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  1. Hardware upgrade time

    Was I right about the cPU not really being a bottle neck?
  2. My current build is along the lines of Intel Core i5 2500K unlocked Asus P8P67 R3 P67 MoBo 750W ANTEC TRUEPOWER NEW PSU Coolermaster CM 690 ll Case 4GB 2x2G CMZ4GX3M2A1600C9 XMP Nvidia 460GTX Various storage My computer has coped with most things thrown at it for last few years but starting to struggle with games such as Witcher 3. From my looking around CPUs haven't really got that much better than 3 years ago without spending megabucks for incremental upgrades. Would I just be better off buying a new GFX card?
  3. Multiplay bought?

    Thats was the point i made on their forums. They still think people are going to volunteer for either a PLC or a multi millionaire family.
  4. Microsoft looking to buy Mojang

    AS I've said else where - 20x earnings for a games studio with one game - madness! (I know it has valuable IP)
  5. David's Story - Road Safety Campaing

    Might have done, but perhaps if the car driver had looked properly the accident might not have happened and he wouldn't' have died.
  6. David's Story - Road Safety Campaing

    Interesting that most people side with the driver "The bike was travelling at 97mph and the car driver pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving and was sentenced to 130 hours community service and banned for 18 months from driving." So 130 hours of community service and a 18 month driving ban is suitable punishment for taking a life? Surely if you kill someone while driving (regardless of partial responsibility) should you need a have a much longer ban as you can't be trusted to drive without putting others in danger? 18 months on this person can get on with their life without any major repercussions.
  7. Cycling

    Oh the other advice for cycling is to pedal at about 80 revs per minute. Use the gears to spin quickly rather than spinning slowly in a big gear. If in doubt knock it down a gear. At a guess you should be using either the small front ring or the middle ring, don't bother with the large ring at all until you pick up speed.
  8. Cycling

    Bore me to death with running advice please. Cadence - 180 yay or nay? Jon - Best advice for a beginner cyclist is to get strava as rab said and push yourself doing similar routes. You can actually see your progress. Remember to take fluids with you.
  9. Bacon!

    http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/squeez-bacon.html Import it
  10. AC2 series I loved, I gave up on Assassins Creed 3, haven't' played 4 yet. This however looks awesome if only because of the architecture and the closeness of buildings rather than the open feeling of AC3.
  11. Battlefield 3 is free

    How ungrateful - they are giving away a game.
  12. Is it just me......

    Doesn't that support the view that are actually racing each other and they both want to win? If I was rosberg I would be pretty miffed that Hamilton had beat me 4 times in a row. Compare that to the Vettel/Webber situation. Webber knew where he stood in the pecking order within the team so accepted (to a point) being beaten.
  13. Need all the luck

    Quick reply here Research the company - know their market, what services products they offer. Are they in the news (only bring this up if in a good way!) When answering any questions you need to apply CAR - Compentency, Action, Result, Lots of help on what how applies here https://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/compet/skillquest.htm. (to be honest just review the whole website http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/intervw.htm ). Whatever you do, don't talk about your next job. eg if you going for IT support don't talk about wanting to move into programming. They will want someone who can do the job they are hiring for long term. Asking about the opportunities available to you in the company within your chosen career are fair game. When I interview, i'm looking for someone with a degree of confidence around the basics, eg confident walking into the room, a decent handshake and confidence around the initial pleasantries. I'm not necessarily looking for is confidence in the job they are applying for from a technical perspective. This does however depend on the position you are going for and what they expect. Ensure you over-dress. If they wear smart casual, wear a suit to interview. You won't get marked down for it and it helps create a good impression. Try and have some half decent questions to go back to them with. Eg, what is the company's expansion plans, what size team would you be working with, are there any study opportunities. Ensure however that these are gentle questions, not demands or expectations, eg can i be seconded to other departments is probably a little strong (edited this for clarification) Prepare, prepare prepare! Help that helps!
  14. Achievement Overload

    Is there a list?
  15. WWE - Royal Rumble 2014 discussion

    If it makes you feel better it has made the bbc website http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/25911039