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  1. epic20 Catering Menu OM NOM NOM

    Chicken Skewers and Mac and Cheese were awesome!
  2. Dingbats Round on the Quiz

    This round and the 8 bit music one were my favourite, something a bit different
  3. epic.FOURTEEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    I did, they couldn't find any in their stash under the table. Glad that there was some this morning for breakfast though
  4. epic.FOURTEEN - Bar & Catering Feedback

    Quite disappointed that the meat lasagne had run out by 7 do they realise they still need to serve for 3 hours. Also there was no Mayo for my cheesy chips :/ Breakfast was good though, glad I preordered
  5. Ingress!

    Yeggstry - Level 10 Genclay - Level 8 leymoo - Level 8 All resistance, reporting for duty Farming / glyph hacking sounds good to me I've just managed to get 150 days on my guardian so I need to refocus on a gold and 700k AP for level 11
  6. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    No that's fine, I hadn't spotted that
  7. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    Maldanado also had most DNFs as well, big flames in the last race!
  8. Video Games Live

    I'll be training to and from Reading on the Sunday, I'm more than happy to meet up on Sun afternoon before the event itself
  9. epic.THIRTEEN Network and Internet Feedback

    The only complain I heard was that the epic.HUNT wasn't accessible from outside of the event. Other than that I have no complaints at all
  10. The epic.HUNT Returns

    The hunt is coming....
  11. Bandwidth...

    Nice! Didn't know this existed, so much more detailed and useful than the standard task manager
  12. HH Fantasy Racing League 2014

    I'm doing better than I thought I would Looks like putting Hamilton and Rosberg in the same team is a good call for the start of the season.
  13. Cat6 RJ45 connectors

    Can anyone here suggest some decent Cat 6 RJ45 connectors? I bought some off amazon and they don't seem to have any guides for the cables, consequently I've crimped my first pair and none of the cables worked! I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not but I spoke to a couple of people and they said it is a lot easier with connectors that have guides.
  14. Cat6 RJ45 connectors

    The ones you've linked to are the ones I have. I'm not sure what you mean by internal guides, I do have the separate block for CAT 6 in there already. Guess its just user error then
  15. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    I would hate to think that Williams would be excluded if we don't get two more people
  16. epic13 Rooms

    Block booking just to guarantee seats for the hunt team, of which only one needs to be assigned
  17. HH Fantasy Racing League 2014

    I'm in, found this a lot easier to budget for than last year's one
  18. F1 2014 Sweepstake

    I'm in, sent via Paypal
  19. Video Games Live

    Sent via Paypal
  20. Check-in tomorrow?

    What about the sleeping halls? Will that be a wait until 4 as well?
  21. Camping Area @ KCC

    In preparation for Friday, does anyone know what the state of the camping area is? Just want to make sure we don't float away during the weekend
  22. Video Games Live

    Sounds like fun, and I'd be able to get the train back home to Reading I'm with Beej on the group booking idea
  23. I have Monday off but I'm flying to Madrid in the evening for work. Should be "fun"
  24. Camping Area @ KCC

    That's quite a surprising response considering the sleeping page of the event says "Camping is the preferred sleeping option at epic.LAN". Is there really enough space indoors for people that can't afford a hotel or a dorm? I'm looking to get to the event early to get an indoor space but would like to know if I have the option of camping if the indoor space is full. Whilst not as bad as i48, I have camped at newbury i events before, and have come back with nothing more than normal LAN flu. As long as you know how to camp in this weather its not that bad.