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  1. If you choose a seat in Fairisle, the home of the CS:Go tournaments, you should know they're not going to be sitting there like choirboys ...
  2. I'm not sure how much leverage the Epic team would have over the cost of alcohol; it's a licensed venue so they're going to charge (as most similar places do), as much as they think they can get away with. I'm not happy about it and as a football fan, on average, I pay £4 a pint but in a captive market, there's no choice. The venue holds conferences, weddings, functions etc - I bet the prices for drink is the same for all and I'm not sure that they'd give discounts for LAN although if you don't ask, you don't get! As for food, no one is 'stuck in their seat' at LAN, if you want food/drink then go and get it! What's next? Commode chairs?!
  3. That'll do Gunmens ... and I don't mind if it's you or the lady wearing it!
  4. Even though I can't be there; well done all! They deserve to be sold out events!
  5. Once a man reaches a certain age, I think he deserves a full on waitress service ....
  6. Winter is coming!
  7. Thanks all - I do like Glandad! - But as always, you can call me what you want. BUFF ... Big, Ugly, Fat, F**ker was a former nickname!
  8. ... but in January, I will be a Grandad. I'm happy and looking forward to it but I've only just turned 50; I don't feel old enough to be a grand parent!
  9. epicLAN ... on your own?! What is this madness? Well, that's how I always came to it but once you arrive, as long as you're not really shy and you're prepared to talk to people, you will make friends there. Book yourself a seat in Lakeside, the casual gaming room and join in the fun with everyone else. Make use of the console/chillout areas and don't be shy in taking part in some of the board games (those are a great way to meet people) but I would definitely recommend playing a late night game of Werewolves. If you don't know what it is, the moderators and others there will teach you how to play and I guarantee that this is the quickest way to make contact with others ... until you've killed someone as a wolf and they never, ever let you forget it!. Before anyone else says it, yes, I am old enough to be your grandfather but the nice thing about epicLAN is that whether you're young, old or even Scottish (yes, they even allow @dex and @left-one from beyond the wall to attend ), for the most part, you'll find a nice, friendly group of people. I hope you have a great time!
  10. It's an AMD and Microsoft issue. a) AMD have released a set of drivers (inc WHQL ones!) which are b0rking users machines. and b ) Microsoft forcing bloody updates without asking I've had to use Regedit to forcibly stop Windows from updating drivers. As for the fabled "Creators Update", I wish I could avoid that altogether. I am not a creator so why do I need updates for 3D paint or tablet devices that I'll never see let alone use? It's really just another way of opening up ports and access on our machines for Microsoft to steal our data.
  11. After the problems with Wanacry, the global call went out to allow Windows Update to run whenever it wants, do whatever it wants. Up yours Microsoft! NO! I don't have the W10 Creators update yet (and don't want it) but I've had major problems running any game, esp DX9 games, and get errors "No rasterization devices found" in game like World Of Warships, GTA:V and most annoyingly, Battlefield 2. Yes TWO I've uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled older ones. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not. I've disabled and enabled the GPU (R9 200 7900 Series), rebooted and sometimes that has worked. What was most annoying was that when i could get games working, the next time i came back to the PC, even without a reboot, the bloody things wouldn't work and I'd have to go through the whole process again. I even considered downloading the Creators Update to see if that helped but I've seen lots of posts where users have had issues with the Creators Update so i'd best avoid that. What one post did tell me was that AMD driver 17.3.3 was working so I removed all the drivers and ran DDU to get shot of the lot, inc C:\AMD. Installed 17.3.3, rebooted and ... yes! It worked! All games working, Great! Then, as I was coming to post on here, the screen went black and the resolution changed. What the hell? Checked games and they were b0rked again. Checked the driver ... and it had been updated. Windows 10 had recognised the I had an older driver installed and updated it ... without ******** prompting! I've rolled the update back to 17.3.3 and games work but I am now trying to work out how to block Windows 10 from 'upgrading' to a driver that DOES NOT WORK. I've tried using the Microsoft "Show or Hide Updates tool but this, frustratingly, does not list the Video Card/AMD as a driver to be hidden.At least I know WTH Windows is doing now, I know I can roll it back but I hope that AMD releases a driver that works with Windows 10 as 17.3.3. does. But this does go to show why allowing Microsoft to just update without asking is not a good idea!
  12. I was thinking (yes, how stupid of me), of trying Star Wars Battlefront but didn't want to waste money like I do with so many games ... such as GTA V amd every incarnation of Battlefield (except 2 which I still play & love) .. and saw that EA do a £20 a year subscription where it looks like you can play a lot of their titles. Does anyone use this? Is it a con? Or something that is useful and warrants £20 a year?
  13. I would have thought @MRatedwas attending and easy to get hold of?
  14. Lakeside, you want Lakeside. It has its own Princess @Beej to take care of your every (gaming) need.