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  1. epic.HUNT feedback

    God I forgot how long it's been running for . Something like Etherpad might be nice to integrate for teams but security on that would have to be tested quite extensively (probably not worth the effort).
  2. epic.HUNT feedback

    Awesome I shall have a peek.
  3. epic.HUNT feedback

    If you need any help deving stuff, I offer you my services. I'm bored and jobless at the moment so I have loads of time to spare until they fix me.
  4. epic.HUNT feedback

    Thanks for running this guys. Although I wasn't at the event due to ill health I could just about play along at home. My only gripe is that some of the questions could have been checked a bit more before they went live but kudos on fixing them as fast as you did. I liked that the questions were varied and actually had a train of thought (once you figured out where you were going with the question ). I did have a bug with the hunt site though. On question 22 I inputted the correct answer but it didn't forward me to the next question. I had to input the answer again. Then on my questions list it showed I had answered the question twice and had got position 1 and 4 . Oh as a suggestion, would it be possible for the 'team' and 'your' guesses boxes to refresh via an ajax call as it's a pain refreshing the page when you've already submitted an answer as it wants to send it again. For the future maybe, if someone on your team answers the question correctly it could give you the option to move forward to the next question rather than you all have to put the answer in. Also in the 'team' guesses box you hide the correct answers but not in the 'your' guesses box, if you're not at your machine and you stupidly leave it unlocked someone from another team could browse your correct answers if they're stuck. Again thank you for running this, it turned an otherwise dull weekend at home into an enjoyable one.
  5. We have to be obscure because epic doesn't like some customers opinions. This post will probably be deleted as well because it's not what they want to hear. It seems to me that they only want people who love F1, COD, CS:S and stupidly loud wub wub to attend epic events. Not that liking those things is bad, they just feel forced upon you when you attend epic events and if you voice your opinion against anything epic staff enjoy you're instantly shunned and ignored for it.
  6. Awesome Mortal Kombat Short

    Not liking the use of XM8 rifles as magical slow motion canons though
  7. epic.Thursday 10th March Trackmania

    Yeah sorry about the checkpoints thing, most of the track you can complete from the checkpoints but imo (and when I design most tracks) is that the checkpoints are simply there to stop cheating not as a personal respawner .
  8. Kustom at epic.five

    I'm also very interested in those PC333's I await my payday at lan
  9. You Said, We Did - epic.FIVE Improvements

    I seriously hope the music volume isn't going to be anywhere near the level it was last lan. It's a problem when you can't hear your own PC through your headphones at max volume ALL EVENT and I was sitting in the middle of the room, I feel sorry for anyone that was near a speaker. Especially at night time, I saw a lot of people trying to wind down for the day by watching a film/tv show only to give up cos everything they tried to watch had its soundtrack replaced with some generically bollocks house track.
  10. Happy Birthday Knappster

    Thank you for the birthday messages :D:D:D:D:D:D