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  1. You thought you'd got away without this thread for epic.22 eh friends? I'm only dropping in for a day but I always have dice so wondered if anyone would be up for some RPG action on Saturday afternoon, say about 2pm (though I admit I've not looked at the schedules) I'm thinking some Mutant Crawl Classics, a change from the usual fantasy stuff. Usual rules apply: All welcome, game suitable for new and experienced players etc etc
  2. thirded
  3. I'm not going to be there for October unless I make a brief spectator appearance.
  4. can we defrag the bar so it's closer to my seat for Feb please?
  5. What IS the collective noun for a group of nerds?
  6. Your best bet is to grab Papa @reech or one of the team for a chat on discord or even on twitch. There's application form here
  7. Welcome Benneh, What do you stream? Have you checked out epic's own stream team http://twitch.tv/epiclan? We're currently recruiting!
  8. Live tonight from 8pm doing some Virtual Reality racing sims starting with the classic Live For Speed!
  9. Congratulations!
  10. GG @bexomondo I was close, just missed the glasses
  11. The Good It's always the people first, good to hang out, drink and game with folk I only see a couple of times a year. I include all the epic and KCC staff too; friendly and helpful as usual The tabletop gaming. Again I spent more time playing and running RPGs than computer games. I felt much happier streaming this time as well, thanks to epic for letting me do this - top production values! It was great to see D20 there too, thanks for demoing the Doom boardgame! The Bad I thought LAN lurgy was supposed to happen after the event? I was coming down with a heavy cold by 1am on the first night. I didn't drink at all on Friday and went to bed before the boat race, a first for me On the other hand I got a clear eight hours of sleep which is also a first for me at LAN. After some trouble a few years ago Epic introduced a charge for camping. This was apparently to cover the costs of increased security. I didn't see a single member of epic or security staff anywhere near the camping area after the initial set up. I'm curious to know what we are paying £20 for. The Ugly The state of the toilets stalls. Punters seem unable to aim (insert obvious gag about CS/Overwatch players here) or clean up after themselves. Two cubicles out of action for most of the event didn't help and I guess with a slightly higher head count and two heavy drinking nights the situation was a little worse than usual. Another great event despite feeling ill for much of it, see you all again in February (I may even offer to help out)
  12. Epic Burger - Grated cheese doesn't work well on a burger unless it's melted on which would have to happen fresh off the grill, sliced would make more sense. An onion ring or two would make it feel more 'epic' too! Enjoyed the sweet potatoe fries on Saturday Breakfasts - as good as ever, thanks!
  13. Nice, shame the board game area isn't labelled though?
  14. Awesome I'll keep Friday afternoon free to play this. At the moment I've got the funnel to run on stream on Saturday and I'd like to run a Dark Trails playtest session at some point over the weekend. I may have to keep my ambitious 'long game' on the back burner but we'll see how many folks are up for playing, there will probably be other games happening too.