place? or have you been hiding some more facilities and about to pull them out your sleeve Mole
  3. epic26 - Event Defrag

    @MRated sure Would it be possible to go b2b 7/7 over G and F? (final ticket on its way) Would be most appreaciateded
  4. Epic 25 - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    The Good Epic.Staff - Amazing as ever, friendly, helpful and always around Network/Internet - Not a single hiccup with accessing anything, great job there. Epic.Shop - Great assortment of things, well stocked, no issues there! Security Guards - These guys were great, did there job well without being annoying or intrusive, a great laugh and friendly. Seeing everyone again is always a highlight of LAN, the atmosphere and feel was as great as ever. The few new people we had join enjoyed it immensely. Gallery and events - Stopped by a few of the things happening in Gallery, well planned and enjoyable. The Bad hmmm... KCC Staff - Not the cheery bunch from previous LANs, always nice to get a smile when you ask for some soggy chips... Bar was seriously under staffed, I felt really bad for the single staff member who was on there when it was busy. KCC should really look into this. I brought it up with LZ during the event. Catering - A few events ago i remember the feed back was <90% positive for the food, i'm not sure why it was changed but it was REALLY poor this event. Chips were barely cooked and just warm, burgers, even when i waited 15 mins for a fresh one, the same. A few of my mates had the paninis and just left them they were underdone and not nice. Everything was just sub par compared to other events. The breakfast was fine in my opinion, could have been a bit warmer but it did the job and did it well. Campsite - People need some direction on where to set tents, went from organised to massive things being places in odd locations very quickly. Thought there was supposed to be staff overseeing this? It got super muddy on the pack up due to the rain, RIP shoes... Boathouse (note from others) - Temperature control needs sorting, this seems to be a recurring issues, that room is either the Arctic or the Sahara. The Ugly Oh boy.... Toilets - Lakeside toilets were pretty grim, but were seen to quickly Showers - Fine at around 9-10 am, anything past that turns into a flooded slimey hot mess... Im concerned with the extra X amount of people coming in Feb with Arena that the showers and toilets can handle everything... are there any others accessible? Peoples Hygiene - Are you able to force people to shower.... just a thought.... LAN death 4 hours in - Flu kicked me harder than a bull, Day Nurse and booze seemed to keep it at bay during the day Overall it was a great event as ever, apart from the little bits here and there I'm super excited for February and Arena. Great job Jon and the team
  5. epic25 - Event Defrag

    At first glance i thought this messed things up no end, but its sorted our group issue out, thanks @MRated
  6. epic25 - Event Defrag

    Will do vouchers ASAP Is there any chance of splitting the guys on row F, and having 6 on F and 6 on E? Now that i see there's a lot of big groups that might not be as possible as we hoped, worth a shot Cheers
  7. epic23 - Event Defrag

  8. epic23 - Event Defrag

    @MRated how does one change the seating of his clan peeps to match how we want to sit? dont want to unseat myself by accident...
  9. Travelling from Edinburgh?

    Awesome, I'll drop you a message tomorrow Mole
  10. I have 2 friends wanting to come down from Edinburgh? Any slim chance there is anyone coming down? Cheers Mole

    The Good Seeing people as per Enjoyed coming as a Spectator and got to socialise a lot more... that led to more money being spent at the bar FISH BOWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these need to return!! Thankfully the air con was working in the gaming rooms! Food was great, a good selection. Themed night was a nice change The Bad Breakfast on the Sunday was a bit off par, and the lack of mushrooms is just saddening No Outdoor seating, I think just a couple benches outside, especially for the summer LAN, would be fantastic, a good place to chill (or roast if thats the case xD ) The amount i spent at the bar... The new shower curtains, cant really hang ur towel over the rail without risking it breaking or bending enough so the curtains open. !r the old curtains The Ugly The state of the toilets were pretty grim... The showers Sunday Morning were more like a swimming pool, I dont understand why people would decide to have a "hair cut" in the showers The heat in Boathouse sleeping room unbearable Another great event, thanks to all the KCC and Epic staff, bring on October LAN!!!!!! I apologise in advance
  12. Seating Room Recommendations

    If you want atmosphere I'd highly suggest Lakeside! Perfect for casual gamers and even if you are competitive you can join in with the people in hall screaming as to how they got 360 no scoped with an AWP Its great for a first LAN, everyone is really friendly and everyone there is there to have a good time! Hope that helps!
  13. Good, Bad & Ugly

    Good Bar staff... enough said Seeing peeps again! LAN Staff, helpful and friendly as ever DJ sets!! WOO BACK IN LAKESIDE!!... i was a little drunk while mixing, i apologise, RIP @superchief Epic Pizza order was epic!!! Networking, props to the guys on this, no noticeable issues, very much improved on from last Event, good job @Mintopia and co! Bad Boathouse sleeping room... not a fan, very bright, and not very well ventilated xD ... any other alternatives? THERE'S SHOWERS FOR A REASON PEOPLE! COME ON!!! Heat was an issue again, past the first 2 rows and all of a sudden you are in a furnace :/ Strange request for the shop, 2L bottles of water would be amazing if you can get them for a decent price Music request system, not to happy it took 7 hours for a request to go through while we somehow get to listen to the same 5 tracks, 3 times in the mean time, seems like it can be abused by groups too easily. Pl0x F1x Ugly My bank balance after Saturday nights bar raid.... sweet jesus.... It went just too dam quickly Another great event, massive thanks to all the team and staff I would love to see a larger/longer event at somepoint... maybe 5 days over the easter weekend
  14. Reech Appreciation thread

    Reech - The Dad of Lakeside
  15. The grand, terrible and the Gumpster

    Officially my 10th LAN this event and its come along way from Epic.10!! Thanks to all the Epic.Staff for always continuing to improve things, always great to come to an event Good Bar staff as always. Banter always on point as usual, though Amy chucking water over Gump was... priceless. Breakfast... damm thats good after a heavy night! Staff, can just copy and paste this from last event. Great and helpful as always, a joy to talk to. Event videos - alot of the stuff on the YouTube channel has been really awesome to watch this event, @JoeShow and the team, awesome job. Super praise on the Roun(DAB)Up, that was great DJ set with @superchief, though @Haden sneaked off to bed Bad Was dam hot in Lakeside! Never been this hot before, though i did get told the AC was being a pain. One off issue I hope? Just note what the others have said above, alarms are a right pain.... Networking issues, it happens we understand, but communicated great with us all and got it fixed ASAP Nose bleeds... though the look on @gunmens face when i walked out of the sleeping hall all bloody was hilarious xD Ugly Nothing to note Suggestion Some out door seating or benches would be great (or to be pointed in the direction there is some...). A few out the front would be a great edition and make chilling outside a lot better, espeically in the summer LAN Great event as always, cant wait for February!!!