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  1. Happy Birthday! Drinks on Winbar!
  2. I would doubt any of the meat options will be Halal but they do provide vegetarian options - and at Breakfast you can choose the items you'd like. As for soft drinks, I'd recommend buying them from the Epic shop at the event as they're cheaper than from the bar.
  3. Good show Sir! I shall have to buy you a Port at LAN!
  4. If I were @Dunceantix I would've changed it to Furry ...
  5. PUBG still not been in the sale, at least, I don't think it has.
  6. I hope you all enjoy it. They (we?) are a friendly bunch of people and whilst the playing PC games is the primary focus of the event, there are plenty of other things to get involved with such as board games area, consoles, the pub quiz on Friday night or just mooching around the galley and having a drink and a chat. GLHF
  7. Just Spintyres:Mudrunner - nothing else, not even trains, has taken my fancy. Wanted to buy the PUBG game but I'm not dropping £27 on something I may not play again.
  8. Hi Yanic - ask each of your attendees to login to the site and go to their account page, on here there is a space for a Clan Tag. Ask them to put an agreed tag in there like 'TeamYanic' and save. When the defrag takes place you'll have a much greater chance of sitting together as the staff will use this clan tag as a guide.
  9. Which is why I book a hotel room; can't beat a good nights sleep and a shower!
  10. Welcome to LAN! Room: I'd say you'd be OK in either Lakeside or Portland these are ideal for social gaming whereas Fair Isle is more for the competition teams. Alcohol: As it's a licensed venue you are not allowed to bring your own booze in; if you want to drink it must be purchased from the bar Games: A thread will be appearing here soon asking what people want to play - but you can play and/or suggest anything you want Finally age ... I'm 50, and I'm looking forward to LAN more than a kid does Christmas!
  11. If you choose a seat in Fairisle, the home of the CS:Go tournaments, you should know they're not going to be sitting there like choirboys ...
  12. I'm not sure how much leverage the Epic team would have over the cost of alcohol; it's a licensed venue so they're going to charge (as most similar places do), as much as they think they can get away with. I'm not happy about it and as a football fan, on average, I pay £4 a pint but in a captive market, there's no choice. The venue holds conferences, weddings, functions etc - I bet the prices for drink is the same for all and I'm not sure that they'd give discounts for LAN although if you don't ask, you don't get! As for food, no one is 'stuck in their seat' at LAN, if you want food/drink then go and get it! What's next? Commode chairs?!
  13. That'll do Gunmens ... and I don't mind if it's you or the lady wearing it!
  14. Even though I can't be there; well done all! They deserve to be sold out events!