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  1. epic26 - Event Defrag

    Ok thanks
  2. epic26 - Event Defrag

    What are you on about? I was asked twice if we were happy where we are or if we wanted to move, both times I said no. It’s not hard, we area group of 10 filling a row, please move us back.
  3. epic21 - Event Defrag

    Thanks Mark, looks good to me
  4. epic21 - Event Defrag

    There's a fair amount of {BA} guys sat on rows D & E in Lakeside, if you could move the 2 stragglers on row C in with us that would be great.
  5. Epic 21 Defrag

    Is there going to be a defrag of the seats this event? We still have a few members still separated from everyone else
  6. Bit late now, but if your doing epic21 I can give you a lift. Let me know.
  7. Need a Pub Quiz team

    Looking for a spot in the quiz. Sat in Lakeside A-1. Thanks in advance
  8. The Dark Knight Rises

    Have room for 3 if anyone needs a lift
  9. Alton Towers 2011

    Just keep my £4 if you're short.
  10. Duke Nukem Forever - First Access Club

    Is this why it says invalid code?
  11. Alton Towers 2011

    Sounds good, would be up for this
  12. Anyone from Newport ??

    Theres lovely
  13. Happy Birthday Nivek

    Happy Birthday m8
  14. Games I want to play this weekend

    CSS Fun Maps TF2 BF:BC2 BF2 Armegetron Plain Sight