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  1. Elite: Dangerous

    If I'm online and you want some easy money, just send me a message. I'm usually hunting bounties in anarchy systems (easy money, about 500,000CR per 30 mins?) and would be happy to have a wingmate!
  2. Elite: Dangerous

    Mentioned it to you in Steam chat Jay, but here's a pretty good video of skilled dogfighting in the current release for anyone else who's interested:
  3. Elite: Dangerous

    I'm rather enjoying it at the moment, I've flown over to Ho Hsi to join in the player effort there to overthrow the Independant Ho Hsi Corp. and get the Federation Jet Comms Limited the majority faction for the system. Of course, some players are actually turning up to fly for Ho Hsi Corp, meaning there's a fair amount of PvP to be had if you're flying the colours in a warzone! Unlike EVE, which of course involves no orbiting The combat's actually pretty fun, bots aren't very challenging but PvP is really hard as you're both trying to keep the other player in your sights and manage your systems' power balance.
  4. Elite: Dangerous

    CMDR Bicko, currently bounty hunting in my Eagle in Hach!
  5. Anyone had dealings with Palicomp?

    We've actually ordered 2x computers for our office from Palicomp and they've been great, really fast delivery and always been friendly and helpful on the phone.
  6. werewolves

    Holy shit you spelt it properly for once! #proud
  7. Game of Thrones - Season 4 [SPOILERS]

    Tbh the 'magic' in GoT is really played down, Melisandre often has her magical powers questioned by other characters because she doesn't openly flaunt it (except for the whole shadow assassin thing) -she's not running around just blasting things with fireballs. This is mostly because it's blood magic, and essentially requires human sacrifice to make spells work.. that shadow assassin ages Stannis greatly and is why he can't just send assassins off to kill everyone for him. Even the dragons are treated more as animals than actual magical dragons.
  8. Game of Thrones - Season 4 [SPOILERS]

    Joffrey's brother (and sister Myrcella , for that matter) had both been somewhat ignored since they weren't doing anything. Since Tommen is now heir to the throne, he's obviously a lot more important. There's also some plot with Myrcella coming up due to things happening in Dorne, but that might be next season or just very late in this one. The Samwell+Gilly plot is a little dull, but it sets up for some important stuff later on. Remember with the Red Witch (Melisandre) that she stole some of Gendry's blood (Robert Baratheon's bastard) last season for a ritual naming 3 people for the Lord of Light to kill for Stannis: Balon Greyjoy, Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon.
  9. Game of Thrones - Season 4 [SPOILERS]

    Jobabobobobob: Nah, The Book of Brothers records the deeds done by the knights of the Kingsguard. You're thinking of The Lineages and Histories of the Great Houses of the Seven Kingdoms which Ed Stark (and Jon Arryn before him) used to work out that every child of Baratheon and Lannister lineage was black-haired. Because all of Cersei's children are blonde, they aren't Robert's children (genetics!).
  10. Chromecast

    I got one for Christmas, been really happy with it letting me play YouTube and Netflix on the TV. Hopefully Twitch will start supporting it as well, or YouTube will start supporting live broadcasting, and then I'll be sorted.
  11. epic12 - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Found the food to be tasty, and pricing vs portion sizes were good for me. Only complaint would be that the breakfasts went cold pretty fast.. maybe having warm plates would have helped? (Or if I wolfed it down like an animal). Bar staff were friendly as always, ty for all the Jäger!
  12. Looking to play LOL or CS:GO

    Nickyg is looking for a jungler or midlaner on reddit! http://redd.it/1xqqcd
  13. Titanfall Beta Rumoured for 14th Feb

    Correct, but it's designed to be a competitive/esports FPS and playtesting showed that 12 players was the best balance for their maps.
  14. Just a heads up

    More like can we request the female bar staff to maintain some kind of dignity around Gary. Sexy beast.
  15. Afraid you're on the wrong side of town for me then!