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  1. epic25 Saturday Night Event: Laniversary!

    Me+Gumpster+JoeShow+Doopz playing musical chairs. How much insurance do Epic and KCC have?
  2. epic24 Ales

    Thanks very much ... kids want to know what to get me for Fathers Day
  3. epic24 Ales

    Would it be possible to ask: A. Where they source the rhubarb cider B. How much a box costs? The gap between LAN is too long! Thanks!
  4. epic24 - Maps & Customer Info

    No one ever verifies my age. Except Saga. Who are now sending me junk mail about over 50's holidays.
  5. The £9m (read: waste of our money) leaflet actually has a fun use
  6. PC Troubleshooting

    Son: Dad, my PC is acting weird. Me: Why, what’s up? [Thinking OMG what has he been infected with] Son: When I click Start or open some windows it’s like the cursor down key or scroll wheel is continually being pressed/spun down. Me: Huh? Show me Sure enough, when clicking on Start the menu appeared but it was as if the someone was madly clicking the down arrow key. I’d click on something but the highlight was just kept speeding down. Pressed Up arrow or scroll up but no, it continued to keep going down. Unplugged the keyboard – still doing it. Unplugged the mouse – still doing it. Checked the mouse and keyboard settings in control panel – No changes. Maybe the Logitech Gaming software was having a problem? Uninstalled that, rebooted – no change. Ran a full virus check – nothing found. What the … Looked down at the floor and saw his wired X-Box controller … poking out from underneath his sports bag … pulled out the controller which had the pressing the left thumb stick down, causing the issue on the PC. D’oh!
  7. Splatoon on Switch?

    Where is @gunmens when you need him for the innuendo jokes?
  8. Huge epic24 upgrade announced!

    Why do I have this vision of Jess having control over a huge, cartoon-esque lever to that can be moved from standard to ludicrous speed internet?!
  9. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    That's been played at a few Epics in the past - and was fun! Another good shout for a game to play at #24!
  10. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    I've got Wreckfest - not played it but would like to give this a go at LAN!
  11. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    Maybe someone at LAN can teach me how to play Pub bloody G. I get rifles and shotgun shells or 9mm bullets and a shotgun. I've never actually fired a shot in the game!
  12. epic24 - Menu

    Please can you ask the catering team to leave some cutlery with the bar for the after hours bar snacks? Those nachos when hammered are great...but you need cutlery!
  13. Portland Room Closed?

    When you're playing you'll probably have a headset on and (unless you're next to a speaker), the music isn't that loud; you're still able to hold conversations with friends in there. I've had plenty and my hearing, from years of Motorhead, is f**ked! IMHO, it doesn't make financial sense to hire, table, cable and staff a room that is not going to fully utilized, esp if there is space elsewhere that can be used. However, this is just my personal opinion.
  14. Portland Room Closed?

    I think (might be wrong), it was discussed on the Epic Facebook pages, they were waiting to see if numbers picked up. There is room in Lakeside, which is the main casual room.
  15. SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL Saturday Night Event

    Can we have an epic.WallOfDeath please?
  16. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    Thanks chaps!
  17. BIG GAMES and FUN TOURNAMENTS at epic24

    Puh-leaze can we have a Trackmania server running some of the stadium tracks with a 5 min time limit?
  18. I remember the days when I got 3 nights at Uttoxeter Travelodge for £27, £9 a night! It appears that the hotel chains have cottoned on to epic.LAN dates as the prices are now getting stupidly high. For example, Travelodge (on the bloody by-pass) is £177 for 3 nights - the following week, Thur-Sat, it's £117. In the same vein, Premier Inn is £214.50 LAN week, £174.50 the next week. Holiday Inn Express, £262 LAN week, £235 the next. I'm too damn old to sleep at the venue or in a tent but these price hikes are starting to become annoying and prohibitive. Pssst ... can you let us know the Feb 2019 dates before publishing them online?
  19. Escape Rooms

    Sounds like we've (I've?!) got try and arrange something!
  20. Escape Rooms

    Yesterday, my employer took the 10 of use that work at my office for a team day out, a kind of reward for the work we’ve done. We went to Nottingham to play in some ‘Escape Rooms’ run by www.escapolic.com – basically, you get locked in a room(s) and have to use the clues left behind to get out. The room I and 3 colleagues were put into was called HeiStakes and we were told that we were the backup crew for a bank heist that had gone wrong. The primary team had managed to get part way into the vault but they’d been spooked and left, it was our job to complete the heist. We started in a garage with a van, inside this we found some gadgets that allowed us to create a connection to open a door (only 2.5 feet tall so hands and knees!) getting us into a bank vault. Once inside this we had a wall of safety deposit boxes to open and lead to other clues which allowed to open more in the vault, eventually cracking the main safe and then getting ready to leave … except Mr X, the heist planner, has a devious plan to kill us all! Opening the last door starts a timer. Dramatic music starts playing, lights are flashing. A countdown clock appears. Going back through the tunnel to the van the side door is now open and inside there is a huge chemical bomb (think Die Hard 3) that we had to diffuse – we had to work the clues out for this from information on a computer screen and clocks placed around the vault. As the countdown decreased the music got more tense; the pressure increased as my colleagues relayed what they thought the settings should be to defuse the bomb. I confirmed the code. Flicked the final switch. The bombs disappeared back into their chambers, game over with 2 minutes to spare. Whilst I enjoyed playing this room with work colleagues, I'd love to have a crack at some of these with the epic family! I’ve never felt more like I was in a movie than I did playing in this room and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially geeks/nerds and logical thinkers.
  21. Guide to your epic.LAN event

    I hope it's 8 ...
  22. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    When my son played rugby for Chesterfield, I lost count of how many times I had the "A quid? For a cup of tea in a polystyrene cup?" discussion - but on a Sunday morning after driving to ar5e end of the world and usually standing in the rain I was grateful for a drink. At football, it's £2.40 a cuppa so I guess it's the going rate. I get around the issue by asking for hot water/using the kettle and bringing my own tea bags!
  23. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    Cheeky little @&^^%!!!
  24. epic23 - Menu & Catering Feedback

    The cheese has to be melted otherwise it's on the same level of wrong as playing a FPS with a joypad.
  25. Status of LAN Menu

    Rubbing my crystal ball(s) I see chips ... there will be chips.